GT212 120W review by White Horse

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 7
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 4.9 (7 votes)
White Horse: GT212 120W

Price paid: £ 191

Purchased from: Gear4Music

Sound — 9
I am using a B.C. Rich Special X Mockingbird with this amp (really nice guitar, more geared towards Vintage rock than metal, unlike most B.C. Rich models). Now, this is a 200, Solid State, Gear4Music amp. By all rights it should be crap. However this is simply not the case, to tell the truth this is the second best amp I have ever played through, the first being a Marshall JVM (very high end Marshall valve amp). Now, I've played through some nice amps. Hell, I own a handwired, boutique valve amp. I bought this amp, simply because that one didn't have the volume I needed for gigs and now it rarely gets played. Yes, this 200 amp, trumps my 800 boutique valve amp. My style includes mostly everything that could be covered under the banner of Rock. From Free to Megadeth, and Pearl Jam to Kiss. It is not amazingly versatile, It covers rock/metal unbelievably well, however if you're into Country, I'd suggest you steer clear. So, onto the channels. The clean channel is, well, clean. It's not a spectacular clean, it isn't reminiscent of a Fender Twin or anything of that nature. I'd liken it to a Marshall type of clean, nothing special but it gets the job done. I tend to stick with my boutique amp for cleans, because it does triumph in that respect. The Tweed chanell is good, but not really my thing, I rarely use it. It would suit bluesy players perfectly though. Although it serves for Blues, if that's your thing, I would not recommend this amp. Go for a Fender Frontman. Fuzz is... Fuzzy. I've always hated the sound of Fuzz, so I can't comment on this channel. The Metal channel however is fantastic, I would decribe it as Metal, maybe "Distortion" would be a better title. But anyhow, this channel does any sort of Rock immensely well, from Free up to Megadeth. I would liken the distortion to that of a Marshall JVM. It's not an extreme distortion, if your into death metal (your tone deaf) then get a pedal, or a different amp. All in all a brilliant amplifier, I tend to use the green modes on each of the channels as the Blue modes sound a bit wimpy. One fault is the speakers could be better, they're not bad, but better speakers would really make this amp shine, even more than it does already. Like I said the stock speakers are adequate, but I'll probably swap them out for a pair of Vintage 30's when I get the cash. All in all this is a top quality rock amp, and I would recommend it to any fan of that "British Marshall" rock sound.

Overall Impression — 9
Think I've covered everything tbh, it's an amazing rock amplifier, I would recommend anyone to buy it. At 200 it's hardly steep, and you will be surprised at the tone it gives. And this is coming from a Tube snob. I hate all other Solid state amps.

Reliability & Durability — 7
It's yet to break down on me. The quality is acceptable, I mea, you can see/smell glue in the back of the amp. But hey, who actually cares? I would gig it without a backup.

Features — 8
The White Horse brand is the premium brand of Gear4Music. It is a 2x12, 120w solid state amp. It is very loud, and adequate for most conceivable situations. It has 4 channels, Clean, Tweed, Fuzz and Metal. Each of these channels has a Green and a Blue setting. It has inbuilt effects, these being, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser and Tremolo. There are separate controls for Delay and Reverb. The modulation effects and the Delay both have a tap tempo button. You can also dial in 5 instantly recallable presets.

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    You idiot, so metal shredders have no talent? Get a clue and some talent yourself, that is one of the most foolish statements I've ever heard, and insulting to all the users of this site who like heavy rock or 'matal'. Guess what I've been using Laney gear (as well as gear from Fal to Mesa) since the 70's and every amp is built by it's maker to be as best as can be within the price bracket (yea, some are worse than sh*T%$ but they soon get weeded out in the wash) and I've gigged and done session work from Edinburgh to London, no one compalined about my amp(s), my Laney stage gear is packed away in the loft right now, and I'm using a Vox VT20+ as a next-to the settee amp, got a problem with that, or does it offend your credit rating? Pedals?? Only make up for what a modern amp can't provide, this isn't the 70's ! I could say a lot more, explain my view more fully , but I simply can't be bothered you've decided you position, you can go live with it, I'll stay on the side of the open minded, and have some fun, BYE
    I have the Subzero GT260H and i'll agree with the 1st, review, although the onboard effects are absolute shit!! (all apart from reverb i find thats actually really well done on the amp) I use my Boss me-25 with it, and my Epiphone Les Paul (with Gibson 57 pickups) and it sounds absolutley gorgeous! if i use the same set up with my Marshall MG100HDFX i find that they sound no different, maybe the marshall has a bit more punch, but for half the price, there is certainly no complaining! My only issue is when your jack cable starts to go, the volume falters, and i haven't had this happen on any other amp, just this one.