G50-112 review by Yamaha

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.3 (12 votes)
Yamaha: G50-112

Price paid: € 100

Purchased from: second hand

Sound — 9
I've read much about it, but when I plugged my guitar in, it left me speechless. The cleans are beautiful, I mean really really clean and very enjoyable to hear (and play!). The EQ together with the shape knob make it highly versatile and you can make the tone sound exactly the way you like it. As I play harder styles, I must say that it handles effects pretty well and again together with its EQ makes wonders. It is not noisy at all. I'm playing with friends in rehearsal room and when all the amps are on, they make really high noise (especially one Marshall...), but I was surprised that mine does really very close to no. I enjoy every single second I play it, because the sound is literally perfect once you've shaped the tone correctly (which isn't so hard).

Overall Impression — 9
I would say that this amp is a good match for any kind of music, but if I can say only for the styles I play, so for metal, rock and some clean jazzin' it fits better than well. If it got stolen, I would pay even up to 200 euros for it, since I like the sound so much as well as the "oldschool" design. Once again, it's amazing piece of technology from 80s that will probably last at least another 30 years.

Reliability & Durability — 10
Since it has more than 30 years now and nothing is wrong with it, I would maybe even play it on gig without backup. I think it's highly reliable also because amps back then were made to last and not to be as cheap as possible (like todays). I really have no fear of it breaking down or something.

Features — 8
Amp from 1980s. I got it from person, who got it from Germany and it seems that it came from USA (judging from the USA plug originally on it). It is a 50W solid state amp, the speaker from Yamaha has 60Watts RMS, and the amplifiers input is at 120Watts, and I can say that for 50Watts it is really, really loud. You can't play it comfortably in a flat, because it's too loud when it is on the lowest volume setting, so you have to lower volume even on guitar and effects. I'm using it in rehearsal room and the power is really more than enough, I think it is powerful enough even for a smaller gig. It features high/low input, 3-way equalizer, knob for the brightness/shape of tone, weird distortion and nice spring reverb. On the back you can find line out output, and input for 2 footswitches (distortion, reverb on/off) and a switch between 110/130/220/240volts. It has one channel. The built-in distortion is really weird and kinda weak, so I never used it. The reverb is kinda noisy when on high settings, I mean you hear more the spring than your tone, but on low setting it is usable. I don't really miss anything on it, but keep in mind that I don't play for that long.

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    I have a G100 112 mkll, but what's the diff really? It's a cracker. Somewhere on t'internet (probably Harmony Central from the old days) there is a review that states you should take it very easy indeed if you pop a bass guitar into one. Well, yours truly did just that one drunken night in 1983. I was churning on with a six string and there we were sharing the amp. It gave up on us, but beer soaked me, I just went home and got my 15 watt valve jobbie. I have noticed that it still occasionally dibs out if I wind it up, so perhaps that reviewer was on the button with his / her comment. Otherwise, I have no qualms about reliability ( seems like a contradiction in terms- I know, but it exudes quality) Regarding the overdrive- it's not that spectacular, but then again it wasn't intended to be. It's supposed to be natural sounding . I have tweaked it to sound identical to a TS808 shoved into the clean channel and footswitched A-B. What more could you ask for? Built like a tank inside and out. I do wish that it had a send and return facility. Damn clever these Japanese! Highly recommended in my view, just try and find one in good shape though...
    Pretty impressive for a solid state. They were making some amps in the '80s, not like the mass-produced crap we are forced to play on... This one is, reportedly, a copy of a Fender Frontman, but it's way better than the original, due to Japanese craft in transistors and other stuff like that. For the price, I guess it's unbeatable!
    you say metal??? i doubt that but i guess it is a decent amp for cheap ^ isn't exactly cheap for this though.
    Good amp i still have one as a back up. The one i have is the G50-112ii which has a parametric EQ to change the sound. Great clean sound but the distortion is no good. Takes pedals well though and good for a cheap alternative.