GA-10 review by Yamaha

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  • Sound: 4
  • Overall Impression: 5
  • Reliability & Durability: 7
  • Features: 4
  • Reviewer's score: 5 Decent
  • Users' score: 5.6 (48 votes)
Yamaha: GA-10

Price paid: C$ 85

Purchased from: ProMusic

Sound — 4
Also very basic. Clean and distortion is the only big choice you have. My guitar is also very terrible, but its mostly the guitar that makes noise. There is a little humming from the amp when you put a ton of gain on, which is what I do. To get the tone I want I have to mess around with gain, pickups, tone knobs (on the guitar) and the middle, treble, and bass knobs. But this amp can be insanely loud. Clean is quieter, no distortion when you blast it. Distortion level is way louder.

Overall Impression — 5
I play a huge variety of music, progressive, metal, plain rock, grunge and stuff out of beginners songbooks are examples. The amp can handle those okay. I'm a beginner, so I also have a Squier Bullet. THe combination of two beginners' things is awful. When I record my guitar playing, there is lots of hum from the guitar plus a bit of hum from the amp, which makes recordings hard to listen to. I want a new Marshall DFX amp for about $50 CAD more. If your a beginner, do not get this amp. Plan ahead and get a cheap DFX amp that you'll need in the future. This is a cheap amp, for for so little features it turned out to be a waste of money. If your a beginner and need a practice amp get one of those Vox mini amps that adapts to headphones, for only 40 to 50 dollars.

Reliability & Durability — 7
The amp is very durable. I've been playing for a couple of months and so far not once has it screwed up in any way. I'm a beginner and I don't play gigs. The closest thing to that is jamming with my friends, and it works fine. But I get laughed at cause the thing is the size of a lunchbox.

Features — 4
This is as basic as amps can get. I have the GA-15, there is no review page for it, but its the exact same thing. It has Master Volume (obviously) Middle, Treble, Bass, Gain, a headphone jack and a Switch for distortion and clean. It's missing a lot. No DFX. Not even a pedal input is here. There is a headphone jack, which I sometimes use for recording (via line in) but it isn't standard; its the 1/4'' size. I use this for practice, it serves that okay.

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