THR10C review by Yamaha

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.8 (14 votes)
Yamaha: THR10C

Price paid: £ 247

Purchased from: GAK center Brighton

Sound — 10
Sound wise... I've said it sounds good, Its surprising how good from such a small amp! But then it's not really cheap so you should expect a good quality sound. I used cheaper solid state portable amps for practice & they're boxy & un-inspiring. This amp cured all of that instantly. No hiss at all when I use my Les Paul & only slight minimal hiss from my Sguire Strat on louder vol. As I said earlier if you want a heavy gain sound don't buy this amp - try the THR10X maybe, this amp gives a nice clean sound at low vol. & great Blues clean/Break up sound. The stereo speakers with some reverb dialled in are truly impressive! Remember this is all at sociable sound levels its not capable of rattling your windows, but its still FULL sounding & I love it.

Overall Impression — 10
If this was lost I'd kick myself. If it was stolen I'd kick the thief much Harder! Then I'd have to go & buy another as there's nothing else out there yet that does what this amp does. For its size I can't think of a better one that does all it can do. I wish it had a good drum machine built in & a looper! For the same price. Please don't bring one out now I've got this Mr Yamaha! I am still a learner after 3yrs playing so my style is no where near anything like I want - but my ears work just fine & this amp sound good with me so would sound great from you most likely. I own a Blackstar HT5 valve amp its much louder - Heavy to lug about & can hiss a bit with some pedals. But wow it's fun.

Reliability & Durability — 9
Not a gigging amp so doesn't get knocked about much, but I take it away & it's early days but its fine. I mentioned its solid state so should really have no problems. Although I'm a bit disappointed with the plastic sides& underneath. Its metal top & front are nice & so is the back light Grille! The on/off toggle is a bit small & weedy but works nice enough & the writing on the controls doesn't stand out well so is hard to read in poor light. I've only owned this amp a few months so can only go on its looks for reliability & toughness.

Features — 8
I think this is new for 2012 model Its based on Blues style & won't give you metal & heavy Rock as there's only 1 channel (although this has 5 amp types as well as bass, acoustic & flat). I play blues, rock & country it does this all really well but if you want any thing heavier you should try the THR10X model. It's perfect for home practice & taking away practice (can be powered by batteries) as its small & lightweight (take on holidays etc). Has a headphone jack & MP3 input jack - The MP3 is especially good as has its own vol. Controls (guitar & input controls) to balance guitar with a backing track etc. It's expensive for a solid state amp I know but sounds as good as tube or even better dare I say! that's because Tube amps sound great cranked up but that's too loud for my neighbors. This sounds great at domestic levels (Better than my 5w tube amp). Also solid state is tougher for traveling about & maintenance free. It's stereo speakers sound much bigger & fuller than they look. It comes with soft ware for recording your music on a PC & you can create a file for amp sounds you want to save (you can save up to 5 in the amp). Has a built in basic tuner (std tuning only). EQ controls - Gain, master vol, Effects (Chorus, flanger, phaser, tremolo). Delay & Reverb control (eco can be speeded/slowed with a tap timer) Spring & Hall Reverbs sound nice! Acoustic & Bass amp settings - plugged in my acoustic & its louder than the amp clean so not a lot of use as I don't want to use more gain (not used bass guitar).

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    I have one and I am starting to feel sorry for all those sad tube amp transfixed 5 watters that dont sound good at low levels .Technology has finally sorted out the practise amp .No more heavy 10 inch speakers underworked ,no more tube swapping and still not really hitting the spot .Thats cos they only work well flat out and blowing the windows out of their frames .Yamaha should get a big medal for this one .it works and sounds great .The reverb is to die for .They will have to prise this from my cold dead hands before I let it leave my side .
    Nice review my friend! i have always been sceptical of Yamaha amps after a bad experience with one though.