King Of Tone V4 review by Analogman

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Ease of Use: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.4 (21 votes)
Analogman: King Of Tone V4

Price paid: $ 300

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Sound — 10
This KoT does not have the high-gain mod done to it. It has a little less gain than a tube Screamer. Both channels sound Stellar, giving you the right amount of Drive but maintaining the sound of your amp very well. I play it through a Vox AC30 and it sounds great. It sounds like your amp is overdriving, rather than a pedal is saturating your tone. As with all Analogman effects, it's true bypass so no tone sucking here. Although the distortion dip Switch setting is usable, I personally do not like it very much. This is a great low gain Overdrive pedal, and that's the way it should be used.

Overall Impression — 10
If you order this pedal direct from Analogman, there is a 2 year waiting list. So try to get one used if you can, they go for anywhere between $300-400. It is probably one of the best Overdrive pedals I have ever played, and for almost 3 times the cost of a standard Overdrive, it should be! I play blues, rock, funk, and worship music. This pedal can do just about anything other than metal. If it was stolen I would definitely buy another one. If you can afford one, get one.

Reliability & Durability — 10
This thing looks extremely well built. All the switches are top notch, casing is hard, can take a beating. Generally speaking, all Analogman effects are extremely well built, with the best parts. I've been using it for about half a year now, and it's withstood a ton. I doubt it will break down on me ever.

Ease of Use — 9
The KoT V4 is the latest version of the the King Of Tone Overdrive Pedal by Analogman. Now I have to say that I am slightly biased towards Analogman, seeing as everything they put out seems to be great. The KoT V4 is no exception. It's an Overdrive stompbox, with 2 switches on either side that control 2 independent channels. They each have 3 knobs for volume, Drive, and tone. Can be used separately or together. I generally use the right side for an Overdrive and the left side as more of a clean boost. The LEDs are super bright so there is no trouble figuring out if the effects are on or off. Here's where the pedal is set apart from other overdrives. On the interior, there are 4 dip switches, 2 to control each side of the pedal. The dip switches change the pedal from Overdrive to distortion, and from clean boost to Overdrive, to put it plainly. There is also a Switch for a treble boost, which is especially helpful if you have a dark sounding amp or guitar. Everything is fairly easy to use. My only complaint is that the dip switches are on the inside, and can sometimes be pain to use.

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    Waiting list? They can go to hell on that one. I'm sure there's any number of effects out there that can match this tone. 2 years? are you kidding?
    nairanvac wrote: Holy crap, that's expensive. Is it worth it?
    "If it was stolen I would definitely buy another one"
    joey arce
    you are talkign about a overdrive and a fuzz. I would personaly get a keeley or a analogman tubescreamer, and a fulltone od
    These are really nice pedals, even though when I first read the companies' name I read "anal-log."
    These things are hyped to the moon and back. There's a bunch of clips showing pedals half the cost/no BS waiting list that sound quite a bit fuller and more dynamic. Tried one myself, not a big fan. It's nice, but it can be beat IMO.
    lmao i would never pay that much for a simple overdrive/distortion pedal. nothing on earth could make it that much better than the competition that's 1/4 of the price. I can see some justification since it's actually two pedals in one, but I could still buy two overdrive pedals for less than half the price and get more variety since i wouldn't be locked into their small range of tone/drive to choose from. I'd rather have a SD-2/1 and a EH muff of some kind, perhaps a double muff.
    However, if you're one of the mindless sheeple who gets sucked into the hype, get a KLON Centaur for $600 while you're at it. LOL
    i personally don't like using distortion pedals, most of all of my gain is from my amp. IMO, if the amp you're playing needs a pedal, it's not good enough for you. an amp's distortion sounds so much better than a pedal, and the multiple preamp tube pedals are okay, but still not as good sounding as what good amps have.