Eleven Rack review by Avid/DigiDesign

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Ease of Use: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.5 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.4 (23 votes)
Avid/DigiDesign: Eleven Rack

Price paid: A$ 425

Purchased from: eBay

Sound — 9
I'm using with a pair of Alesis M520 powered monitors as well as going into the effects return of a 2x12 Spider Valve combo. Sounds great through the 520's but really comes to life through the Spider Valve power amp and speakers. The high gain patches are as noisy as you would expect and no better or worse than anything else I've used but there is a very effective and easy to use noise gate which tames the hum really well. Just a note though - the default settings for the noise gate will cut off trailing notes pretty badly but once the gate settings are tweaked, it works well. The effects are fantastic! First time I've found a chorus that actually sounds like my old analogue pedal. The rest of the effects are really useful with a sensible range of controls and there are none of the really trippy (useless for 99% of the time) effects that companies like Zoom and Boss seem to love to put in. I haven't really worried about trying to copy anyones particular sound but auditioning some of the user submitted patches shows some amazingly accurate artist emulations. As I said earlier, the effects are all very useful but one thing surprised me - I have never liked any of the distortion/overdrive emulations in any of the units I've owned over the years. I have always found them to be very fizzy (especially Boss/Roland) and not enhancing the patches in any way. The 11R on the other hand has a small but very high quality range of distortion, booster and Overdrive models that I'm finding more and more use for every day.

Overall Impression — 9
I play everything from ambient to metal but I do stick mainly with heavy rock and the 11R excels in a broad range of high gain tones that clean up nicely when you back off on the guitar volume. I've been playing for 35 years and have a fairly large range of gear for both performance and recording/production. I've owned every model of the POD range except for the current HD PODs (which I tried and didn't like) plus a couple of Zoom units, a Roland GR55, M-Audio Black Box and some Boss gear. I wished I had known about the EurekaProm modified Behringer FB-1010 MIDI foot controller earlier. As there is no dedicated foot controller for the 11R, your only option is the MIDI controllers like the FB-1010, Rocktron, Roland etc, etc. As everything apart from the Behringer unit are quite expensive, the Behringer is the most cost effective but is also stupidly hard to program and is not entirely suitable for the 11R. A company call Eureka make a prom chip that vastly improves the FB-101 for use with the 11R and makes the FB-1010 almost as good a dedicated foot controller - the best $44 I ever spent. If I ever lost the unit, I would have no hesitation in replacing it. There are some great deals around for 2nd hand 11R's so getting another at a good price wouldn't be impossible. Avid (Digidesign) have not got a great track record when it comes to customer support for the 11R and apart from the Expansion Pack, haven't made any improvements to the unit. Saying that though, there is a huge 11R user community that is a fantastic resource and should be your first place to look for info. This is the only thing that really disappoints me about the 11R. I love the sounds and how they respond to Pick dynamics just like a real amp. User interface is great and very quick to get your head around and the thing just reeks quality but overall the quality of the sounds that this unit is capable of are my favourite feature. I wanted to replace my POD X3 (which I still have a soft spot for) and tried the POD HD500 in which I was bitterly disappointed in. I thought my old POD X3 sounded much better. I also tried the Boss GT100 which had some really nice clean sounds and very impressive modulation and delay effects but its amp models really fell flat and sounded very artificial. I would have loved to personally tried the Kemper Profiling amp and the Fractal Axe FX II but as I cannot justify spending $2600 on a unit, I didn't bother. Having the ability to run 2 independent rigs in parallel like the POD X3 would have been nice but I can live without it as the existing sounds are just so good. A dedicated controller like the Line 6 FBV Shortboard would have been nice but the Eureka modified Behringer FB-1010 does pretty well. Overall, I cannot recommend the Eleven Rack highly enough. Apart from the Axe FX II and the Kemper unit, nothing comes close to it in terms of sound, versatility, usability and build quality.

Reliability & Durability — 8
Its bloody heavy! All steel construction with controls and switches that all have a nice, solid feel but I still think you could snap off a knob if you didn't look after it - definitely very high quality though. I would never use any high tech gear without some sort of backup including the 11R. You're asking for pain and misery if you don't have something you can switch to if/when something fails or glitches but saying that, the 11R has never given me any grief (yet!). IEC mains power cable - no wall wart power supplies here!

Ease of Use — 8
When I first got it, it didn't have the expansion pack. Even without that, getting a great amp tone out of it was very easy but once I added the expansion pack - whooaa! It really came to life. No where as many models and effects as my POD X3 but what it does have are far superior and so much easier and quicker to get the sound I'm after. Editing patched is quite simple once you get to understand how the user interface works - which doesn't take long at all. Again, much superior to the POD and the way the rotary encoder knobs change colour makes tweaking patches very quick and easy. Manual is pretty good - a couple of things that were a bit difficult to find but overall, not bad at all. Firmware version was 1.03 but now upgraded to 2.01. This is a MUST HAVE upgrade to really get the most out of the 11R. Apart from the improvements and expanded models and effects, there are scores of great user submitted patches on the 2 main user sites that need the expansion pack (2.01) to load. A bit of a pain that you have to pay for the upgrade ($99.00USD) but still worth it. Initially after reading a lot of user posts, I thought the only way to get any sort of librarian features for patches was to use Pro Tools. I use Pro Tools anyway, but it is a pain to have to fire up Pro Tools just to load a new patch plus its a little clumsy as well. Thankfully, after doing a bit of deeper Googling, I found a freeware patch librarian that allows you to load and save patches and rigs without having to use Pro Tools - well worth getting (ElevenHack).

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    The guy with the username "I have Gibsons" posted the following: "Don't even bother with an 11 rack, it cant touch the axe fx or its community. If you're looking for an affordable home recording program get amplitube 3 or a POD HD." I had the POD HD Pro. My opinion is the HD is horrible. You are trying to turn people away form the Eleven Rack and then tout the Pod HD as better? Saying the Pod HD is better says all I have to know about your opinion and taste. You have a right to your taste/opinion but I will let everyone know mine: Anyone that says the POD HD is better cannot be taken seriously when saying the 11R can't "touch" the AxeFX II. Ok, so it is far off but not that it cannot "touch" the AxeFX II. Please do a search for a guy called Singtall and Eleven Rack. He is a reutable guy that will be found in guitar forums. He owned the AxeFX II. Though he says the AxeFX is better, he says he gets the 11R basically as close but that the AxeFX has "more" of this and "more" of that. For the basics, the 11R CAN touch the AxeFX II. After that then everyone can come to their own conclusion.
    i have a pod hd pro x and just heard my buddys 11 r in action i a ready to sell my pod hd, the guitar we created with the same guitar on the same cpu and same monitors with the same basic patches were not even close on the pod the 11r kills it, the pod has more settiings and parameters but i cant get past the clarity and punch of the 11r and for half the price??! almost too good to be true my only concerns are how does it sound live?? and why is it only half the price of the pod there has to be some huge difference somewhere right?
    RUN FOR THE HILLS. THIS IS GARBAGE. I have wasted time and money with Avid. No more. Good guitar amp and pedals. You can rule the stage. If someone is paying you to play you owe them better than this.