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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Ease of Use: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 7.5 (68 votes)
BBE: Sonic Stomp

Price paid: $ 99

Purchased from: SAMASH

Sound — 10
Now, everyone always asks what exactly the Sonic Stomp does. It would seem that the Low contour doesn't just raise/lower the bass levels but when adjusted correctly it allows more low-end with no foggines to the bass. The process knob does increse decrease treble; It also seems to clear up the whole harmonics rather then just adding treble. The pedal doesn't add any extra hum and never gets turned off so no worry about switching. The Sonic Stomp fixes the slurs in the electric signal when it is amplified by, you guessed it, your amp. Turning off the Sonic Stomp lowers your volume and sucks the warmth out of your tone. There is also talk of where to stick this pedal. I put it last I'm my chain directly into my amps input but others put it last in their effects loop. Either way the difference is true and can't be overlooked.

Overall Impression — 10
I play metal and the high gain tones can be thumpy or harsh. this BBE Sonic Stomp cleaned up my tone. My amp isn't high dollar and the stompboxes I play need to count. This one fits the bill and really provided the option of turning up without regretting it. Turn it on then turn it off and we'll have another believer; plain and simple. Also I'd like to add that it sort of 'compresses' the sound so volume control is easier when playing clean! Try it out.

Reliability & Durability — 10
Its a pretty solid little guy and hugs the floor nicely. The included A/C plug allows endless use and that is what this pedal demands. I never turn it off. I've had it for sevral months and it has showed no signs of slowing down. You really notice a difference when palm-muting or with fast, multiple-string runs. No thumpimg in the bass and crystal clear "smooth" treble. I havn't used the rack unit but this pedal did everything it says it does with style.

Ease of Use — 10
The BBE Sonic Stomp has an on/off button and two knobs fitted onto a slick lokking pedal which is about the size off a Boss effect. The first knob is a Low Contour and the second is called process. It has one input and one output and is powered by 9-volt baterry or by a supplied A/C adapter. Rotating the low contour 'generally' raises/lowers the Bass while the Process knob 'generally' raises/loers the Treble. Two knobs make this pedal easy to work with.

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    One thing from a audio engineering standpoint. When your playing by yourself it might be good to have a huge chuggy sound, with a nice crispy high. When you record that the high will sound like a bee in a pop can. Also when an engineer mixes everything usually if you "solo" the guitar it sounds like crap. The reason is because they CARVE eqs for each instrument so it occupies its own SONIC SPACE. Then when you put everything together it sounds great. Now in a live setting if you have too much bass everything mudds up because of all the low end from the bass and drums already. I think this pedal is best suited for bedroom players who want to sound like a song on a cd. Unforntunately they dont realize they are hearing the BASS AND GUITAR AT THE SAME TIME! BBEs are made more for mastering in studio or for helping a live mix more than anything else. Now this is just MY opinion so please dont flame me.
    I agree with maddspoiler. As a bass player, my BIGGEST pet peave is guitarists who have too much bottom end in their amp sound. I know they love it, because they like a full bodied sound, but it combines with my bass frequencies and makes the whole low end overwhelming. I'm very sensitive to hearing a guitarist invading my sonic space with his fat lows. It makes me want to stop playing until he backs off his excess bass. I've not only spoken up about it, but I've also snuck over during breaks and backed off his bass knob. Sound men tend to always think that all that BOTTOM they are hearing is coming from the bass guitar alone, so they punish the bass player instead of the guitarist. Everything I just said also goes for keyboardists with their piano sound. I'm sure they love a full spectrum sound, but they must remember they are playing with a bass player who is to handle the bottom end.
    Ive got a 10 band MXR EQ in my loop, and that makes a monster of difference to my tone. Would this provide even more clarity/shine etc over the top of the EQ? Or not worth it?
    Yeah this pedal is pretty sweet. It doesn't so much clear or clean up your sound as it does add/compliment to it. I own one and I must say that you absolutely have to use it in the effects loop for the best effect. If you use it in a pedal chain it sounds too processed. The rackmount version sounds better but it's more expensive. Considering what this pedal can do to a sound v.s. the price it's worth it.
    It can make a not so great sounding amp sound really good, but so will good tubes. I prefer my amp with out it bc I lose that punch. Get a set of JJ's and your amp will sound awesome. No need to dr it up then.
    GuitaPlaya wrote: I got this thing and took it back. You can save yourself $100 dollars by turning up the presence and volume on your amp.
    if you know what this thing does, you'd know that presence and volume don't do the same thing as this. this corrects the phase relations between bass, middle, and treble frequencies, and presence doesn't do that
    i just got one for like $65 from the sellers on it was the older version but it was new old stock. I think it definatly makes your signal sound better. I actually dropped the distortion pedal i used to use with my digitech rp500 and just use the mesa mode from that with the bbe. Main thing is this should be the last thing before you amp. Absolutely the last thing. Sometimes putting it in a pedal board might night be good. I have mine sitting on top of my amp.
    I just got one of these awhile back, amazed at the punch that this thing gave my vox, It tightened my low end up, just overall made my tone better! You can pick these up brand new on ebay for $60 bucks.
    This thing works by keeping certain frequencies from "phasing" or canceling each other. It should most definitely be last in your effects chain or in your effects loop of your amp because any processing you do to a signal after it comes out of this box can cause more phase issues, defeating the purpose of this box. I use it religiously on my bass, my acoustic, and my tele. I don't leave home without it and nor should you.
    backupbass1 wrote: can it be used with bass guitars? i'm tired of muddy lows.
    Absolutely essential to good tone. Literally, each and every musician should have several. You will never turn them off. Also, check the Aphex stopbox Bass Xciter. I have both (bbe and aphex), I like them both, and use either depending on my mood. Different technology, same intention. Warmth, clarity. In a phrase, pro sound. Lastly, I think that they can go first in the signal chain so that the amp isn't amplifying crap. But they improve the signal no matter where they are put.
    Having the Sonic Stomp(or rack version), with a Noise Surpressor, and a power conditioner, and you'll have a silent rig. this works really well on tube amps.
    Just picked up one of these today and it rocks. It's subtle so play with it a while and then turn it'll make you wish you had it from the beginning.
    wtf does a compressor do? I know I sound like a complete dumdass but in my hick town of Poca W.V. a new guitar shop is badly needed. But have played this pedal and it is awesome!!!
    Is it a replacement for a compressor? Or does it simply magnify tones with slight compression? Either way seems worth looking into
    I have one in the effects loop of my old Digitech RP-1 when I engage it in the solo boost mode. I have a 462 BBE before my two 32 band EQ's and a 12 band Parametric EQ then another 462 sonic maximizer. This device really does phase alignment to the signal, it allows the treble to come out a little faster than the mids or bass frequencies. I have a prestine clean and distortion tones.As for Notryt, you should get a power conditioner and noise reduction units to get rid of any hiss.
    I think the people who review this are justifying a poor decision. I bought this thing based on the hype. it now sits in the box it came in... my Boss eq-7 does a lot more to my sound than this thing ever could do.. I compare it to a loudness switch on a stereo.. if you turn up both controls.. like s loudness button on a stereo the louder you play the less noticeable the effect.. it seems to me it just enhances the highs and lows without scooping the middle.. it does add noise even though BBE says it doesn't
    it is a one trick pony. although it does sound great in general .if you use it on all the time it starts making everything lose some soul. i only use it on my clean channal