AM100 Acoustic Modeler review by Behringer

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  • Sound: 5
  • Overall Impression: 6
  • Reliability & Durability: 2
  • Ease of Use: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 5.3 Decent
  • Users' score: 7.5 (20 votes)
Behringer: AM100 Acoustic Modeler

Price paid: $ 30.81

Purchased from: Steves Music

Sound — 5
I'm using this acoustic modeler with an ESP LTD AX-50 and it sound pretty good. It does not go too loud though, when I have it on I actually have to mess around with the volume on my amp to get it as loud as I would like it to be which was not very good about it. I can get the good acoustic sound for the song All These Things I Hate Reveolve On Me and that was one of the reasons I wanted to get this pedal, so that dissapointed me. But the pedal for some reason got really touchy after a while and I barely need to touch it now and it'll go on.

Overall Impression — 6
I'm playing metal core and I don't think it matches for the acoustic songs. It does not have a very long life with a 9 volt so I need to have an ac adapter all the time. I would have asked before I bought this pedal if I would have known was does it have a long battery life? If this thing were stolen I would probably buy it again because it is very very cheap. But if I had like 200 for no reason then I would probably get a Boss one. You get what you pay for.

Reliability & Durability — 2
I'm not quite sure that I can depend on this pedal if I was playing a show. I would probably buy a diferent one to play and use that one as a backup. But before buying another pedal, I would take this pedal to a music store and ask the guy if he would suggest getting a different one. If he would say yeah then I'd go begging and then buy a new pedal.

Ease of Use — 8
This was fairly easy to get decsent sound out of. I just needed to mess around with the settings. There was no manual with examples in it so that disappointed me, but I just messed around with it. It is not the best sounding acoustic pedal, but it's good. The manual for it when I got it was all chinese so I have no idea what it was talking about. This has not been upgraded and if it an I'd like to know how because I did not know that pedals can be upgraded at all! So someone please tell me.

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    i have 1, it wont make a warm spansish sond guitar sound. well i cant definately make it sound like that