FD300 Ultra Feedback/Distortion review by Behringer

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Ease of Use: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 6 (11 votes)
Behringer: FD300 Ultra Feedback/Distortion

Price paid: £ 22

Purchased from: www.bluearan.com

Sound — 9
I use a Yamaha PAC012 into either a crap practice amp or my Fender '57 Mini Twin amp. The sound is epic and distortion has a massive range. The feedback has adjustable overtones and can be controlled further by how long you let the note resonate before hitting the pedal. You can then play over the overtone but this makes a tinny fuzzing noise. If you turn down the gain you can get clean feedback which sounds incredible. I play rock and metal and this pedal is perfect for me.

Overall Impression — 10
I play a lot of rock and metal and I guess thats why I bought a feedbacker in the first place. It sounds epic even with a rubbish amp, a 1W Fender mini twin and my cheap Yamaha Pacifica. In my 3 years of guitaring I've never been able to get feedback until now. My only other pedal is an awesome Zoom G1X. I love the feedback and distortion effects and would definitely buy another. The only other rivals are the Boss DF2 which is impossible to get hold of anymore and the Line 6 Dr. Distorto which is twice the price. This is a cheap easy to use and EPIC pedal.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I haven't had a single problem yet with it and it's made really solidly. I would gig with this happily with no backup because it doesn't break.

Ease of Use — 8
The FD300 super-feedbacker and distortion is a 22 distortion box with a trick up its sleeve-a feedback overtone. Getting a good sound is as easy as poking the pedal and fiddling with the dials. One step turns on the distortion and if you then hold down the pedal it screams at you. It's a typical stompbox in a horrid pinky-purple colour but works easy for the price. The only gripe here is that the batteries are impossible to get to as the pedal release switch is really stiff. To get around this I use my Boss AC adapter.

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    having actually bought proper gear i now realise the fd is crap. dont get it.
    Smart Patrol
    I compared FD-300 and DF-2 watching You Tube videos. It seems the Behringers feedback tone blends with the guitar when you solo. The result is lots of fuzz. It doesnt happen with DF-2. With this one there is clear channel separation between D and F. Sometimes Behringer comes close, but its impossible for them to clone such a perfect pedal. : )
    I was genuinely unaware that some AC adaptors reverse the polarity! Know why by any chance, is it the same in the UK and US? It seems a bizzare thing to have non-standard across different appliances!!
    A lot of things wrong with this review. I wont go into details but honestly, the way you use that thing is almost shameful: Dont ever mix other branded AC adapters with other branded products because it really ****s up the sound (and the device if you leave it in). I used my Boss adapter on a Digitech RP55 and it sounded god awful. That said, seems like a nice gimmicky toy to play with if you're into making noises but probably wouldn't hold a candle to the higher end pedals.
    Smart Patrol
    20 years ago I owned the 1 FD-300 was cloned from: Boss DF-2 Superfeedbacker and Distortion (read my review). I listened to FD-300s demo at Behringers side, and it didnt sound crap, not bad at all. There is also the feedback feature demo, it sounded decent... I confess I didnt pay attention if there was that fuzzy sound you mentioned but I can explain. I bought an UF-100 Ultra Flanger with the intention to match with my UD-100 Ultra Distortion. When I was setting the flanger up, I noticed it fuzzed the tone when using MANUAL and DEPTH knobs. It was certainly due to the inferior quality of Behringers digital circuitry. What happens to the FD-300 is the same thing. In my case, I prefered returning it, add a little more cash and buy the almost-Boss-sounding Onerr HF-1 Hydrogen Flanger. About noise, many things besides AC adapters can be the nasty guy. Single coil pickups and faulty cables can increase the noise level dramatically. Distortion pedals are typically noisy. For example, my UD-100 has practically the same tone and noise level of Boss DS-2. Anyway, I think the Behringers Drives/Distortions are honest, but get way of any digital effect.
    Epi - it should make no electrical difference mixing other branded AC adaptors provided they have the same output voltage and current. (same reason you can use any brand of 9v battery) That said i can't take this review seriously when it gives 10 for durability to a behringer stompbox, I have a DD100 and if this has the same shoddy plastic casing then it certainly wouldn't hold up to being bashed around. Finally reviewing an effect pedal by playing it through a shoddy practice amp is tantamount to reviewing a sports car while not taking it above 30mph or out of 2nd gear. You can't have any idea of the real tone of this thing if you've only played it through cheap guitars and amps.
    doive - I hate to contradict you on this one but yes there is a difference in mixing up brands and that is in the way it is wired. Most pedal AC adaptors are wired with the outpit tip negative (output tip = the hole in the end of the plug) Other generic adaptors are wired positive. This can cause damage to the electrical circuit which does affect the sound.. As for Behringer pedals, I'm not to fond of the way they sound.. very fuzzy. I've owned some in the past and have upgraded a long time ago. In the end though, it's all a question of personal preference.. cheers!
    Smart Patrol
    Use stable AC adapters, which deliver the right voltage, usually 9v DC. As said by Duke, it should follow the right polarity, or it wont work. Its often positive out and negative in. This will make your pedal/multifx last longer.
    Smart Patrol
    Right = +(o- Most pedals use this. Even the Brazilian pedals do. Wrong = -(o+ Many AC adapters come like this in my country. So I had to invert. About damage, dont worry about it. It just doesnt turn the pedal on.