FX100 Digital Multi-FX review by Behringer

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 7
  • Ease of Use: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 5.6 (17 votes)
Behringer: FX100 Digital Multi-FX

Price paid: $ 50.4

Sound — 9
I play a Washburn X10, through a Behringer TU-100 (this is a tuner so it won't affect the sound), a Boss HM-2 and the Behringer FX-100. My amp: a Fender 85 Deluxe. When you understand what settings are best, you can get a really nice sound. When I just bought it, I used to have the level knob on the maximum all the time, but that didn't seem to work out. When you turn it down, to twelve o'clock, the sound is more subtle, and better to handle. I mainly use the delay, chorus and phaser function, but that is just because of my music style (rock and blues). All the other effects sounds very good too. Way better than you might expect for the low price. I can really recommend it!

Overall Impression — 9
When I went to the shop I was looking for a chorus pedal, but there weren't any affordable chorus pedals, so the man in the shop told me about this affordable multi-effect pedal. I tried it and I was really happy with it. When I went home I started experimenting with it and found some really cool sounds. I will recommend it to anybody Who wants an affordable, but good effect. Don't think that it s*cks because of the low price, it's a high quality product.

Reliability & Durability — 7
It has never broken down as far as I know, and it keeps working like you want it to. I am not using the adapter that they recommend, but my home-built multi-adapter. This makes the LED flashing (the voltage will be a little bit less than when you use the battery or the recommended adapter). I also tried it with a battery (I don't like battery's, they are expensive, but I wanted to try it) and the annoying flashing stopped. Also with a different adapter the LED functioned normally. By the way: changing the battery can be difficult, because you need something pointy (a pen, or a screwdriver) to open it. The manual will explain how it works. Even though it is made out of plastic, it is really sturdy, and I rely on it at gigs.

Ease of Use — 7
It took me a while to get a good sound out of every effect, but it is really easy to find a good sound, when you use one or two of the effects. When you want to use all the 6 effects it contains, it will take a bit longer. There are 4 knobs: level (this allows you to adjust how much of the effect will be added to your sound, par 1, par 2 (I will tell you later about these two knobs) and finally the knob to select the effect. You can choose between: pitch shifter, tremolo, delay, phaser, chorus, and flanger. Par 1 and par 2 let's you adjust the effect. The manual shows what adjustment will be made with which of the knobs. You can find it on the Behringer website.

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    I hate this pedal. It has a slight delay on the sound that just pisses me off.
    ^ like what the reviewer said, USE REGULATED PSUs! these units tend to hate batteries or unregged PSUs (re: LED blinking) so these will help solve the problems. if you run in mono and pissed off with the lack of sweep (esp. flange, phaser, delay), i suggest you plug IN A > OUT B. you'll be amazed at the results.
    This Pedal is Crap!, You get it connected in the Chain and the LED just blinks like crazy. and it just mutes everything else.
    I bought it for $20 and yeah it is not amazing, but untill I can afford a good pitch shifter and Delay you really cannot beat the price. Tinker with it alot and you can get 7 nation army and Don't fear the reaper sounds. If it were more than $35 do not buy it. But for entry level players, or those wishing to explore phaser, trem, delay etc... effects. This is one hell of a all around explore unit.
    Ok,i bought one of these on amazon,but the power light kept flashing on battery power,tried ac adaptor,light flashed only faster!sent it back,got replacement,SAME DAMN PROBLEM!v poor quality control.its a shame as all my other pedals are behringer and they are all fine,sturdy and bug free.throw out that batch amazon.ps tried regulated supply,same problem.Pretty sure now its a design fault,as other users have had same problem.