HB01 Hellbabe review by Behringer

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  • Sound: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Ease of Use: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.2 (83 votes)
Behringer: HB01 Hellbabe

Price paid: $ 56.73

Purchased from: GAK

Sound — 7
I honestly really like the sounds this pedal can come out with, however with the boost off it can be very quiet. I am using this with an Indie Sky10 amp, and an Indie SG which I had custom made and also a Westfield strat, which was my first guitar and is pretty good with my amp, when playing Live I use a Line 6 Spider II, which emphasises my effects VERY well. The wah, isn't as many have been saying "minimal", you just need to try and get the right settings for your sound, which in my case is rock/metal and occasionally a little funk!, well, atleast lately since the band decided to give it a go and stick a couple of "funky" songs on the EP! I use this with the BehringerUM100 (Ultra Metal Distortion), and the BehringerUF100 (Ultra Flanger), and if you set it up so you have the flanger > Metal > wah, you can get some amazing sounds from it when Live, solos can be made very emphasised and this pedal definately goes off in Enter Sandman! Even though you can get a good metal wah sound, it would be pretty hard, or even impossible to get anything close to the likes of the late great Jimi Hendrix, which I was a bit dissapointed with, but it didn't matter much because I can play my own style hendrix covers!

Overall Impression — 8
Considering my wide variety of styles from funk to heavy metal I think this can be a very helpful pedal to use/own. it was cheap, so I thought I would give it a go, plus it's Behringer, my other effects were made by them and I was impressed, and with this still am. I have been playing about 3 years, 7 months now, and have been through a few effects, which I have sold mainly because I didn't like the sounds they made, which is why I was amazed that the cheaper brand Behringer, were such good pedals, like I said earlier, I use the UM100 and UF100 with this, and very soon hoping to add the Ultra Chorus and Reverb to this collection, I'm hoping that would give me the perfect sound, I only wish I had asked to buy them at the same time! Actually, I shoulda asked how the hell to change the frequency on the bottom! If this were stolen, I would be pissed, and definately by a new one, it's such a good pedal to own in my opinion, I just wish the sounds were more varied. I guess the only thing to really compare it to was the Cry Baby, but what the hell, if I hated this, it wasn't as big a robbery to my wallet as the CB was, and I'm now glad I chose this over the CB!

Reliability & Durability — 8
This thing sure is reliable! It is made of a sturdy hard plastic and metal, this wouldn't break if 10 tonne lorry ran over it! It is very reliable, and I would, and already have, used it in a gig, however I suggest replacing the battery before every gig, as these things can really suck them up. Backup wouldn't be neccessary, I could probably cope without the wah, but it's a nice thing to have to emphasise key notes, or use the boost to give a more up-front sound.

Ease of Use — 9
Behringer, built to match the sounds of many other products and built to compete on the market of big name brands like Jim Dunlop, Ibanez and many other leading brands, and in my opinion, it doesn't quite Live up to the likes of the original Cry Baby, however the uniqe sounds you can get from this, in my opinion are amazing! It was a cheap and cheerful pedal, the manual, is pretty much pointless as this is a piece of cake to use, but the one thing that I'm confused with is the frequency dial on the bottom, I need to get in touch with Behringer to try andfind out how to adjust it, I guess you just take the bottom off, but I do not want to break it or anything! Sound shaping is easy enough, twiddle the dials, hit a note and use the effect, keep doing it until you get the sound you want.

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    me tooo this is quite versitile if you play around with it for half an hour. i got a lush voice simulater similar to 1 of slashes solos not sweet child though it was just this solo prefomance thing so yer it does sond good with a bit of nob twisting!!
    For ndfcartman, the reason you get a "hssssh" noise and whatnot with your other effects is probably because you order them wrong, put you wah as your first effect after your guitar and it should eliminate any unwanted sounds, happens with any wah
    Total Guitar in the UK are giving this away with subscriptions at the moment... Not sure if I should subscribe this month and get the Hell Babe for free, or maybe wait until next month and see what the free gift is then... Any thoughts?? Can someone explain to me why everyone talks about 'If it was stolen...' and so on in the reviews? It seems like such a weird, roundabout way of rating how good something is. Is it an UG injoke i don't get? Please explain!!