OD100 Overdrive Distortion Review

manufacturer: Behringer date: 08/06/2008 category: Guitar Effects
Behringer: OD100 Overdrive Distortion
Take off with overdrive, distortion or a combination of both in just one powerful pedal! This product has been designed to compete head to head with leading products on the market.
 Sound: 9
 Overall Impression: 8.4
 Reliability & Durability: 7.8
 Ease of Use: 8.8
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overall: 7.8
OD100 Overdrive Distortion Reviewed by: Donkey Fly, on december 12, 2005
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Price paid: $ 45.75

Purchased from: Ebay UK

Ease of Use: It is easy to use, to swap to Overdrive or distortion just requires turning the knob left or right, it's the same with volume and tone control. The only weird thing I found about it is when you try and change the battery. It's got an unusual locking system which can be a bit of a pain in the neck. // 8

Sound: I use a Behringer GM108 and a cheap copy of a Strat. It sounds great. I've tried it with a Richwood LP and it sounded better so if you have a Gibson/Fender/Ibanez etc, it will sound excellent. I tend to use Overdrive more then distortion. I love the Overdrive on it, you can have a bit of both (distortion + Overdrive) which would work well if you play metal etc. I play Green Day/Blink 182, the Overdrive suits them very well. The Overall sound is impressive. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I would use it at a gig but would be careful, as the structure is plastic, but it would be fine. The only problem with it is that batteries wont work, it may be a loose connection though (easily fixed) I haven't looked, but I works fine with a 9V adaptor which I recommend for home use, it's eats up batteries quickly as all things do. // 6

Overall Impression: I was impressed with the sound of the product. If it was lost I wouldn't buy another one. I've only been playing since March 05 so I got this as a starter pedal as I am getting pretty good now I'm looking for a Multi FX. I love the Overdrive on it, it's very impressive for the price. It's a great pedal for a beginner and any advanced player. // 7

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overall: 9
OD100 Overdrive Distortion Reviewed by: bradbradbrad, on january 09, 2006
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Purchased from: FeedMe Music, Corrimal

Ease of Use: Getting a good sound is fairly simple with this pedal. The manual is very straightforward, but it is a very simple pedal so there isn't much to explain. // 10

Sound: I am playing an ESP guitar with EMG active pickups into this pedal then to my Ashton all-tube amp. It is pretty quiet, though there is a little buzz when you put it on Overdrive. It is obviously modelled on the Boss Overdrive/Distortion, and in my opinion is almost identical to it in sound, which is very good for the price. I prefered the distortion to the Overdrive, the Overdrive is still very good though. You can get a very good range of sounds with this pedal, from light blues Overdrive to heavy metal distortion. It also can give a pretty good searing lead sound. It can get fairly heavy, maybe not enough for a Death Metal sort of thing though. An odd thing I noticed is that when it is in bypass it added alot of clarity and generally improved my clean tone, which was very nice. // 9

Reliability & Durability: The casing is plastic, but it seems pretty solid. It is heavier than it looks, it has a solid non-slip base. I would use it without a backup, as it seems pretty reliable. // 8

Overall Impression: I play rock, metal and blues and this pedal gives me a good sound for all of them. I have been playing for a bit over a year and I also own a Zoom 707 II multi-effects pedal, but I prefer the sounds I get from the Behringer to the Zoom. If it was stolen, I wouldnt hesitate to buy another as they are so cheap. I love that I can get such a variety of good sounds from this cheap box. The only thing I don't like is that you have to undo screws in the base to get to the battery compartment, but since I have a power supply it doesn't really matter. Overall, this a very good pedal, and not just good for the money either. The price is handy though. // 9

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overall: 7
OD100 Overdrive Distortion Reviewed by: shawry0007, on january 25, 2006
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Purchased from: Billy Hyde Of Melbourne

Ease of Use: The Behringer OD100 would have to be one of the best entry level effct units I've ever had the pleasure of working with. The unit works analog, it has four controls: level, tone, drive and mode. It is extremely easy to use and to find a good tone. This is rather easy to say seeing as it has incredible sound. The instruction booklet, however small, is easy to read and use. The booklet explais all of which you should need to know, other than what you Pick up naturally. The OD100 runs on a 9v battery or by a DC adapter set to a 9v setting. The battery holding bay is located beneath the easily removable "step" styled footswitch. // 9

Sound: I have used the Behringer OD100 through several different axes and amps and I must say the distortion is amazing, however, the same cannot be said for the Overdrive side of things. The Overdrive lacks in tone and other sound quality and gives a deep "ugly" tone, don't get me wrong it still packs a punch but can fall second rate to even some other entry level Overdrive units. As I was saying, the Distortion really rocks the house or the stage or wherever the hell you are. With proper use of the mode control you can get a great great mixed effect. The level of volume is outstanding to say the least. At around the "4" mark the distorted/overdriven tone is the same as the clean sound from the amp and differs greatly, in volume, just raised one or two notches. Actually, although this isn't a tube effect, it seems to produce a better sond at higher volumes. The drive control is of great use, it can be used for playing blues, with slight Overdrive to metal, with a grindnig Distortion and everything set to the max. The tone varies widely, from a deep bassy sound to a high pitch squeal. Not the best I've had the pleasure of playing with but perfect for learning guitarists. // 7

Reliability & Durability: Well, it hasn't failed on me yet. But I would never go on stage without a new battery (reguardless of how much you've used it prior to performance) or a connection to a DC output/connection. I find the battery runs out far to fastand depending on how hard you run it, it could run out of juice faster. This beauty is really heavy duty and has outlasted some of the other (and unfortunately more expensive) units I've used. So, all in all you can rely on it, just as long as you have a new battery or power. // 5

Overall Impression: First off, you should know that I play all genres from classical to hard rock and metal and it suits all of those that need an crunchy effect. It is an essential for beginner guitarist this is because it is so, so cheap and boasts good quality, which has become a standard from the people at Behringer. When set to pure distortion it sounds do amazing it's just unbeliveable it comes from an entry level product. I love everything about this great unit except the Overdrive. If I need, and I do stress need, an overdriven sound I will switch to another product. I just cannot stand it. It has downgraded an otherwise great product. Compared to other, more expensive products it would give them a definite run for their money and I can't get over the fact that it's so cheap. That's definately the main reason I bought it. So have fun rockin' out with it. If you're anything like me I know you will enjoy. // 7

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overall: 9.3
OD100 Overdrive Distortion Reviewed by: 666-JoE-666, on march 23, 2007
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Ease of Use: This "stompbox" is really good to get grungy heavy metal distorton from but if you are looking for distortion for songs like Nirvana'd Smells like Teen Spirit then, I would go for the Boss, although this pedal is easy to use, 1 turn of the knob and you have yourself Full Distortion, Full Overdrive or abit of both. The maunal was abit short, printed on 1 side of A4 paper contains 5 or 6 different languages. // 8

Sound: This pedal can be very noisy if you set it up right, if you don't then in can have the same effect as a damp sock. but if you set it up like I have (Mode - full distortion, drive - full, tone - clean, level - 5) then you should get yourself some good all around ditsortion. I use this pedal with a Stratocaster and a Stagg 20 GA R Amp and it gives it a great sound for what I play (which is heavy metal and rock nd roll). // 9

Reliability & Durability: It is quite reliable for what it is although it does have the tendancy to eat bateries, pllus they can be quite expense the 9V batterys it uses. I should think it would be good for a gig, 1 down point, the shell is plastic so you can't "stomp" on it as hard as you coukd a Boss pedal but it is quite good. // 10

Overall Impression: I play rock and roll like AC/DC and Guns 'N Roses. Although I have bene playing for little more than a year, I still love this pedal, especially with my Stratocaster and Stagg amp, it gives it quite good sounds and you can honestkly go insane with this pedal, it makes the most novice of person sound like a pro! // 10

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overall: 9.5
OD100 Overdrive Distortion Reviewed by: watsee, on august 06, 2008
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Price paid: £ 20

Purchased from: http://www.Gear4music.com

Ease of Use: I bought this pedal about a year and a half ago because of the price. The pedal itself is very easy to use, it has 4 knobs (level, tone, drive and mode). To get overdrive simply turn the mode knob towards the left, for Distortion turn to the right, or simply leave it in the middle for a rich combination of the two. Works just like a normal stompbox, connect it up and stomp it with your foot. One thing that is slightly fiddly is the battery compartment which lives underneath the stomp bit. There is an unusual method of getting into the battery compartment. As far as the manual goes, it explained all it needed to. // 9

Sound: I like to get a lot of distortion and this pedal works a treat, gives a sound reminiscent of 'For Whom The Bell Tolls' by Metallica I thought. I haven't really used the Overdrive a lot on the pedal, I always keep the Mode knob turned fully to the right to get the full distortion effect. So I can't really comment on the Overdrive, but the Distortion is great. Maybe not distorted enough for playing some metal, but it will work fine for most styles. // 10

Reliability & Durability: The casing is just made from plastic but it does look like it is quite well constructed, so it would take quite a lot of abuse before any damaged was caused I think. This pedal has been gigged with several times although I always make sure I always have a fresh battery in it just incase, I do not own a power supply but the pedal seems quite sparing with batteries. Perhaps it is just the batteries I am using but they do seem to last well. // 10

Overall Impression: I play mostly hard rock and some early metal (AC/DC, Metallica, Led Zeppelin etc) and this pedal gives me the crunch I need without killing tone. If it were lost or stolen I would not hesitate about buying a new one because for the price it is great. I love that it is so easy to use and it is easy to change sounds mid-gig. // 9

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