UF100 Ultra Flanger review by Behringer

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  • Sound: 4
  • Overall Impression: 4
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Ease of Use: 5
  • Reviewer's score: 5.3 Decent
  • Users' score: 7.8 (9 votes)
Behringer: UF100 Ultra Flanger

Price paid: $ 60

Purchased from: Local shop

Sound — 4
This pedal has a serious sound problem: when using the MANUAL and specially the DEPTH knob, the oscilator flanges its own hiss and transforms it into saturation that distorts the tone on every pick. The distorted sound is fuzzy. I checked it out with both power supply and battery, and it seems to be a fault in the project itself, since some other reviewers noted and/or complained about the same thing. Those siren-like weird sounds are something exotic, and funny, but just as curious note. No practical use. Definitely, if you want a good Chorus, Flanger or Phaser, go away from these Behringer digital cheapos.

Overall Impression — 4
I had stopped playing guitar 20 years ago, since I had to sell my whole equipment, due to an economy plan that left me BROKE. The gear included a very good Brazilian made Les Paul guitar, Boss DF-2 and BF-2 and DigiTech PDS 2000. During that time I only played acoustic guitar and sometimes some friend's electric guitar. Now I decided to resume my "career", playing for fun and beer. In despite of this huge gap, I have trained ears, and I can still say if an effect is good quality or not. I tested UF-100 carefully, and it didn't pass. I returned that thing, gave a bit more and happily got a Onerr Hydrogen Flanger as a replace, an analog pedal, which sometimes reminds me of my dear BF-2. UF-100 is a complete failure. I bought it because I have an UD-100 Ultra Distortion, which is very decent. So I wanted to complete my setup with a matching pedal and I thought they would be kind of a perfect couple. My advice for the young: The Behringer drives and distortions are good things to begin with, and you can keep them, but run away from the modulation pedals. If you don't want frustration, spend a little more on good quality effects.

Reliability & Durability — 8
I didn't keep the flanger for long, but I can say it could last. I have an Ultra Distortion, which I bought used, with some minor scratches due to the old owner's abuses. It doesn't have any cracks, though. The Behringer pedals seem to be more resistant than they look like. There is a guy in You Tube that made an "abuse test" with a Behringer and it passed all the spanking and dropping. So I think this is one thing positive regarding Behringer stomp boxes.

Ease of Use — 5
This thing deceived me at a first look, since the knob names are the same as found in BF-2 Boss Flanger. The latter was my pedal 20 years ago, which I loved. However, any similarity ends up now. It was very hard to get any Chorus or Phaser-like sound from the UF-100, specially because the MANUAL and DEPTH knobs are useless. The 2-mode Switch doesn't help to get this thing easier to set up. Just adds more confusion. About the manual... One page doesn't say anything. Useless!

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    I'm a pedal maker. I bought this one just to satisfy my curiosity. The sound is great. I comperated it with lot of flangers and trust me its good. I bought it for about 16$ second hand. First I looked inside and I was kinda impressed. Forget that "cheap digital" bullshit. Its a PURE ANALOG pedal with the same IC-s inside what boss, ehx and other great names use. So dont be affraid to buy it. Cheap n good. The plastic case is really ugly but it worth it.
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    I´m back just to give a summary of what this pedal is: It CLIPS, it HISSES, it´s PURE CRAP. Enough said.
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    EpiExplorer wrote: Any flanger sounds the same.. usually.
    Not really. There are FLANGERS and flangers. UF-100 really distorted the tone using MANUAL and DEPTH knobs. A guy in Harmony Central said it could be tweaked if you used some trimpots inside it. But even if I knew then what a trimpot was, I wouldnt take the chance. I prefered returning it and get a much better one.
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    Maybe the Onerr is not really analog, but SOUNDS analog to me. Thats what matters. Its almost like a BF-2 with 1 less knob. I recommend.
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    Behringer has discontinued UF-100 and replaced it by UF-300. Maybe they have made something better quality this time. The advice is only 1: TEST BEFORE U BUY.
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    Are we talking about the same pedal? Maybe you are mixing it up with the UF-300. I listened to the UF-100 carefully before I returned it. Maybe mine was faulty.
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    Do you want to hear the problem I had with UF-100? Watch this video:
    The issue heard in Danelectros is the same I had with Behringers Ultra Flanger.
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    Now, the UF100 in its WORSE. Just a shame the guy is wasting his nice playing with this CRAP.
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    As seen clearly in the second video, the tone noticeably distorts, and good quality flangers like Boss, Digitech, MXR and EHX DONT DO THAT. Enough said.
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    Impression: Since Behringer pedals in USA are almost for free used, they are intended EXCLUSIVELY for noobs, to learn how an effects pedal works. The following video shows what Im talking about.
    Actually, the uf100 circuit is the same as Ibanez FL9 uses. Even the parts, and the IC's. Electricity is electricity, resistor is resistor. (= Btw... You cannot compare sounds in crap videos made with telephones n handcams. Trust me, all Behringer pedals are copys of good pedals. And good copys.
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    Sorry, Sancho, what you said is not what 90% of experienced players say about Behringer. They are only for noobs and except in places like in USA, where they are almost for free, Behringer pedals are a big waste of money.
    And yes, you can specify the sound with the trimpots inside to make it clear to your ear. Its sad that you dont even know whats a trimpot. :\
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    I didnt only know its English meaning. I have seen trimpots before. Anyway I prefer not to mess it up with electronic circuits... I was too upset for any other thing than having my money back...