US600 Ultra Shifter/Harmonist review by Behringer

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Ease of Use: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 6.4 (28 votes)
Behringer: US600 Ultra Shifter/Harmonist

Price paid: £ 30

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Sound — 8
I have crappy guitars and amp (classic Squier and MG combination) and this thing still sounds great. I use this pedal with my Big Muff, and the sound is fantastic. It is not a noisy pedal, although I have found that twisting a certain knob can cut all volume, and you will mute your guitar. As I have said, I can now mimick the Tom Morello and Matt Bellamy whammy sounds I was looking for.

Overall Impression — 10
This pedal perfectly matches the music I play. I am happy, as I bought it for a specific purpose, and it fullfills my expectations. I have been playing for 5 years, and I own a variety of other stomp boxes. This is one of my favourites. I suppose I would have avoided initial dissapointment, had I looked into buying a Roland EV-5, but I saved myself 40 quid, and this is no longer a problem. I would probably buy this again if it were stolen. With pitch shifters, you have the choice of the Boss PS-5, or the DigiTech Whammy IV. This pedal is nearly 100 cheaper than either of them, which to be honest, is why I bought it. I think this pedal is punching way above its weight in tone quality for the price. I suppose you don't always get what you pay for.

Reliability & Durability — 9
Honestly, I would feel comfortable going into a gig with this thing. It hasn't failed me yet, and I've had it nearly six months. I don't see this thing going wrong any time soon, and I don't feel insecure, just because it has a Behringer label on the box. I have three other Behringer pedals, and the plastic shell does not bother me. It won't break, as proved in various youtube videos (you can throw it across the room and it will be fine).

Ease of Use — 8
At first I was quite dissapointed with the pedal, as I did not buy an expression pedal. I was aiming at Tom Morello style whammy, and I had only tried the pitch shift setting (where an expression pedal is essential). But after fiddling with the various knobs, I found the tremolo arm setting. With a bit of delay, and a slow tremolo arm speed, I can get the two octave whammy sound I was looking for. The manual really only explains the functions of each setting in barely any detail. With the pedal doubling as a harmonising unit, the harmonist setting needs a lot of explaining, otherwise it will sound awful. The manual is not really sufficient.

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    olij92 wrote: "Big Muff" LOL!
    This guy knows nothing about pedals....
    Ekofu wrote: I've used some Behringer stuff before. Hated everything I tried.
    thats funny cause i have used lots of behringer stuff and loved everything i tried.. In fact I would say I go out of my way to purchase behringer equpiment because they tend to be fairly high quality for the budget. But you know -- its typical to knock the behringer line because of its low cost. If I may make an anology. Its like generic medicine -- for whatever reason people seem to think that the brand name medicince will always work better. These people are idiots -- but what do i know -- im only a pharmacist
    I've used some Behringer stuff before. Hated everything I tried.
    To me, if the gear is cheap as long as it is durable and does it's job really well then I will settle with it. I have tried both expensive boutique pedals and cheap gears and some expensive ones disappoints and some will really get the tone of your dream. The only advantage of the more expensive gear is that it's well built, more sturdier, has betterparts and casing unlike the mas produced stuff. However, it doesn't mean all mass produced gear will suck -it will just have some lemon unit. This Behringer US600 shifter does it job very well and has better signal tracking than the Boss PS-5. Go try one and then try the PS-5 before you say that this thing sucks! I can only agree that the plastic casing is a bit cheesy and whimsical unlike the Boss's die-cast casing. The Behringer costs 1/4 the price of a new Boss PS-5.
    Behringer may have had some terrible pedals when they first came out but i actually own a behringer dd600 that i use constantly (and i am talking about five or six shows a week its not sitting next to my rig in my basement) and sounds just as good as my guitarists Boss D-6. They actually have been coming out with some quality stuff (considering that most of their pedal schematics come directly from boss) you just need to be a little more careful with them because of the plastic casing. People are allowed their own opinions but the people who pick behringer will have the same sound with just a little more cash in their pockets. P.s. i am not usually someone who buys cheap stuff i have a 1300 dollar G&L L-2000 bass and a vintage peavey amplifier.
    Cous Cous =>
    I got one of these and its actually pretty good. The harmonist is pretty dissapointing though.
    I have a Behringer V-Amp pedal System. I know it's a different product, but all these people fighting about behringer, the pedal I have is good. Sure I don't use it too much, but it's easy to use and has a lot of features... And most importantly of all!!!!! It hasn't broken after a long time!
    Behringers are actually pretty great pedals for the price. I used to have a DD400 (traded for Boss DS-1), and it was sturdy as hell. Sound was just as good as a Boss delay, just some different settings and stuff.
    Captain Insano wrote: I don't care what a crappy YouTube video said. That pedal is going to crap out on you.
    Shortscalegear demos aren't crappy you giant tool. Behringer pedals are durable as ****, have you ever tried any? Don't just make assumptions based on biased sources.
    how do you laugh at the big muff? ive tried alot of fuzz/distortion pedals and the BM kills most of them (not all) i use one through 1973 Ampeg VT-22 and epiphone les paul w/Dimario super 2s, and i get Queens of the stone age type of tone, sick, sick, tone!
    Captain Insano wrote: I don't care what a crappy YouTube video said. That pedal is going to crap out on you.
    No it won't. You think you can speak for the whole Behringer production line? You are a moron. I know people who have had Boss pedals last less time than this thing will serve me for. You are just another idiot who will spew out whatever he reads in some elitist magazine.
    ^You are a huge twat are you not? I have tried the best pedals around in store, and this is just as good in sound quality as the Boss PS-5. Run along now, your tea is ready.
    looks awfully complicated.. id imagine the behrniger expression pedal is like what 20 so you could make a cheap whammy outta it
    joshgiesbrecht wrote: I have a Behringer V-Amp pedal System... Sure I don't use it too much, but...most importantly...It hasn't broken after a long time!
    Behringer gear is all crap. It's the bottom of the barrel. It's what some people buy when they don't know any better, don't want to know any better, or can't hear the difference when someone who knows better tells them it's shit. I'm glad the V-amp you rarely used has lasted so well. Obviously it's the exception to the rule ROFL