V-AMP 3 Virtual Amplification review by Behringer

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  • Sound: 3
  • Overall Impression: 3
  • Reliability & Durability: 1
  • Ease of Use: 1
  • Reviewer's score: 2 Junky
  • Users' score: 5.4 (16 votes)
Behringer: V-AMP 3 Virtual Amplification

Price paid: € 79

Purchased from: musifex.pt

Sound — 3
I am in a downlow in life, a country in shit, my setup was all sold to pay bills, and now I am trying to get back on the track, so I have only a B.C. Rich Flying V customized by me (horns removed from head). Love the feel of the guitar and sound. But not in the V AMP. The only good thing about this is the tuner, and the "British high gain" sound.

Overall Impression — 3
I play a genre that is evolving now in Finland a lot, a mix of metal, new metal with rock and gothlike moods. Baritone guitars. A bit "Type O Negative and HIM-ish!". I wish some one told me that V-AMP 3 is just V-AMP 2 painted red and with shinnyer knobs and ONE better distortion also. I seen a video online and it FINALLY seemed that some one brought back the true CHORUS sound (like Paradise Lost in "Draconian Times"), but no... Same old crappy chorus. I'm gonna try it with speaker bypass and other bypasses in rehearsal, maybe I'll change my mind from rating 1 to... 3... I wished that Behringer at least made the package as the V AMP 2, I would rather a footswitch then this crappy USB useless piece. No latency my a-s. Phones monitoring, my a-s!

Reliability & Durability — 1
I wouldn't use it IN A REHARSAL ROOM! I would use it on a gig as a TUNER... A big fat tuner only. And before the gig, not during, cause the f--kin thing is made for guitar players, and has nothing for your feet (your hands are busy with the guitar DUHHH!).

Ease of Use — 1
Well, it is pretty easy to get SOUND of it. Good sound, it is impossible. It's just plastic and weak digital crap. Sorry, but, I bought it today, hoping that I could get all into one: something to record with no latency (what a lie) at home, vocals, and guitar, just for a few notes, and this thing doesn't work for nothing. That useless UCA222 with RCA in... 4 RCA ins and outs!?! WTF!? What for? Why not a JACK IN and a JACK OUT? Why complicating? This crap is useless. Tried with a lot of softwares, nothing. Half a click latency. Always. Record, and have to adjust. It's all easy to do. But worthless.

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    I got this for really cheap in amazon, and at first i didn't like the sounds, specially the "metal amps", but a couple of days ago, i decided to give it a 2 chance. I plugged my LTD $250 guitar on it (not fancy pick ups), on to the clean channel of my Bugera amp (all knobs at 12), and throw my behringer to800 (screamer rip off) before the V-amp 3, and i gotta say, the Rectifier and the Savage Beast, with the cabinet number 10 (V-amp custom 2x12") sounded amazing. The "screamer" i set: drive at 9 o'clock, volume half the way, and tone around 1 o'clock. The trick is not to use more than 60% of the gain of the amp, and to be very careful with both the treble and presence controls, so the sound wont sound "hissy". Any way, my point is, for a cheap "amp sim", and a cheap "screamer" (you can get both products for around $120 bucks tops) you can get a variety of good sounds. Oh and the cleans sounds of the V-amp 3 are really good too.
    Bought one for $45 used, its not bad, I like some of the British amp models, effects are good, cab Sims suck but they can be turned off, don't care for it with direct recording, but fun for home practice, buy it used..
    Looking for link to V-amp Pro and V-amp3 editor software for windows. Behringers own pages are useless.
    for the voltage tu use .when you want to use another power supply please never over voltage it you look at the plug first you have two pins left and two pins right .ok use just 12 volts alternative on the left part and use another 12 volts alternative on the right side .the rectifers are build inside the effect card .the left part will be rectified inside and become +15vcc and - 15vcc the other side will give through four rectifiers the 9 volts cc regulated inside . its too easy . never us rectified power supply .mean with + and - .the amperage must be over 600 ma at least . good luck for you ive tried to find a solution on the net but this was never solved . i ve done it by my self aftre having studied the board in side and found that it does not even need to much material .you can just rewind any transformer having the primary working and find out the 12 or 13 till 15 volts at max .that will do fine .but never below 9 volts .bye .beware never touch the primary when doing .you know .
    Smart Patrol
    I know nobody is gonna read this, but I tell you: Behringer is something which is only worth if you live in a rich country (USA, EU). In poor countries like Brazil they are too expensive to be ranked as cost-effective. And besides you almost never resell it with good prices...
    Its way better than any POD. Behringer does very good devices in price-quality ratio. Just some idiot doing "review". I give it 9
    to use this appliance read the manual, and use programming is very easy, sounds are ok the only thing missing is the uvibe, rate 8.5