VD400 Vintage Delay Review

manufacturer: Behringer date: 01/20/2011 category: Guitar Effects

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Behringer: VD400 Vintage Delay
A simple yet amazing pedal, delivering true analogue delay and Vintage slap-back echo like an expensive boutique analog delay pedal.
 Sound: 9
 Overall Impression: 9
 Reliability & Durability: 9
 Ease of Use: 10
 Overall rating:
 Reviewer rating:
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overall: 9.3
VD400 Vintage Delay Reviewed by: unregistered, on january 20, 2011
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Price paid: $ 40

Ease of Use: A simple yet amazing pedal, delivering true analogue delay and Vintage slap-back echo like an expensive boutique analog delay pedal. It has 3 knobs, Repeat Rate (to adjust delay time), Echo (adjusts output level) and Intensity (adjusts the number of repetitions). Delay time is only 300ms but I guess this is just standard for an analog delay. // 10

Sound: I am using custom Stratocaster design guitars, and CV Squier 60's strat, using Vox amplifiers (AC15 & Pathfinder 15). I have also used this pedal on a Line 6 Spider IV 30 as well. This pedal delivers a warm sound comparable to Way Huge Aqua Puss. I have tried both and I couldn't tell much about the difference when I close my eyes. The 300ms delay time would be enough for my taste on an analog delay. For a pedal this cheap, I wouldn't ask anything more. // 9

Reliability & Durability: The pedal is made of plastic, but it is ABS plastic. The industrial grade plastic used in motorcycle helmets, construction helmets, junction boxes, etc. ABS plastic is supposed to be impact proof, and there have been times when I accidentally dropped one of my Behringer pedals but never cracked. My VD400 sits along with a Boss BD2 and Ibanez TS9 and another Behringer RV600 on my pedal board, and I have another 2 Behringer pedals on standby as back ups for my BD2 (a Blues OD BO100)and TS9 (a TO800). I haven't used batteries yet for the VD400 and it hasn't given me any problems so far. I am giving it a 9, coz nothing beats metal casing in terms of toughness, though I love the weight of my Behringer pedals (0.33kg/pedal). // 9

Overall Impression: We play blues and standard rock and roll and so far, haven't had a need for a much longer delay pedal, do the VD400 just suits my needs. If your budget is tight and you need a very good analog delay pedal, the Behringer VD400 is highly recommended. I would get another one if this pedal gets stolen or lost. I have compared this pedal side by side with some of the best or popular analog delay pedals, and the VD400 would definitely be a good contender amongst the other much popular and expensive brands. // 9

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