X V-AMP review by Behringer

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  • Sound: 6
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Ease of Use: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.8 Good
  • Users' score: 6.7 (120 votes)
Behringer: X V-AMP

Price paid: € 90

Purchased from: Musikbörsen

Sound — 6
When I baught the X-Vamp I used it with my Ibanez GAX30-BKN and my Behringer 15 watt V-tone amp, at that time I mainly just played in my home and had music as a freetime hobbie. I quickly realised that on the high gains on the "modern gain" channel it was unbelievable noisy. Though you can fix it through starting the noise gate, the only bad thing with that is that it ruins your sustain. One effect that I really like in this thing is the wah-wah, it sounds perfectly great, if I turn on just a little gain on the classic clean channel I can get good jimi hendrix sound and the use the Wah-Wah Pedal playing things like "voodoo child". if I turn the gain halway up on the black twin channel I can get kind of nice AC/DC sounds. with the modern gain/numetal gain channel I can get good metal sounds like for example Enter sandman. But the distortion channels on this should only be used for practicing, I think it is too noisy and (squarish) to be used for Live performance. Then you have all the effects too, I can just say that all of em sound totally awesome. If you activate the amp bypass channel you will amasingly not get any noisy feedback, so I would use the effects like the wah-wah and chorus for gigging. but the noise on the distortion channels is bugging the crap out of me, for that it has to be a 6. Good practicing device anyway.

Overall Impression — 8
I play rock, all types of metal and some experimental metal. Sometimes when I look for a new sound I can Pick up the X-Vamp and fiddle around with the effects 'til I find what I want. I have been playing for around three years now and have a small band with another guitarist. We relay on effects and drum machines to get our sounds. If I could use a time Machine to go 2 years back in time to when I baught this thing I would probably don't change anything except for buying a tube amp instead of sticking with the the crappy Behringer V-tone amp. If this thing was stolen I would probably go a little sad cause it is kind of a big part of my music story. But after I dried my tears I would have baught an even bigger FX station like the Line6 POD X3, as soon as I would have gotten som money to spend of course. But I wish it would have had a little less noise on the gain channels and not so (squarish) sound then it would have been perfect, it would had been the ultimate guitar effect. At least I think so. If your new to guiar and want an effect station with veratility then don't hesitate. go buy it.

Reliability & Durability — 9
When I first picked this thing out of the box I got a powerfull impression. though it is made in plastic it is anyway really well made, the plastic is thick and durable. I can stand on this thing with one foot and I weigh 82kg! but I have the tip on a tele jack trapped inside the guitar in jack, once when I pulled out the cable the tip of the cable stayed and it is pretty darn hard to get it out of there since the tele jacks are solidly built and can't be opened. So now I would never use this on a gig since I got a guitar cable tip in it. but otherwise I would not gig with it at all, it just doesnt't cut it in the sound category. But if I would have gigged with it I would not take a backup with me, it wont brake, it has proven that after 2 years of good service.

Ease of Use — 8
I baught this effect pedal about 2 years ago. It came in a nice box with lots of manuals in different languages. To get sound out of this thing isn't hard at all just plug it in and hear all the wonderful tones:P. Mainly the X V-AMP has a pedal for wah-wah and volume effects, it also has two foot buttons so you can Switch up and down between the different sounds. You get 8 different settings of amps featurin 2 different amps in each setting (the second amp model goes in when you turn the gain over half). Same thing on the FX, 4 settings but 8 effects. 2 settings on reverb but 4 types of reverb. Delay has 2 settings... you get the point... When I started to use the X-Vamp I were kind of lost in all effects, amp-models and so on. I had a really hard time navigating in it. but after dealing with this thing for a year I could get almost any type of sound I wanted out from it, but in the beginning you can get so frustrated that you almost want to smash it. I have not even dared to try using the tuner, I actually don't have any idea of how it works. I am going to give this an 8, it has a lot of features but it takes some time learning how to use them. Here the manuals doesn't help so much either.

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    Frusciante Fan
    I just bought this up in GP before heading back to town. I must say that its not the ebst pedal out there by far, but for the price (I paid $100)it's not too bad. I play many differents styles and id have to say that if you are buying it for heavy distortion, dont bother. The wah pedal is kinda crappy, but the effects arnt to bad at all.
    well i got this pedal and had it for atleast a year or 2 and it hasnt let me down at all i hav a behringer V tone guitar and the effectes boosted this guitar alot! i also have an esp mh 50 which has workes well with this effects pedal i aggree with the reviews XD