HT-Dual review by Blackstar

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Ease of Use: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.5 (43 votes)
Blackstar: HT-Dual

Price paid: € 150

Sound — 10
The sound that comes out of this pedal is amazing. It's very rich and has a real `character` to it, if you know what I mean. I am currently using this running into a Hughes And Kettner tube amp, playing on my Ibanez RG2620 and Schecter C-1 Hellraiser. This pedal features a variety of tones: Channel 1's Clean and Crunch modes and Channel 2's "Super" crunch and distortion. The ISF control "Takes your tone from USA to the UK and anywhere inbetween". Though turning the ISF control doesnt't't make a world of difference, you can hear a slight change in the character of your tone. Another cool addition is, next to the regular output, the Emulated output. This output allows you to connect directly into a mixing board of a computer, giving you a rich sound the same you would get as playing through a wall of tube amps. Since this pedal has two seperate channels, you have tons of different tones you can achieve. From 80's rock, to Blues, all the way up to the heaviest of metal. I just have to rate the sound of this amazing pedal a 10, because it has to be the most amazing stompbox I have ever heard.

Overall Impression — 10
I play anything from Blues to Death Metal, and I have to say this box fulfills my every needs. It's easy to operate, gives you a variety of tones and above all.. the tone is fat as hell. The price may be somewhat high for a stompbox, but remember it has 2 channels and a huge spectrum of tones. I've been playing for about 7 years now and I can imagine myself using this box for the rest of my life. If it were stolen I would definately buy this product again. It has everything you can wish for in a stompbox and more.

Reliability & Durability — 9
This dual stompbox is sturdy as hell, it has a aluminum casing and everything is mayhem-proof ( no plastic squishy bits ). The Valve (ECC83/12AX7) is behind a metal grille so it's safe as well. Another nice little add is the valve blacklight that's lit when you have the stompbox on. It is excellent reliability and durability-wise.

Ease of Use — 8
The Blackstar HT-Dual "Pure Valve Distortion" is very easy to use, as it has a straightforward design. A Gain control for both channels, 3band EQ, ISF (will come back tot this later)and a level control for both channels. The amount of gain you set the control to really influences the tone, so you can get a diverse set of tones out of this pedal. The manual that comes with it is very elaborate and also includes a few tone presets. Though of course it's up to you that find that tone that suits you best.

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    The lead guitarist in the band has an ENGL Blackmore Sig amp, I have a Peavey Valveking 100. The OD-channel on the Valveking is crap and I've tried several different dist.pedals before and been somewhat satisfied with the Digitech DF7 even though it always sounded a bit digital and flat. Bought the HT-DUAL and holy crap. It sounds almost like the ENGL amp now. Crackling like a thunderbolt and hits you in the chest like a kung-fu power palm.
    Its a 16v AC power supply. You'll have trouble powering this with anything other than the original power unit. This is definitely not a reason to not buy it though. Its a fantastic pedal.
    "This pedal can NOT do metal. It's great for blues and rock. Even Sabbath actually. You're not going to get any badass metal tones from it though as I discovered after paying 170 for one..." People say that about the HT series amps. I have to disagree. I think they have the perfect amount of gain for riffs, chords, rhythms, "cleans," etc.; if you want that extra edge, just kick in a TS808 or something. I bought this pedal because the HT amps sound so good. I get all the metal tones I need out of it - if you consider Dream Theater-type stuff metal.
    i am willing to say that this is the best pedal ive ever heard. and some guy was running it through a solid state peavey on youtube, and it sounded orgasmic!
    So isn't it a bitch to gig with? I use a Voodoo Lab Pedal Power to power my pedals, so will it be able to power this thing? Even though it uses a 16V power supply instead of 9V?
    This pedal can NOT do metal. It's great for blues and rock. Even Sabbath actually. You're not going to get any badass metal tones from it though as I discovered after paying 170 for one...
    You should have purchased the HT-Metal then bro. I thought that would have been obvious in the name. Pays to do a bit of research.
    I use this for metal bro... Just push it with Gain booster... it it will give you metal tone with NOT TOO MUCH Gain.. and it Good for your metal tone... and don't forget about equalizer pedal for tone shaping...
    All the Blackstar HT pedals have 2 tubes in them, but the second tube is completely inaccesible. Owned this pedal before when I was using a Marshall AVT150H and it sounded great. Considering getting one again to add an extra channel to my Laney LH50. I would also add that this pedal sounds S**T at bedroom volumes, you have to crank your amp up and it comes alive!
    ht dual use my 4 years every day without any problem witch or something, on the pitch, I also here about 10 boutique overdrive pedals, and the distortions ht dual sounds better that everyone who complains and why not know how to use or play,,,,
    i once thought about this pedal in combination with an ehx magnum 44 poweramp for backup. i think i'll do that if i gig more often, ht dual+ tc flashback + ehx magnum = possibly the most compact gigable rig if you have a cab with you anyways. i really like this pedal, it just sounds and feels like tube. and it's actually usable in a live situation. way better than those laughable "too-much-gain-without-mids-wannabe-bedroommetal pedals boss puts out.
    Believe me folks, I've tried tons of distorsion pedals through the years, I never found a better pedal than this one. I just love it, it's warm, delightful, versatile. I just could not believe my ears when I checked this one out for the first time. If u wanna feel a REAL distorsion, natural and warm, this is the only pedal you need!!! Fantastic!!!!!
    I have been using the HT-DUAL for over three years now. And I absolutely love it! Very very very versatile. I recently changed the tube for a sovtec tube. After beating the shit out of this pedal for over three years the tone was getting a little flat and thin. Changing the tube really opened up the sound again. And this for only 10 bucks.
    mariotyler wrote: So isn't it a bitch to gig with? I use a Voodoo Lab Pedal Power to power my pedals, so will it be able to power this thing? Even though it uses a 16V power supply instead of 9V?
    I'm pretty sure it actually comes with a 22v power supply. I was curious about this myself and researchsd it a little. Voodoo lab make a power supply apprently capable of running tube powered pedals. But the power 2 plus won't hack it. The pedal's transformer winds the 22 volts to 300 inside the unit. UNfortunately you'll have to make a power board part of your pedal board. Bam!
    Went to see Ozzie. His new guitar player Gus G (the dude is best) was playing Blackstars and he has his own signature dual pedal, which you or I can't get. This is the next best thing to a wall of Blackstars. dude, solid state cannot get the tube sound this thing provides. Feedback city, pick squeals are off the charts. Best thing I ever bought.
    I love this pedal. but does anyone have any good tones for lead, and green day/ my chem tones? besides te preset ones.
    I ordered it yesterday and it was delivered today. I love it! It's amazing and it's brilliant! BlackStar should get an award for it! 10/10!
    Just bought it last week : it's so cool with my Fender Jazzmaster and my Hot Dod Deluxe ! Very good product...
    I have played this in my local music store, and it sounds amazing. The tone is very warm and it is very versatile. I have played alot of other distortion/overdrive pedals, but this is by far my favourite. I find you don't get the 'hiss' like from other pedals, it just has a natural and full tone. As soon as I get the money this will be part of my rig. Eargasm material!
    i played this once on stage... i never had mi ears in properly so everything was very echo-ey BUT the tone on that ting is mad, by far the best.
    My friend looked at several different distortion (Boss, EHX, Visual Sound, Vox). One go on this and it blew him away. Gotta love tubes.
    I have just put one on order - I went to the shop with the intention of getting a Boss OS-2, they didn't have that in stock so I tried some other pedals - had a look at this reluctantly at first (due to it being rather pricey), but once I gave it a blast, I didn't look back
    Regarding the first review, im pretty sure this pedal only has 1 tube. and since one tube can not produce this amount of overdrive, id say alot of the overdrive is produced by solid state circuitry. i don't really even mind this. but some people might. just letting you know