DD-6 Digital Delay review by Boss

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Ease of Use: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (32 votes)
Boss: DD-6 Digital Delay

Price paid: $ 236.07

Purchased from: Sutton Music Store

Sound — 10
I'm using a Epiphone Les Paul Special 2 going through a DS-1, Ph-3, DD-6 and a Gorrila TubeCrunch amp and the pedal works great. only prob is that you may want to turn your distortion down, if you want to layer a clean melody of a distorted rythm. I have had no problems what so ever with this pedal, it still amazes me on how many options there is on the thing, and iv had it for half a year. Even though I mainly play heavy rock, Grunge, and alternative, you can get almost any style out of this thing, anyone whos into prog I highly recommend this, the reverse sounds just like King Crimson, the delay is 2112-esque, and if you love Sonic Youth, you can go wrong with this baby.

Overall Impression — 10
Even though I don't use it too much in my music, it's a great pedal for idea brewing. I find that when I use it on a song that it's normally at the breakdown or end to give a lingering to the sound, or as I said before to make a eerie cresendo sound. I love the pedal, the only issue I have is it's price, it's pretty expensive, only for people Who really want it really bad, but then the features make that up.

Reliability & Durability — 10
As this pedal is a Boss pedal you can expect the usual Boss longlife and tank like design, I'v beaten the hell out this pedal so many times and the only thing that's happened to it is that the rubber has got a bit dirty. I use a power adaptor with my pedals as I have 2 other Boss pedals, but have the battery inside just incase, it can be accessed via twisting the little thumb screw at the end, The battery hasn't run out yet.

Ease of Use — 9
This pedal is a God, my friend has a DD-3 and I fell in love with that, then oneday I got to have a go on its big brother, and it blew me away. There are 2 input and 2 output jacks on the sides to give it true stereo, and it's all housed in the Tough Boss chasis, so you know it'll take a beating well. As with most new Boss pedals the DD-6 has a tap tempo option. There are 4 blue knobs on the pedal: effect level which changes the mix of delay and source sound, feedback which changes how heavy each repitition is, delay time which changes how fast each repitition is and mode of which there is 7 (warp, hold, reverse, 80ms, 300ms, 800ms, 2600ms). I'l now explain the modes a little. Warp is a great mode for adding a cresendo kinda sound to your playing, when the effect is activated it has a normal delay sound but holding down the pedal makes the feedback and effect level rise means you get some pretty epic sound coming out of your amp. Hold, in this mode you hold down the pedal and record upto 5.2 seconds for a loop, if you exceed the time it still records so means you can add layer upon layer, this is good for making a backing band for yourself. Reverse is the mode that sold the pedal for me, it reverses what you play in! It's great for making some really odd solo's, riffs or just for mucking about. 80ms, very short delay, if you turn the delay time all the way down it makes the sound go a octave higher, so it's effectivly also an octave shifter. 300ms: Short delay, good for playing old school rock with delay. 800ms: Long delay, this is the one I use mainly. 2600ms: stupidly long delay, but great for building up a wall of sound. I found that with all the delay modes (80-2600ms) that twisting the delay time while it was activated made a really kool scratching sound kinda like vinyl, which would also be repeated in the next repitition, so you could also be a DJ. Now for packaging. The DD-6 comes in a blue topped Boss box, includes the product catalouge and other standard stuff, It comes with peel off stickers that explain the modes etc and a Manual, the manual is pretty intense, so best save it for a little bedtime reading if you wanna read it all. not that you need it, just experiment and find what you like.

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    I paid $199 CDN for it and I must say, worth every penny. It is the greatest pedal ever. Its so amazing what you can do with it and it is so ****ing small and mobile as well.
    straternator_1 wrote: is the DD-6 worth the money when compared to a DD-3? because im am thinking of buying a delay pedal, but the DD-6 costs A LOT more
    dd-6 is stereo, dd-3 is mono. also the dd-6 has reverse delay and hold (kind of like a 4 second looper)