DM-2W Waza Craft Delay review by Boss

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  • Ease of Use: 6
  • Sound: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.6 (7 votes)
Boss: DM-2W Waza Craft Delay

Price paid: € 168

Purchased from: Music Link Malta

Ease of Use — 6
The pedal is not the easiest pedal to dial in a tone, but once you get a right tone it sounds wonderful. The pedal has a buffered switch to switch the effect on and off. The DM-2W Delay features a toggle switch to choose between the 2 modes: Standard and Custom. The custom mode doubles the delay time at any rate setting, with a maximum lenght of 600ms instead of 300ms.

There are 3 control knobs: repeat rate; echo and intensity. The repeat rate controls the interval at which the repeats occur. The shortest delay time is found when the knob is turned clockwise. The Echo controls the delay volume and intensity controls the number of repeats.

I find that the knob labels are not really clear in what they do. To someone that never used a delay, the labels on the DD-3 are more obvious. I believe that DM-2 users would find this intuitive.

Sound — 10
This pedal sound blew me away the first time I tried it. The tone of the delays is perfect. They start off as a bit bright and as the delay decays it gets darker. Most modern analog delays are either too bright as they are trying to compete with digital delay units or too dark that seem to have no presence. this delay sits perfectly in between.

This pedal works from fast delay times such as slap back to longer ambient delays. It works well for clean rhythm work as much as for high gain lead playing. I have tried this with a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe and with a Marshall DSL40C and works with both. I plug it int before the preamp as I get most of my gain from pedals that are plugged before. This pedal compliments the Boss DD-3. I then to set the DD-3 with a slightly longer delay.

Reliability & Durability — 9
The pedal seems well built and with the extensive quality control of the Boss Waza Craft line I expect this pedal to be quite reliable. The pedal is encased in the standard Boss cast metal cases. In the Waza Craft line I would also expect that the pedal has upgraded components just as Boss claims to have improved the buffer for this range as they are more expensive then the standard range.

I have the pedal for over a year and it works perfectly but I take good care of my gear. The finish seems nice and it is actually quite pleasing.

Overall Impression — 8
The pedal is a great delay. I never liked an analog delay until I found this Boss DM-2W Waza Craft Delay. The tone on this pedal is inspiring. It works well with other pedals and it works with both my Fender and Marshall valve amplifiers.

I do not like that the delay time control is a rate. Thus, it makes the control inverted to what I am used to. Also, I think that this pedal lacks Modulation on the delayed repetitions as most of the other analog delays on the market have this feature. If Boss wanted to keep this pedal closer to the original at least this feature could have been included in the custom mode or have a 3rd mode.

Before buying this, I tried the MXR Carbon Copy, the Duncan Duncan Vapor Trail, the Electro-Harmonix Memory Boy and Memory Toy. Even though it lacks the Modulated repeats, the sound of this pedal is great. I had to have it!

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    just buy the carbon copy and call it a day
    If you aren't using an authentic tape delay you aren't trve analog.
    You guys use delay effects? Amateurs. I hire 20 guitarists who play the same exact thing I'm playing, each offset by a set delay, each at a progressively lower volume.
    You hire guitarists? Amateur. I clone myself on stage, each cloning process offset by a set delay, each at a progressively lower volume so it is being played EXACTLY as I did. Delay's and other guitarist just copy you. That's anything but authentic...
    I prefer the DM-2w over than the Carbon Copy. The CC is too dark.
    So how comes the user ratings aren't working any more? I just rated it 7 and it came up as 0. 0 isn't even an option technically.
    Thanks for your message - yes we know about that error - and now it finally fixed. Thank you again!
    I really enjoy my DM-2W. The two voicings give you two great sounding delays. I also think that it blends very well with my sound.