GT-100 Amp Effects Processor review by Boss

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  • Sound: 2
  • Overall Impression: 2
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Ease of Use: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 6 Neat
  • Users' score: 7.7 (18 votes)
Boss: GT-100 Amp Effects Processor

Price paid: $ 769

Sound — 2
Cheese. Not good cheese. Much closer to government cheese than any premium Brie. The sound that emanates from the GT-100 is stale, unprofessional and about 20 years behind. It kind of reminds me of my old DigiTech GSP 21 that I had as a kid. I will admit that the GT-100 sounds superior to its predecessor, the GT-10. However, sound is where the problem lies. It has a wide variety of cool effects, they just sound revolting. The delay quality is the only aspect of the Boss GT-100 saving this section of the review from getting a 1. I am surprised that this unit has garnered the amount of praise that it has. I understand how it could be fun for a beginner but not for this price.

Overall Impression — 2
I can't stand it. I think that it would be fun for a beginner at about 1/3 the price. For this price, it should sound much better! Like I stated earlier, for a brief moment, I think I stopped scowling at one of the delays but I don't see many redeeming qualities for the Boss GT-100.

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By Josh Hiken

Reliability & Durability — 10
Again, I must give credit where credit is due. This little mother is durable and built to last. I wouldn't be afraid to take it on the road, throw it off of a building or shoot it with flamethrower, put it in a case, lock it in the trunk of my car and then drive it off of a bridge. In fact, that's exactly what I would want to do after listening to its horrendous tones for any length of time. However, if your ears interpret tones in a manner that I refuse to understand, rest assured that this thing will probably outlive the cockroaches.

Ease of Use — 10
Well, it certainly is easy to use. It takes a couple of minutes to get the basics and might take a week to really master but you don't have to be Nikola Tesla to work the thing. It has 200 presets which are immediately accessible and the only real work is creating your own 200 programmable user memory slots. The redesigned user interface is an improvement for Boss. And... The power supply is a standard DC 9V and the knobs all basically do what they're labeled to do.

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    Multi-effects units such as this will always have their place, the form factor and value will always have appeal, it is crazy to consider otherwise. Furthermore, the technology to map the performance and tone of stomps and amps continues to evolve (case in point, Kemper Profiling Amp) Boss, Line6, Peavey, and others will continue to develop these technologies and they will get better. Are any of these as "good" as the real thing? No? Are they pretty damn good, absolutely. In the case of the GT-100 to say it is totally crap is 100% ignorant when you consider that the majority of effects in the unit are modeled Boss effects which we all know are standards on millions of rigs around the world. Why would Boss put in a crappy version of a their chorus, delay, flanger, phaser whatever so that you would never consider getting the pedal version at some stage? Come on...if you like individual boxes, so be it..this reviewer hated this unit and all like it before he bought it. If you can't get a decent tone out of this with the included amp sims or with effects only in the loop of your existing amp you should quit playing. The tone is in your hands.
    One of Karnivool's guitarists still uses his old GT-3 for effects - live. I'm guessing you play better than him and are in a more famous band (with a more demanding crowd)?
    IMHO, I think the days of the multi-effect pedals are dying...players nowadays are getting much aware of the different tonal qualities you can get from single stomp boxes...well, other than beginners who are on a budget...but in general, I think people are just not into these things anymore...I do still own the GT-8, but I might just sell it sometimes next year...
    Analog will always sound better then digital modeling, but to give the sound only 2 and talk trash about it like this is IMHO over-exagerating. My friend played this live through a Pa system and it sounded awesome, really convincing, only experienced guitar players could tell that this is in fact a digital multi-effect. I will stick with analog pedals and making pedal chains for my tone, but I would totally use multi-fx if I had, and I really do beleive that they have an excellent future, the modeling us getting more and more realistic and the practicality is just way better then stompboxes.
    Also, what about the Fractal Axe FX, the sounds fooled me. There are some extremely good multi effects units, but for the really convincing ones, you need to be paying upwards of 1000
    I also agree that analog will sound better but I am one that feels like if YOU DO IT RIGHT a Multi Effects can give you a great tone. Glenn Delaune has numerous videos out on the GT10 and several other Multi Effects and I see where he now has some out for the GT100. This guy is great with getting awesome tones. He also shows you the proper way to set them up with your amps. I own the GT 10 and I love it. Haven't tried the 100 yet myself. Check out Glenn (watch several of his videos)
    As far as Patches there are 100's of pre set Patches available to all Multi Effects online. I believe this site has several listed but if anyone is interested I can send you some of mine. I(I only have patches for the GT10 but can get ya to any other Multi Effects Patches)
    I dont get it. How can it be that the GT-10 has way greater reviews on ultimate-guitar than the GT-100?