GT-100 Amp Effects Processor Review

manufacturer: Boss date: 07/07/2014 category: Guitar Effects
Boss: GT-100 Amp Effects Processor
It has a wide variety of cool effects, they just sound revolting.
 Sound: 7.5
 Overall Impression: 7.7
 Reliability & Durability: 9
 Ease of Use: 9.2
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overall: 6
GT-100 Amp Effects Processor Reviewed by: SkinnyMusicTV, on november 29, 2012
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Price paid: $ 769

Ease of Use: Well, it certainly is easy to use. It takes a couple of minutes to get the basics and might take a week to really master but you don't have to be Nikola Tesla to work the thing. It has 200 presets which are immediately accessible and the only real work is creating your own 200 programmable user memory slots. The redesigned user interface is an improvement for Boss. And... The power supply is a standard DC 9V and the knobs all basically do what they're labeled to do. // 10

Sound: Cheese. Not good cheese. Much closer to government cheese than any premium Brie. The sound that emanates from the GT-100 is stale, unprofessional and about 20 years behind. It kind of reminds me of my old DigiTech GSP 21 that I had as a kid. I will admit that the GT-100 sounds superior to its predecessor, the GT-10. However, sound is where the problem lies. It has a wide variety of cool effects, they just sound revolting. The delay quality is the only aspect of the Boss GT-100 saving this section of the review from getting a 1. I am surprised that this unit has garnered the amount of praise that it has. I understand how it could be fun for a beginner but not for this price. // 2

Reliability & Durability: Again, I must give credit where credit is due. This little mother is durable and built to last. I wouldn't be afraid to take it on the road, throw it off of a building or shoot it with flamethrower, put it in a case, lock it in the trunk of my car and then drive it off of a bridge. In fact, that's exactly what I would want to do after listening to its horrendous tones for any length of time. However, if your ears interpret tones in a manner that I refuse to understand, rest assured that this thing will probably outlive the cockroaches. // 10

Overall Impression: I can't stand it. I think that it would be fun for a beginner at about 1/3 the price. For this price, it should sound much better! Like I stated earlier, for a brief moment, I think I stopped scowling at one of the delays but I don't see many redeeming qualities for the Boss GT-100.

By Josh Hiken // 2

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overall: 6.8
GT-100 Amp Effects Processor Reviewed by: bostonvolvo, on january 25, 2013
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Purchased from: Bharat Musical, New Delhi, India

Ease of Use: The Boss GT-100 is certainly a great Guitar multi effects processor, amazing sound quality, very easy to use, sound/patch editing is exceptionally easy, BUT YES ITS NOT A BEGINNER PROCESSOR, you will have to have some basic idea about sounds and effects before you understand, the basic functionality of this unit. The Manual that came with the product, I would say I did not find it very comfortable as each page it takes you it tells you to refer to another, then go to another page, then go to an another page, hahahahahahaaaa, so that's a bit irritating at times, but let me tell you if you have some basic ideas about guitar processors, you will not need a manual to operate this system other then just to understand few basics which you need to know before operating any gadget. But I recommend to download the GT-100 parameters document from the web. Well to be honest I have not used the unit with an USB yet neither though I plan to but I guess I am happy with the firmware settings that came with product.(lets make life easy... hahahahahahaha). To sum up in this section the unit is very very very easy to use, and you always have the option to use the EZ-Tone feature. Which is very good even you can edit sounds in EZ-Tone section. // 8

Sound: Well at present I am far away from my home using a Kramer Guitar connected to a small home Amp without any effect, the GT-100 even gives you option to choose an amp, in the setting module which is again an add on here. It is noisy on some settings, however I am sure that is guitar specific, cannot hold a processor responsible for that all the time. I could get the sound of Gary Moore from preset "FEEDBACK CONTROL" I guess its P-24, bank 2, I use that preset to play "The Loner" by Gary Moore. Even I created a patch to play "shine on your crazy diamond", so lots of effects man, I can tell you that... BOSS has really reloaded the unit with so many many many parameters, but yes guyz I am not sure though but if you are a kind of player who believes in ready made patches and not much into twiking this unit can be a bit un-easy for you. (Totally my personal opinion - cannot be generalised). Something that amazed me is the manual mode where each padel can be used as different stompboxes, and over all the processor has knob based editing which gives a great feeling, other then just giving buttons all over its always ease of use to dial a tone. // 7

Reliability & Durability: It is build like a tank, however here I have a concern the accel control and the looper but has started giving a sqweek sound when you release the padel same with the bank padel number 4 and I am sure all the foot switches are going to give that sqweek sound slowly and graduelly, well no bad sounds come from the amplifier though but whenever I realese those buttons I get a sound like a mice inside the switch (like chu. Chu), but I guess it is not to worry untill any unwanted sound comes from the amplifier, may be most of all will not notice that sound when you are playing in high volume... But my concern is the unit is three months old andi was not expecting this so early. // 4

Overall Impression: I am playing guitar from the last 15 years, and into clean blues, rock blues, bit of metal blues and lots of classic rock stuff. Well Boss always stands ahead when it comes to guitar effects, so I bought the product without having any question on my mind, one of my friend bought a ME70, which is good too. Something that Boss could have incorporated here is at least a 60 second looper which even Zoom G5 is giving, which comes half the price of the GT-100, NO drum machine, again the Zoom G5 has this feature, the GT-100 gives I guess 19 seconds og looping in sterio and 32 seconds in mono. You cannot connect a bass guitar, I am not sure but I guess you can do this with the Line 6 HD500. (Correct me if I am wrong here), but for sure its not with the GT-100. But overall if you ask me guyz I will give the Boss GT-100, 8 out of 10, I cannot say it will suit every musical style or artist but I am happy with the product as most of the time I play my own stuff. Since I am an Indian, I also play many Hindi Songs for that in many songs I use my old DigiTech RP-80, to get the kind of chorus and Phaser feel in Indian song. (I know some of you you may think why I connect my DigiTech RP-80, with my Boss GT-100, as the RP is a baby in front of the gt, but I have some good Indian tones set in the RP which I like to use. To conclude I will say what ever I have written here, it's a very very personal experience. I would suggest based on your choice you go out in the market try different products and simply don't make your purchasing decision based on reviews on the net as "as every guitar player is unique and requirements are unique" something which works for me may or may not work for you... So try, feel and then purchase... Good Luck. // 8

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overall: 9.3
GT-100 Amp Effects Processor Reviewed by: homeslice1479, on march 14, 2013
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Price paid: $ 549.99

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Ease of Use: The GT-100 absolutely shines here. I give it top marks, even though I am an experienced GT-10 user who upgraded, and there are a good many similarities with the user interface. Despite this, I think that a new user could Pick this thing up very easily. The manual has been simplified a little, and the "Getting Started" and "Making Sounds" sections are very easy to follow. A HUGE improvement over the GT-10 is the addition of the second screen. Even though the amount of screen only doubled, it feels like they fit three times as much info on them, due to the handy page buttons right underneath. The individual effects buttons are gone; they have been incorporated into the screens and are adjustable via the EIGHT knobs. I love the knobs; they make it easy to make changes of any kind. The Effects screen is where you change both your effect settings AND the chain order, and is very easy to use. Now to my favorite part: Manual Mode. Which is glorious. GT-10 owners should know about this (I hope). Manual Mode allows you to disable the standard functions of the pedal switches (temporarily) and set them to literally whatever you want. With the GT-100, every patch can enter manual mode simply by pressing both Bank pedals at the same time (exit the same way). That easy. And you have virtually unlimited control of your patch. Add in the "Assign 1-8" feature and you can make any of the pedals do anything, and any number of things. And if overkill is your thing, you can go out and get some external Boss footswitches (like me) to give yourself even more options. Because this is America. Overall, Boss hit a home run with this one. It is SO intuitive that even my grandma (who doesn't know what e-mail is) could Pick it up. It's an absolute blast to use. // 10

Sound: My set-up: an Epiphone Custom Pro (w/ splittable pups) and a Fender Blues Jr NOS (the tweed one). I use all Monster cables, if you care. Sound: Awesome. Not perfect, but awesome and VERY versatile. I actually signed up for an UG account after reading the other reviews that blasted the sounds of the GT-100, basically just to write this review and defend it. I love just about everything to do with the sounds. If you're a perfectionist like me, you can really dial in a sweet tone by first initializing a user patch (deleting everything on it) and starting from scratch. The presets are nice, but I feel you can get better sounds yourself, which is what any self-respecting artist searching for their own sound would do in the first place. Anyways, the digital pedals are solid. Compression, OD/DS, reverb, delay, chorus, EQ; all of these have more parameters than you might care for to tweak so you can really dial in your own custom tone. Don't know where to start? Pull up one of the preset effect settings, and go from there. And they SOUND GOOD. I have no idea why the other reviews hate the sounds so much. There are a few gimmicky things that I don't think quite hit the mark, but the vast majority of the sounds, and all your basic guitar pedal necessities, sound great. Amp modeling, all the effects, they are really, really solid. You could probably get a better sound with individual pedals, but to get HALF the capabilities of this unit you'd have to spend well over $5, 000, and lug around a ludicrous amount of gear. Plus, you wouldn't have nearly the control over the patches that the GT-100 offers. I will clue you in to the bad: some of the more "out there" effects available in the FX-1 and FX-2 options don't sound all that great, and neither do some of the Accel pedal options (plus I wish the Accel stuff had more tweakability). The defretter, some of the modulators, the harmonist, and a few others all sound either really digital (in a bad way), or just not very good in general. Thankfully, they're in the bottom 5% of what you're going to use this unit for, plus they're still passable with some tweaking. A TIP: if you don't like a particular sound, try moving some of your effects around in the chain, and utilize the awesome A/B switching. So you have the good and the bad. A conservative number on my part would be that 80% of this thing's sounds are really solid, and included in that 80% are about 95% of what you're going to be using most of the time anyways. Overall, I am extremely happy with the sounds and I am confident you will too. // 8

Reliability & Durability: It's typical Boss. It's like they got a hold of a decommissioned tank, took it apart and made the casing for this thing out of the plate armor. It's ridiculously durable and will easily stand up to even the most abusive foot stomping. Literally everything about it feels completely solid; nothing moves, wiggles, or gives even the slightest cause for concern. Have a problem with crazed fans jumping up on stage with you? Pick up your GT-100, assume a batting stance, and gently remove them from your stage by sending them flying halfway into the crowd. They're in the hospital, your GT-100 is completely unscathed, and your fans now adore you even more. Does it need a backup? I'll put it this way: it IS my backup in a fight. // 10

Overall Impression: I play jazz, classic rock, fusion, heavy rock, CCM and some classical, and this thing covers all my bases with ease. I've been using the GT-10B with my bass for about four years, and this thing is better (for guitar) in almost every way. It's very easy to use, the capabilities are endless, it sounds great, it's built like a tank, and is sure to give you hours and hours of enjoyment, both in practice and performance. I highly recommend this unit; I traded/returned all my compacts to Pick this up and I do not regret that decision for a second. I should have bought this in the first place! // 9

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overall: 10
GT-100 Amp Effects Processor Reviewed by: mik2468, on august 26, 2013
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Price paid: £ 275

Purchased from: Ebay

Ease of Use: Have had a lot of Boss multi effects and is easy to use only thing I would of preferred would to have effect on off buttons like GT5 and GT10 but the dual screen is a big help. The manual gives basic ish instructions which is fine. Patches are easy to edit as all is on screen one then parameters on other screen. Have not heard of any firmware but don't normally update pedals anyway. You can also according to manual set the eight rotary knobs to do different things which again you can customise to your liking and there is so much more it does that I have not looked at yet like twin channels and plucking harder to get different channels etc. // 10

Sound: I use a '70s strat with Kinman blues pickups which I think are superb and make the guitar with what ever wood and maple neck sound just how I want a strat to sound.I also use a Roland jc120 which again I really like. I have read a lot about the GT100 and YouTube clips which sound not so good and it gets mixed reviews which some a little unfair, a lot of people plug in and go through presets and say it sounds pants but its like anything you need to play with it. I always start by plugging guitar into amp then through the processor and match the sound with master eq and this pedal is pretty much same sound as amp hardly any colour then make sure effects are in proper order and leave the amp speaker sim off well for front of amp connection anyway, now I have found this unit by far has best Overdrive sounds very natural and you will need to set up bass and treble to your liking and don't forget the bottom setting on next page makes a huge difference. So the more you put into it the more you get out of it but very easy to get sound, the compressor is very good as are all the delays again play with the treble and bass cut offs on next page and you really can get anything you want. So in a nut shell by far the best multi effects Boss pedal I have had big improvement and a keeper, I bought a GT5 and GT10 as well as this GT100 to find best one to keep so done direct comparison with most of settings so try not to listen to people who just try presets and try for two days and send back give it a good go you won't be disappointed and glad I bought all three to see how much better it was and hope this review helps some people wanting to get or try one. // 10

Reliability & Durability: Only had two weeks but its Boss swear by them had Boss for 35 years never let me down hope I have not spoke to soon ha ha, it's built very well and all metal and quite weighty and very sturdy. It also has metal lead inputs so won't stop working if you stand on them. Would not need a back up for this as Boss is very reliable and this should be no different. The power supply is the plug in cable type which is handy when fitting in tight carrying bag case etc. Switches and buttons all feel firm and built to last. // 10

Overall Impression: I used to play in a function band for years so had to get all sorts of different sounds and this unit gets all my sounds I need from country to blues pop funk the lot can't speak highly enough of this unit. Only other thing that would of been nice would of been another ctl pedal instead of looper pedal but that's my opinion as to me more useful live but you can plug another two in back and the line input is also good for practicing to music while headphones on nice touch and useful. So after 40 years of playing think I am there and again Kinman Blues pickups really bought my old dad's strat alive which means a lot to me thanks for reading good luck. // 10

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overall: 9.5
GT-100 Amp Effects Processor Reviewed by: decreebass, on january 20, 2014
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Price paid: $ 60

Purchased from: Craigslist (some trades too)

Ease of Use: I had my rig set up within 30 minutes with a perfect clean patch (using the amp control and my own amp's clean channel) and a dirt patch (again; using my own amp's OD channel) - and this is with ZERO GT experience. Granted, I've used MFX before, but never Boss GT. So it's pretty easy and fun to explore. There's so many parameters and controls and assignments that I'm sure I'll either never explore or won't get to for some time, but this thing is wonderful, versatile, and fantastic sounding.

I haven't begun to explore the amp models, but I didn't buy this for the amp models. I bought it for the effects to use in conjunction with my Mesa rather than having a crap-ton of individual effects and a spaghetti-mess of patch cables and power cables. I have actually even eliminated my amp's native 8-button footswitch with this thing! I CAN still use it if I want, but since all I ever use it for is to switch between channels 1 and 3, why bother?

Fellow musicians, as a long-time Line 6 fanboy and a guy who can't justify the expense of an Axe Fx II, I remain in the mid-grade effects market - The POD HD500 is wonderful - in some ways superior to this unit (XLR outs, being able to assign multiple effects in any combination of on/bypass to a single footswitch, to name a few) but as far as tone, versatility, construction... This is one to get! Feel free to email/PM me with any specific questions or leave your comments below.  

(P. S. I can admit that perhaps some of my thrill with this unit is that I got it for such a good deal - a few pedals and $60 - not almost $800 like some people have paid or the nearly $600 it still costs new. The guy I got it from bought it but then found out that his family had bought the same thing for him for Xmas so he needed to get rid of his. It was still new in the box!) // 10

Sound: After owning the POD HD500, this thing is right in the same neighborhood as far as sound quality goes. The first guy who was revolted by this thing's tone obviously didn't give it a fair shake - or maybe he didn't have his rig set up right. The first section in the manual tells you how to set the unit up based on your rig.

I'm using the 4CM with my Mesa/Boogie Mark V - and the amp control function allows me to switch amp channels with patch changes! Brilliant!

It was not difficult to initialize a patch and build my tones to work with my Mark V: basically I have a patch for my OD channel that has a Tubescreamer in front of it and a delay and chorus after it. It has several noise suppressors that you can use, but I have them all turned off and I'm not getting any noise...


I felt it was important to mention that since that's one of my main concerns with MFX pedals - they're getting better nowadays, but most still aren't perfect. This one is darn close. // 9

Reliability & Durability: No issues here. Boss consistently makes heavy-duty pieces of guitar gear. Never have to worry about the switches, knobs, jacks... Just plain solid and sturdy. The box that it comes in is great - I'm sure I'll use it to transport it for several years unless I find a nice case. There are no fragile buttons on this like on the Pod - all buttons are sturdy and recessed and knobs are solid digital encoders so no chance of turning them too far and damaging the unit. The main output knob does have a finite throw though, but it too is darn sturdy. These are the same footswitches (it seems) that Roland/Boss has been using for years. Why fix (change) something that's not broken? // 10

Overall Impression: I play mostly prog rock so I don't always need a ton of tones, but I need good, clear, in-you-face tones. I need versatility. I need options and to be able to tweak parameters. This thing comes through in spades! Almost any footswitch can be assigned to almost any effect, function, parameter - even tap tempo, various looper functions; anything you can think of, this thing can do - ESPECIALLY if you get additional footswitches. I basically traded a few pedals I wasn't using and $60 bucks for this; I have rarely been as satisfied with a purchase in the music world as I am about this. 

I give it a 9 based on the somewhat clunkiness of trying to use the looper in a fully decked out patch; while you can assign looper functions to any of the pedals, you're gonna want some of those pedals for turning various effects on/off, changing amp paths, banking up/down, tuner/metronome, manual/patch settings, etc. etc. etc. So... To try to squeeze looper pedals on there too becomes cumbersome, and, while you CAN operate the looper with just the one switch, it's much easier if you have at least two. You could theoretically set your patch exactly the way you want it and use four pedals for the looper, which I guess would work too... See? This thing is so versatile, I can't stop thinking of new ways to use it! Now I must get the additional footswitches and expression pedal! // 9

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overall: 8.5
GT-100 Amp Effects Processor Reviewed by: pammiwhammi, on july 07, 2014
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Price paid: $ 549

Purchased from: Sweetwater

Ease of Use: It's a good thing they've finally managed to get the user interface down to where anyone who has ever used any sort of multi-effects box can just figure it out, because the manual for this is not very good, and not in the almost comical, poorly translated Boss manuals of old way either. This manual tries too hard to explain how to do things, taking 200 words where they only really need 50. It should be "in order to do X, press button Y and turn knob Z" and instead its like Boss uses their own terms for things that no one else uses, and then tries to explain backwards from their poorly chosen terminology.

I upgraded the firmware to version 2.0. The Bogner amp model is very, very good... Not so happy about losing 6 seconds off the looper time though. All this aside, it's very easy to get good sounds out of it if you just disregard all the factory presets and just program them from scratch. // 7

Sound: I play progressive rock, fusion jazz and improv. I've had this unit for 2 months now and it suits my playing. I'm using a Steinberger and a Digitech Whammy 5 in addition to a DOD fx 17 wah into (depending on the gig/practice) the return loop of a Gallien Krueger MLS solid state 1x12 amp; the return loop of a Carvin X100B tube amp with 4x12 cabinet; direct into the mixer for recording. It's important to set the output setting on the GT100 to match what you're playing through or it will sound bad. The compressors are good, the amp modeling is spectacular (I A/B-d this with a POD HD 500, the afore-mentioned Carvin X100B and recorded the results and several folks with lots of experience could not tell which was the tube amp and which was the Boss.) so much so that I got rid of my POD HD500, which sounded cheap and plastic by comparison. The chorus, flanger, phaser, delays and reverbs are all above average. The pitch shifting is merely good, which is why I have the Whammy 5. Also, oddly, the wah models in the GT100 are awful to my ears; I could not get a decent sounding wah out of them no matter which one I used or what settings I tried. Considering the routing options, effects loop, MIDI ports and overall above-average effects, not to mention those amazing amp models I can forgive the lousy wah. With few exceptions if there is I tone I need the GT100 can deliver it. I was actually nervous about getting the GT100; my last Boss product was the GT6, which I remember as being pretty bad, but after two months I can say the GT100 is a winner. // 9

Reliability & Durability: This thing could be dropped from a highway overpass, run over by a truck, used as home plate for a Tigers game and used as patch for one of our potholes here and it would probably still work. It's solid metal; nothing about it feels cheap. Typical Boss stuff. It could probably have beer spilled on it and still work, but I'm not going to do that deliberately. Having used some of their competitors' products that were made of plastic or had cheaply made parts (The Digitech GNX3 comes to mind here) it's nice to have something that sounds good enough to cover most situations either live or in the studio and not have to worry about the case cracking or knobs getting knocked off or expression pedals falling off (thanks a lot, Vox). // 10

Overall Impression: I've been playing for a long time and have played through dozens of different amps, effect boxes, DI boxes, PODs, etc. The GT100 is maybe not as compact or lightweight as it could be, but I also feel like I could take it out and gig in really bad bars with it for a few years with no problems. If it were stolen/lost I'd probably get another one. Nothing else has the durability combined with the double LCD screens which make it super easy to read on dark stages. I hate the wah in it; I love the amp models and flanger. I compared this to a POD HD500 and for tone, ergonomics, readability this beat the POD by a long long way IMO. On the POD I was also always running out of memory, not so on the Boss. I wish you could activate the looper on it with a single foot-press instead of having to wait 2 seconds for it to load. Also, the Accel pedal IS adjustable, you just have to dive into the not-very well written manual and learn how; very glad it is, too, because if Boss had saddled us with an Accel pedal that only did their default selections for it I'd have sent it back, great amp models or no. The "Twist" feature is especially laughable. // 8

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