GT-10 Guitar Effects Processor review by Boss

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Ease of Use: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8 (237 votes)
Boss: GT-10 Guitar Effects Processor

Price paid: $ 520

Sound — 10
I am using this unit with a small Stranger practice amp and a high end pair of head phones. The effects are awesome.9 effects can be used simuntaneously with two c rows of effects for the preamp thing I would like to mention here is when I tested this unit with POD X3 Live, XT Live and DigiTech RP 500, this unit had the most royal sound in any category whether it's distortion, clean channels, wah, flanger or delay. I usually play Thrash metal, classic rock and some new stuff. You can select from 39 preamp types and chose the speaker you are playing it in and the mic distance and mic type, which combined can give you any sound possible on earth. You select the Boss Metal amp on the pre amp list, get slight reverb on it, adjust the eq and you can get the Megadeth sound. Similarly the Marshall hi gain amps, the rectifier amps and the Mesa Boogie amps sound awesome. The unit is quite noiseless thanks to the nosie gate, the inital made patches can be a bit noisy depending upon what setup you use. I can easily get the Megadeth type of sound, Maiden, Metallica, Skid ROW, ACDC, GNR sound, are the sounds I tried yet and they are very convincingly perfect. This is where you begin to believe that it's worth d money. Talking about the overdrives and distortions, Boss GT-10 provides 25 great distortions and overdrives covering the wide range of sounds and they are awesome.some mind blowing od/ds types are Metal Zone, Boss ds-1 and natural od. Delays, 6 types of Wah and 34 types of awesome effects including auto riff(play one note n gt 10 will play the rest for u!) 2*2 chorus and harmonist cant be defined in words. One more thing worth mentioning and which I always missed in G2\.1U is the Acoustic guitar simulator. Boss has done an unbelievable bit of work in this respect and beliieve me the Acoustic sounds are great.

Overall Impression — 10
Ok so here comes the Comparing part. See the most difficult comparison was between GT-10 and Line 6 POD X3 Live which took me around an hour playing both the units and comparing...which is very easy to decide if u concentrate on the wah, pre amp and distorion and overdirve sounds. GT-10 takes the lead with wah being way more better than POD X3 Live and pre amp n distortions being better in quality. Reverb and Chorus are sound same quality and depth wise in both the units. DigiTech RP 500 impressed me a lot for is price and the quality of effects.atleast 200 $ cheaper than GT-10 or x3 Live but had a really good sound and effect types. So if you r short on money RP 500 is the unit for u. And I rejected the Boss GT-8 because of the simple reason that I was getting an updated unit for just 70$ more. ALL in all whether you want to use it for the studio or for gigs or doesn't matter if you are a simple guitar player Who jus wants to play for fun n nothing else... This unit is a POWER HOUSE..n POWER HOUSE Provides power not only to itself but to everything that is within the range of it. HOPE U GOT WOT I MEAN. PEACE

Reliability & Durability — 10
This thing,as other reviews have mentioned is bulid like a tank. Solid Metal body cool and birght LEDs and very nice LCD screen. Don't try throwing it from a 2 storey high building but you can throw it from a 1 storey high building and tek it to a gig... It will work... Atleats this much am sure. Using it in a gig without a back up is sumthing I can do without thinking twice.

Ease of Use — 9
I know there r a lot of reviews already present on GT-10 but am writing one because it might be useful for those people Who WANT A COMPARISON between GT-10 and other processors. I have a friend's shop where for 3 hrs I tested the GT-10, Line 6 POD X3 Live, Line 6 POD XT Live, DigiTech RP-500 and Boss GT-8. The comparison is done one the 'overall impression'column. This unit is basically very eaqsy to usewhen it comes to a normal sound creator like me whose only experiences of creating the sound was from my last guitar pedal Zoom G2.1u and suprisingly it took me 3 days which is the same amount of time it took me to understand G2\.1U although GT-10 is a massive powerhouse and G2\.1U was an effects processor with 1/10 of total effects on the GT-10. Editing patches is the easiest of all.there are different switches namely compressor, preamp, overdrive/distortion etc available which when lighted shows that the particular effect is in basically you want a delay free patch just double tap the delay Switch to unlight it and that's it. The manual is also very informative and its a promise if you go thru it jus once you ll b able to tame this beast to ur like.

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    A lot of people give low marks because they don't understand how it works. It should be plugged in an amp's input ONLY for OD/DS, WAH and COMP effects. For PREAMPS, DELAY, CHORUS, REVERB etc... it should be plugged into the Return FX loop, or use the 4CM method. Obviously the output must be set accordingly. DON'T USE PREAMPS IN FRONT OF AN AMP!!!! It won't work!!! I know it's pretty obvious, but for many don't. This is NOT for the casual player. It's an advanced tool for engineers, like me If u want simple things, stick to stomp boxes. If u want thmost technological and best sounding floor processor, this is it.
    ashrr213 wrote: this or the pod x3 i play mostly alternative to hardcore
    gt 10 my review
    Forgot too mention in my review that the GT-10 has a built in looper, these are worth at least $100+, just another reson why to buy the GT-10!
    Just got it in the mail today. I've used this thing for only 2 hours in a jam with my band this afternoon.....I use it for metal .....but you can make any sound you want with this... I took 5 MINUTES TO MAKE THIS SETUP... Found a Heavy sounding but clear distortion messed with the eq a little( which is a good eq)the distortion... sounds better than any combo of different tube amps dist. or any pedals. metal zone tube screamer blah blah even older boss models ive used, line 6 digitech ect.) (I mean tons of freaking amps and pedals tubes n blah blah I have no money because of gear obsession haha.) Stomp of a button and i have a lead mid boost for solos to climb over the other guitars sound a of that (using the wah pedal{which sounds better than my cry baby does!}) Stomp the next one and i have some delay or wah effects for solos on top of the boosted mids distortion (using the wah pedal for the wah effect{which sounds better than my cry baby does!}and a set delay.. blah blah) It sounds way better than all my pedals ever could have haha. way too good. no hum or buz when i mute the strings. so many good distortions... had 2 leave the jam after 2 hours or so and left it with my gear at the jam space. but yeah easy 2 set up if u have half a brain. and sounds better than anything i have used in 15 years of constantly buying new gear for better sound. Makes me angry to have made such a good sound in 5 minutes that i was looking for in 15 years hahahah. For all you tube lovers. im one of you haha and yeah yeah but this kicks ass. i still use yubes.. but this things distortions are way 2 good. gona be able to havea genuine and sick sound for every solo i have with this hah. the LOOP STATION IS WICKED! stays in time n its easy 2 use. first try i made up random riff for a couple bars than clicked the button again. and start soloing to that riff ... endless things to do with this feature... Plus dont you hate it when a noise supresor takes out some of your highs or u have like like 10 little cords all ur pedals r hooked up with sucking your sound away or you have so many power sources for pedals blah blah blah. its just better than anything ive used its big bit smaller than i thought.. probably gona be worth it to build a plywood box around this with disatachable lid .its tough already though. but before that im going to move my amp stacks home tomorrow and probably wont leave the house for a good 2 days to program all my settings i want for it than bak to the jam space to see what this beast can really do. im gona try n push my other guitar player to get this 2 haha but im no salesman. this thing sold me... Grow your hair, bang your head , buy Exodus and Testament albums and dont be a god damn poser...100% Thrash for life
    does this thing have a whammy pedal incorporated? im 95% sure of getting this for christmas
    ^ Yes. The expression pedal can be used for various functions, such as volume, wah and whammy. It can actually control about any function in the pedalboard, such as preamp gain, delay time, ... anything, basically.
    I have been thinking about getting a GT 10 for a while now. I currently use a Digitech RP 350 which is ok for most of what I use it for. The only reason I want to upgrade is that I use the delay quite a lot and the band tend do get frustrated waiting for me to calculate the conversion of milliseconds to BPM. My questions are 1. Will the tap delay on the GT10 solve this issue (can you change delay tampo on the fly with an assigned pedal and will it sync with the loop)? 2. Will I get much of an improvement in sound with the GT 10 rather than the RP 350? I would appreciate any feedback as this is a big investment and I really only play as a hobby.
    Shor-T Zero
    Heya CambE. To answer your first question, yes, it should. You can also set the delay to BPM. I haven't delved into the delay too much, as when I use it, it is only to add sound, rather than be an integral part to the song. To answer your second question, it depends on how you use the GT-10. If you want great amp sims, then the upgraded digitech 355 and up might be want you want. They have a tap tempo function, I believe. The GT-10's are alright, but not for high gain. It takes a crap load of editing in order to get a GREAT sound. However, for effects, the GT-10 is going to offer much better sounds. Plus, you can switch where things go in signal chain, and that can really shape your tone. Look into the GT-10, but check out some tohers, since this one is still pricey. Hope it helps.
    Being playing about 10 years, just metal. Just so people know the Zoom flogs this, tube in and out is unbeatable, 2 pedals + Z pedal is awesome, All metal switches and input insted of the bosses cheap plastic is better to. And it's half the price. I own both the Zoom G9 and the Boss and there both good but Zoom has out done themselves with the best multi-efx pedal known to man. To be fair, here's what I like about the boss - Easy to use, the phrase trainer. Thats about it, get a zoom and taste the tube...
    Mad Marius
    The problem with this unit is not that it doesn't sound good, but that it's competition, namely the Vox Tonelab, sounds better and is cheaper.
    i own a peavey envoy 110 transtube amp and need a pedal upgrade seeing as my zoom G2.1u is starting to get a bit old. i was thinking of upgrading to this one or the pod x3 live. which would be better for my amp type?
    should i use an (AC voltage regulator) with the gt-10 coz sometimes it doesnt perform right and all lights in the buttons flashes at the same time.and i dont know if its because of electric current or the unit has something wrong with it.
    Is this thing worth getting to put in front of my mesa to replace my pedal board? I won't be using it for gain at all really just for effects on top of the tone from my amp. I'm getting sick of tapdancing over my pedals at certain points during songs (when a solo kicks in for example). Will the gt-10 solve this issue?
    If this is so great, how come the users rating is in the mid 7's. Was thinkin bout gettin this but now not so sure?
    Trust me this is as good as it gets, well nearly. I told my guitar tutor and he was super jelous- I had the GT-10. If rob marcello, and all the other guys say it rocks and hundreds of others including myself say so, it does! Boss has cetainly after all the time spent on this unit definely got it right. The best way to optimise the tone is to ensure the master volume is set down low (1/4 of the way up) on the GT-10 and turn up the volume on the amp as loud until you get desirable volume, NOT vise versa. This will give the tone more air too breath, metaphorically speaking.