GT-10 Guitar Effects Processor review by Boss

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  • Sound: 6
  • Overall Impression: 6
  • Reliability & Durability: 5
  • Ease of Use: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 6 Neat
  • Users' score: 8 (237 votes)
Boss: GT-10 Guitar Effects Processor

Price paid: $ 721

Purchased from: Music club

Sound — 6
Well its a f--king pedalboard what did you expect in the stage the only 2 things that matters are distortion and clean and most of the pedalboards just fail in the distortion and the GT 10 is not the exception the distortion is just too digital it has not life but that just my taste but there are many guy like that just that way but I dont but the clean is decent to say at last and the others effects does not really matter in the real life but most of they are ok I am not a big fan from the digital sound effects but there are a couple of patch pretty insane and cool that I made so its just ok the sound. You got to thing in this if you are going to buy any pedalboard NEVER NEVER use it in a tube amp it just kill the sound the biggest mistake in my entire life was to put the GT 10 trough and Peavey Valveking head it sounded horrible I was performance in a local bar and then put the GT 10 trough the Peavey and instant dead to the distortion sounded horrible in general at last to my taste a pedalboard sound a lot a lot better though a solid state amp that is why I have both I have a Peavy Valveking head and a Marshall JVM 210H that its just like a dream come true but I also have a Randall RX120H it was my first stack amp so it have a special place in my heart and it pretty good but the equipment that I use with the GT 10 its the Randall and a Ibanez RG320FM with a DiMarzio Super 2 in the neck and a X2N in the bridge and I just love the sound from that combo.

Overall Impression — 6
Well it pretty solid but I would not use it on live because this things are not build to uses in a stage many thing can go wrong with a pedalboard in the stage from a little mistake in push the wrong footswitch to have chose the wrong patch so I don't use it much in the stage but in home or in the studio well that's complete history. If you are like my you wont regret from your buy however you wont use it too much in the stage I use the GT 10 for fun in home or some crazy effects in the studio with the 8 years that I have being playing I know what is the point of most of the stuff but sometimes the companies sell you some things that does not work for what they tell you as example the pedalboards they are great for have fun and good for the studio but when it come to the stage they just don't work overall a good product to have too many hours of fun and many more for covers I expect this review can help you to some thing reader.

Reliability & Durability — 5
Well it pretty solid but I would not use it on live because this things are not build to uses in a stage many thing can go wrong with a pedalboard in the stage from a little mistake in push the wrong footswitch to have chose the wrong patch so I don't use it much in the stage but in home or in the studio well that's complete history but yeah overall I think this tank can take some abuse and some falls but I can't depend on it.

Ease of Use — 7
Well I am going to start to say this thing its pretty hard to use at first. I am going to tell you the reader a little history about never never trust a seller no matter how friends you are because this happened to me. I went to my favorite music store here in Mexico decide to buy the gt 10 so I ask to a guy that I know for about 5 years to show me the gt 10 so he go for the biggest box I have seen for a pedalboard he take the gt 10 from the box and connected and I was like omfg so I play a little bit with it in the store I seemed pretty cool a bunch of cool features and at the moment it looks easy to use because it was use it trough the factory presets and the guy said "this is one of the easiest pedalboard to use" so I bought it but when I come to my home happened this. All was cool I even read the owners manual well just the basic so I plugged in and everything was alright but when I try to make my own patch I screwup many factory patches I had own this pedalboard for about a month and still a little hard to use I had read the manual like 5 times but to make your own patch it just too complete but also too complicated well that was the history about never trust a seller but here comes the real review. Well being serious this thing going to be f--king hard to use at the begin but to be honest guy this happen in every top notch pedalboard so its just question of time to use to the pedalboard it just take about a week (if you read the manual) otherwise I would take you like a month but if are like me and you like to make a patch for every part from a song as example: "Fade To Black" (1st solo), "Fade To Black" (clean guitar), "Fade To Black" (ending solo) etc. It would be annoying sometimes but you can deal with it. But the reason that it deserves a solid 7 its because this pedalboard game some great features about the patch I mean you can't past the 200 patch in just a few seconds with the pad.and also you can get your very very own sound in just a few minutes (if you have the manual right next to you).

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    all these canned reviews should be removed. I just picked up one used for $195 I'd give it an 8/10. Good effects but one needs a degree in electronics engineering to figure it out. you are paying a lot for most features you'll never use. This unit could be $200 new if they simplified it to do what 95% of guitarists will use it for. Get a used one but pass on any of these new. the get 'old' real fast and lose their value
    mitchell.minami : Does this pedal allow for manual tone modelling, as opposed to the EZ Tone? I like to do my own modelling, thank you.
    EZ tone is for the inexperienced non-rocket scientist. It allows you to tweak everything. My favorite feature are the assignable CTL pedals. They turn on/off multiple functions at once. For example, you can switch from amp A to B, turn off chorus, turn on delay, and add OD all with the tap of one CTL pedal. Or you can assign it to go into manual mode, or turn on the tuner, or set the tap tempo....and it has 2 CTL pedals btw, making each patch extremely customizable. Only negative is that the foot pedal is too sensitive. When I want to turn up the volume, the wah comes on. When I want to use the wah, the volume goes up and down.
    Just got the pedal and I find it really easy to use! I'm not a technophobe but if there's too much to remember then I'm in trouble! However even I can programme this unit! Most of the tones ate pretty good... nice clean sounds and a fair whack of crunchy dirty sounds too! The acoustic sounds are first rate! I play a start thru mine and I'm quite impressed with the sounds the pedal gives! I haven't yet tried it thru my PA desk which I use on my solo gigs (I don't have a stage amp!) but it sounds well thru my 15W amp at home! As posted by someone else on here the lights are somewhat dazzling and the size of the unit is a bit big but it's very sturdy and looks to be hard wearing for all the stomping! 8/10 I'd say!
    All the high mark reviews are very well deserved...this pedal is amazing. I would just say to those in doubt, all the high end ratings i've read are spot on to what i've experienced, but i would add the following: I like to play some ambient rock stuff too, and for ambient swells the GT-10's pedal was triggering too quickly for recording, and i was actually thinking of using an external pedal for wah or swells...but this amazing pedal actually has settings to adjust every aspect of the wah pedal trigger. This pedal allows you to do anything you want, this pedal plus it's incredibly user friendly manual will impress anyone...i would think. The one stupid negative i would give is the over bright buttons...that's it, other than that it's a 10(so 9.9)
    WATCH YOUR SETUP, AND BE NOT AFRAID, YOUNG PADAWAN: Just bought this a few days ago, and after some initial disappointment, I'm falling in love. I think much of that initial let-down had simply to do with my initial setup of the unit. Through my Crate gx-130c, the stock "preset" patches sounded like shit. There were some good chorus-y clean tones, but I didn't really find one distortion I liked, and many of the sounds just seemed too tinny, or noisy, unclear and useless. I flipped through like 30 banks and didn't like more than a handful of patches. I finally plugged in some headphones and everything sounded much better, which made me realize what the problem might be. I now believe much of this was due to the pre-amp on the unit fighting with my amp's pre-amp, I tried going through the amp's effects loop, and have avoided using the pre-amp on the unit and having better results. Also be sure to specify your output device if you're not using the JC-120 it's set to by default. Anyway, having just bought it, I didn't want to launch directly into programming and setup options, I just wanted to play and see what it could do! But, once I finally fixed the issues and set it up for my amp, things sounded far better. And, I'm happy to report that despite the nearly endless level of customization available, on the whole, this unit is MUCH easier to tweak than my old ME-30 multi-FX. You can go as deep or basic as you want in adjusting effect settings...The different display options let you make basic changes in a wysiwyg-style interface with knobs, or go into list view and change even the most minute technical parameters. Once I got into it, it only took me a couple minutes to dial in a bone-shatteringly crunchy, but crystal clear distortion tone. It makes me feel like Thor, god of thunder! The point is, this thing is easily capable of creating a galaxy of mint tones, so don't despair if you don't like what you're hearing when you first plug it in! Just make sure it's setup for your gear, avoid dueling pre-amps, and don't be afraid to experiment with tweaking things to your liking. It's as easy as clicking an effect, turning some knobs, and double tapping "write." Happy strumming!