GT-6 Guitar Effects Processor Review

manufacturer: Boss date: 07/05/2011 category: Guitar Effects
Boss: GT-6 Guitar Effects Processor
The most advanced COSM modeling engine ever created-complete with 30 amp models, plus all-new COSM Distortion/Overdrive Pedal Modeling and Wah Modeling.
 Sound: 9
 Overall Impression: 9.4
 Reliability & Durability: 9.2
 Ease of Use: 8.4
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overall: 7.5
GT-6 Guitar Effects Processor Reviewed by: twistedJESTER, on february 02, 2006
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Price paid: $ 319.89

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Ease of Use: This thing is awesome. I have been playing for about nine months now, both various kinds of metal and some '60s "new ageish" folk/metal (thats right, combined) stuff and this thing can do it all and then more. It can play any style you want, metal, country, folk, punl, classic rock, or anything you can think up of on your own. It has everything you would ever need, distortion, chorus, reverb, delay, phaser, flanger, wah, tremelo, vibrato, it just goes on and on. It also has a freakin' sweet system where you can model amps, like a driven stack or oldschool blues tube amp. The version I bought didn't come with an owners manual, which is crappy due the bigillion functions this thing has. So I fixed that by downloading the manual off the internet at and did a search for the owners manual, and got it right then and there. Now I don't know if that was just me, but I wrote that down just in case. Also I sould note that thy discontinued the GT6 and came out with the GT8 for $399 or $499, not really sure, but would try to get my hands on this bad boy before it goes away. // 8

Sound: Right now I am playing an Ibanez RG 321, which was great for its price, and a 15 watt Crate, but I plan to get a Fender FM212 100 watt soon, just need the money. It can have some unwanted feedback when you combine too many of the electronic features, or push teh volume too much directly on the system, but thats what the master volume knob is for on the amp. But if you don't get effects happy or push the system too hard, it sounds pretty good. But I can still get a hell of alot better distortion out of my Line 6 UberMetal petal, but that thing is top of the line hardcore. Other than that, the sound of the effects are pretty good. Also, it has a MIDI hook-up, and if you have a MIDI bank on your computer, you can get some crazy sounds like a piano or a squeeling pig if you have it. And if you don't its easy to get from a google search. // 7

Reliability & Durability: I have not found anything wrong with it, and it is made out of mostly metal, with rugged pedals and knobs. I have droped it once on soncrete for arms length, and survived just fine. I haven't done a show with it due to the absence of being in a full fleged band, but it is defiently up to the task, without a backup, to due any show you throw at it. // 7

Overall Impression: I play hippie/metal, but it would suit any guitar player out there, and does just fine from my crazy styles I randomly come up with like a flanged acoustic (very space rock) or a simple classic Overdrive with a fast slicer. I really hoped it came with an accutual owners manual, because the computer version is hard to follow and read. I love all the functions, but I don't like the distortion feature, I think that they could have doen better. I would bust a cap if it got stolen, and would try to replace it any way possible, but it is expensive (for good reason). // 8

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overall: 9
GT-6 Guitar Effects Processor Reviewed by: unregistered, on january 15, 2004
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Price paid: $ 412

Purchased from: Music Retailer Outside the U.S.

Ease of Use: When you unpack the GT-6 it surprises you, the presets are awesome and the sound is speechless, when you star to make your own patches you have to be carefull, all the effects has it own way to set it up. When you grab a preset patch and start to editing there are many ways to start from the preamp to the reverb, when you get the hang of it, the patches will sound more professional, but be patience!!! // 6

Sound: The sounds like I said before are GREAT, you can make any sound you want, from a mellow distortion to a trash metal attack!!! The preamps are great, the Jc120 sounds good and the Twin Clean sounds great with some chorus or a 2x2 chorus you'll never miss on effects, the newest effects are the defretter and the uni-v, are pretty cool. It has many effects divided in two blocks the Fx-1 and Fx-2, also the chorus, reverb and delay has it own button and they are sepparated from the blocks. The Chain effect can be setup what ever you want to, and each patch has its own chain effect. // 10

Reliability & Durability: Its a Boss, built Like A Rock!!! // 10

Overall Impression: Like everything in life is not perfect, it has its flaws and one of them is the Compressor/Limiter is inside the Fx-1 block and it cant be use when using another fx-1 effect, let's say in a patch you are using the tremolo then you cant use the compressor at the same time. That is the only complain I have with the unit. Besides that the unit is perfect! // 10

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overall: 9.8
GT-6 Guitar Effects Processor Reviewed by: unregistered, on february 03, 2006
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Price paid: $ 395

Purchased from: Tom Lee Music

Ease of Use: Well when I first got my GT-6 I was kinda confused. eg it came with no manual, but I was still able to get all the sounds out of it, was really easy just I couldn't figure out how to save my patches. After about 2 hours I figured out how to save my presets, then I went more in depth. You can queek every part of the sound, my fave so far is the custom wah, however; it comes with 5 wah setting already. I haven't upgraded yet, overall easy to use and good sounding. // 10

Sound: My Les Paul runs into my gt6 then into either of my amps. Usualy just use my Kustom 30R with itm but I have used it on my 5150 as well sounds asume on both. It does have some feeback, but only with extremly high gain/distortion, e.g. 100% gain on Red Reactifed setting with 100% preamp gain and 100% OD/distortion boost. Though that is an insaine amout of distorion it is kinda noisy at that setting however setting the Anti-Feedbacker in FX-1 will get rid of most of the noise. All the effects sound awsome, I have never like digital FX before but this changed my mind. One song I got it for was Dream Theater's Glass Prison. Though I had to make a custom Wah setting I did (after about 40 minutes) get it bassicly perfect. An amazing list of effect, too many for me to remeber. // 9

Reliability & Durability: I have had no problem with it, it has a Solid Steel case probly weighs like 25 pounds. I'll give you this example, I kicked it, hitting my little toe on the corner of the pedal, broke my toe and cut the end of it off pedal didn't even move. Hvae used at gigs ever since I figured out how to same patches never failed me. // 10

Overall Impression: I play metal, jazz, blues and prog rock, no complaints. Been playing 2-3 years. I have my Les Paul Studio, LTD Exand AX-400's, Deluexe Players Strat. I have my Peavy 5150 Full Stack and Kustom 30R. I only iwhc I had bought this thing before. I would replace it but probly get the GT-8 not the GT-6 just has even more stuff. I love it sound and hate that it killed my little toe. As I have said I love the wah the most. I have used soem didgitec pedals but this thing owns them all. I wish I had a Jackson RRV but that's about all. // 10

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overall: 9
GT-6 Guitar Effects Processor Reviewed by: bigREDgrin, on february 17, 2009
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Ease of Use: Factory presets are good starting points. A 'quick' read through the manual along with working the somewhat intuitive knobs and controls can get a person started making great sounds pretty quick. Editing patches is very easy once a person gets behind the logic of the programmers. Have not been able to figure out how to store settings for different types of delays, for example. That's not quite obvious or well documented in the manual... // 8

Sound: Sound quality is pretty good. Amp and cabinet emulations get pretty close to the intended sounds. There will never be anything quite like plugging directly into a Vintage amp, but this unit gets pretty close. The GT-6 is a fairly quiet unit, decent reverbs, chorus, delays, and the pallet of other effects that one would expect from a multifunction effects unit. I use this unit with a 1963 Fender Showman, an early 90's Crate Classic 30, and plugged straight into the PA, depending on the need. I've used it in church settings as well as Live concert settings, with great success. The output mode enables a person to select what the GT-6 is plugged into, and tailors the output sound a bit depending on what is selected (PA, combo amp, JC-120, etc. are some of the 'output' options). While it's more 'stuff' to carry around, I occasionally will plug the guitar first into a tube preamp (an ART device with a 12AX7) just to warm things up a bit before running through the GT-6. That helps the sound a bit, but honestly, most listeners would probably not be able to tell the difference, so splitting hairs is mainly for the person that can appreciate what real tubes can do for the sound. One more thing - it really does make a difference when high-quality cables are used. Don't buy the cheap stuff - all the high end and some of the punch goes away... // 9

Reliability & Durability: I assume if you're reading this, you've at least seen the GT6 before. Made from some Solid Metal, probably steel. It's a monster. I can depend on it, I do depend on it, and the only problem is when the drummer isn't playing, and decides to walk round, but accidentally steps on one of the leads going into it, pulling it out. But generally, not everyone has a dim drummer to do so. But yeah. If this thing broke, I doubt I'd believe it. // 10

Overall Impression: I play metal and classical, classic rock and it has never failed me. I have been playing for 5 years and have had it for 4. B\.C\. Rich, Ibanez, Dean, Epiphone guitars, Dunlop Wah, MXR and Boss effects besides this pedal. I wish I had asked if there was another version coming out in like six months after I got mine. I would get the GT-8 model instead because it seems like it's more versatile but I can't complain about his one. I wish I could use multiple FX-1 or FX-2 effects like compressor and vibrato or for instance Uni V and phaser at the same time. Although my favorite feature is the effects swell. // 9

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overall: 9.8
GT-6 Guitar Effects Processor Reviewed by: shredfester1, on july 05, 2011
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Ease of Use: This unit is great. I play in a progressive rock band, and I needed something very versatile. I had a pedalboard, but many songs require adjusting my delay pedal, the reverb holy grail, and chorus between songs, which meant stooping down and moving knobs. The GT-6 has presets, and can name presets, and tweek to my liking. I got the GT-6 yesterday, no manual. Its a simple pedal to use, I already have 8 presets dialed in and named them too. I was suprised how easy it was to use. Find your sound and push write twice. Watch the screen when you push FX1 or FX2, push it again to change it to on or off. I use this with a tweed Peavey Classic 50 and this combo with the GT6 sounds mean, and the Acoustic sounds are VERY nice. The cabinet settings: a knob that goes from 1x10, 1x12, 2x12, 4x12, 8x12 gets deeper the bigger you go. 1x10 very trebly, 8x12 very deep. The synth sound is great, a friend played some Chuck Mangione with this setting, freaking great. Many many effects, just tinker with it and you'll find out how easy it is to master. I traded a pedalboard for this and am extremely happy. I bought a twin tube Zoom 9.2tt and returned it after 3 days. That thing sucks, the sounds are UN-useable, the thing is hard to adjust, I was pissed the whole time trying to find a sound I liked. Stick with the Boss GT-6. No manual. Easy to edit. Probably will never hook it up to my computer. The sounds are great, but I would anyone with this to run it through a tube amp, and run it through the clean channel. The tubes give it warmth, and the sounds are believeable, not processed sounding. Any questions? // 10

Sound: EASY to use, but you have to get your hands dirty, and put the manual down. The effects are pretty endless, the moron that I got this from only used delays, so he probably didn't get theuse out of it, that he could've. Shoulda Woulda Coulda. Too late now, I'm all over this thing like a pitbull on a poodle. EASY TO USE! // 10

Reliability & Durability: Built like a tank, the footswitches seem very durable. I will take this one the road for damn certain. I play with a major band that you have heard of, and played SNL, Conan O Brien, Fuel and Spike TV and would feel comfortable bringing this to all those gigs, ozzfest and Warped tour without thinking twice. // 9

Overall Impression: Killer, awesome, unreal, I would definitely get another one. I'm endorsed with ESP, Dunlop, Mesa Boogie. I play Peaveys amps, because they simply sound better. Got a TripleXXX, and Classic 50 4x10, I use the GT-6 with the Classic 50. Great, freaking great! // 10

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