GT-8 Guitar Effects Processor review by Boss

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Ease of Use: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.1 (365 votes)
Boss: GT-8 Guitar Effects Processor

Price paid: $ 256.2

Purchased from: Ebay

Sound — 10
Cort M500 -> GT-8 -> DigiTech Whammy (in the FX loop of the GT-8) -> 2 sub CTL pedals -> Marshall MG250DFX. I have yet to find a sound, tone or effect of an artist that I can't accurately replicate, with sufficient amounts of tweaking. With the touch of a pedal I can go from clean funk tones through to the likes of killswitch engage and bring me the horizon. Occasionally on very high gain setting there can be some background noise, but all you need to do is turn up the noise suppressor and no more fizz. The tones you can get from the GT-8 really is excellent, even if your not great at writing a patch from scratch with the use of a relatively cheap midi to usb cable you can download patches from sites like The sounds are, obviously with a unit of this type, what your after and this provides amazing versatility in sound and great control. Everything I think I could need.

Overall Impression — 10
I play everything, blues to Death Metal, and the gt8 can do them all. Literally a tap of a Switch and you can go from rich clean tones to distorted heavy metal riffing in seconds. it really could suit any style. I've been playing for over seven years. This is the first multi effects board I've bought and I really did my research on it and all the competition, it's really an amazing piece of kit that suits me down to the ground. For a while I was considering the POD XT, which I decided against as the version with foot peddles it is a lot more money and also the distortions seemed very 'fizzy' I also considered the Zoom G9 which looks really nice, but honestly I'm not sure if it was much more than the shell that attracted me. The GT-8 shone above the competition with outstanding reviews, the amount it can do and the amazing sounds that can be accessed. I love the versatility of it. The amount of effects and ability to assign anything from effects to amp channels on switches, the exp pedal or just how hard you pick. I really can't stress how much I love this bit of kit. It's just amazing. I would definitely get another one if it were stolen. I will be backing up my patches too soon using a midi cable so if it were, I'd still have all my tones saved. I was very lucky to get it off eBay from a seller who wouldn't mail it, so that really reduced the number of bidders. To get it for 140 was really an amazing deal. The day before picking up I went into my local guitar store and had a play on one and just as soon as I'd played trough two patches I could tell it was for me. It's just perfect. Overall it is an amazing piece of equipment that, for me at least, is everything I need for home use, recording and most importantly on stage! However it could use a usb port. That's about it though!

Reliability & Durability — 10
It's solid metal and nice and heavy, all in all a very reliable, and definitely durable piece of kit. The only thing that I would consider getting a back up for is the power supply as a stomp in the wrong pace could be fatal. I would definitely gig without backup.

Ease of Use — 9
After reading a lot of reviews I was very surprised to find how easy it was to get a good sound! A lot of the presets sounded very dull with my set up but there were a few that really sounded awesome. Starting a new patch is simple and as long as you're like me and enjoy fiddling about with sounds then you'll be able to get whatever sound you like out of it. Although I wouldn't advise it for beginners, you have to have some basic knowledge about guitar sounds and amp settings to be able to get started. It's really simple to both write new patches and edit the existing ones to create some amazing tones. The manual is alright. Although it can be a bit complex and hard to follow, but if your confused just go to the forums on and you'll get all the help you need there. All in all it's just a lot of fun to create really great sounds.

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    Now i'm not the best guitarist, but i've tried this pedal though a plain clean channel, and the tone it hgave me was in creadible. I fell in love with it and am trying to get the money together to buy it.
    The built in fx, such as the distortion pedals, are one dimensional, but the pre-amp / amp modeller section is awesome. I get my sound out through this (doom metal). The effects are better on clean sounds, which can sound pant wettingly awesome with a bit of commitment and fiddling!
    the digital out is for recording to a PC or multi track recorder, by no WAY is it a headphone jack!!!
    THIS PEDAL IS THE BEST I'VE EVER TRIED i bought it a few months ago and ITS AMAZING but, its a little hard to understand how it works at the beginning
    Danis1 wrote: haha, the first review took a whole section (the sound section) off the BOSS site.
    oops, i meant the 4th review!
    i'm getting one, but now i'm not sure because i've got a really cheap amp (peavey rage 158) and i'm scared that it wouldn't bring it.
    pls help me i have problem with my gt-8 i can't hear my guitar the only way to hear it is to press the pedal and that is strange and i can't understand why could any one help me?????