GT-Pro Guitar Effects Processor review by Boss

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  • Ease of Use: 6
  • Sound: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7 (4 votes)
Boss: GT-Pro Guitar Effects Processor

Price paid: $ 260

Purchased from: Second hand

Ease of Use — 6
The ease of use on the Boss GT-Pro is kind of complicated, especially if you're not a known Boss pedal and effect user. I've used Boss pedals as long as I've been playing the guitar, but of course the GT-Pro is a lot more different from a standard Boss pedal. Operating the GT-Pro fully will require reading the manual at least 5-10 times, just to get the basic features properly set and figured out. Once you get familiar with the front and rear panel you'll be able to scroll through all the fantastic and great sounding effects. Also, if you know what sound(s) you're after, then your search/quest for the right tone/sound will be quickly made. 

Editing patches is actually quite easy, because all the effects in the GT-Pro is displayed on the front panel and by pressing it one time for on and two times for off you'll be able to control the settings. As far as the manual goes I would say that it could have been a little more specific on some of the topics. I ran into a couple of problems and questions, which I couldn't find in the manual, so I contacted Boss/Roland via mail. It was quick, helpful and made me get right back to playing with the GT-Pro. I give this a total 6 in Ease of Use because og the little confusing user-surface at first, but once you've read the manual, played with it and edited some patches, then you'll get the hang of it! Great multi/rack effect!

Sound — 10
The sound of the effects in the Boss GT-Pro is excellent and really outstanding. Before I bought it I read a lot on forums and from reviews. I also watched som good videos on YouTube and that really convinced me that I had to own this piece of equipment! Overall the Boss GT-Pro suits my style of playing and my style of music. I mostly play rock, pop, ballads, '80s, '90s and more modern music - and for that it's great. I use the Boss GT-Pro on my two amplifiers, a Marshall MG100DFX and a Hiwatt MaxVerb G200R HD, with my Epiphone Les Paul Slash Gold Top and Tradition Strat - the sound from each of these amplifiers and guitars really make all my efforts and playing worth it! 

Everything from overdrive to chorus to reverb sounds amazing and really compliments the sound and tone of my playing. The "quick settings" makes it easy to find a sound, if you're not quite sure of how to set the wanted effect. I do not find the GT-Pro noisy at all and with the built-in Noise Supressor there's no problem at all. From the GT-Pro you'll be able to get a wide variety of sounds - everything from blues, jazz, rock, pop, ballads, heavy - you name it! It will make all your wishes and thoughts come true. A full sounding and beautiful effects unit.

Reliability & Durability — 10
There's no doubt about that the GT-Pro will withstand both live playing, practicing and rehearsal - it's built like all the well-known Boss pedals; like a tank with some solid components. Hardware, knobs and display is sturdy and will last a long time, when kept in a rack-case or something like that. As soon as I get all my sounds up and running then I'll be using it on my gigs with my band. I think it's going to be really great. Overall, I will say, everything about the GT-Pro is well made and beautifully designed. It's compact and doesn't take much space up. It's probably the same size as a standard pedalboard. It's a 2 unit rack effect.

Overall Impression — 9
My overall impression with the Boss GT-Pro is absolutely great and something I'm really glad that I went and bought. For the styles of music I play I find the Boss GT-Pro fantastic and great sounding. It gives me everything I could possibly need. I've been playing guitar for almost 14 years now and, compared to some of the other effects I've owned and used, I will say that the GT-Pro is the most complicated but also greatest sounding - alongside the GT-10 and GT-100 - rack effect. 

I wished that Boss/Roland had put a little more work into the manual and maybe made some pages with FAQ, for users, but by contacting Roland you can sort your problems out too. I would say that for everyone who wants a rack effect or a multi effect, then the GT-Pro will suit both you and your musical styles!

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    I sold mine. It was decent, but when comparing its sound to the Eleven Rack, it was night and day. The 11R was clear and cut through the mix like crazy, whereas the Boss unit had trouble doing this, even with a lot of EQ tweaking. It has a slightly 'thick' or muddy sound, which might be OK for regular rock, country, blues, etc., but definitely not for 'modern' sounds. Then again, it's older technology and no longer produced. It's far more useful as an effects unit than it is for it's amp and cab modeling abilities. I still preferred it over the Line 6 Live XT (which also is outdated in terms of producing realistic sounds).
    By the way, it's not that complicated if you hook it up to your computer via USB and use the editing software. It's like having the effects pedals and amps/cabs right in front of you. I don't recall where I downloaded my software from (quite possibly the Boss site), but it makes a big difference in navigating and editing your patches.