ME-20 Guitar Multiple Effects review by Boss

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  • Sound: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Ease of Use: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.6 (114 votes)
Boss: ME-20 Guitar Multiple Effects

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Sound — 7
Alright so this pedal has been used with solid state and tube amps aswell as passive and active pickups and the end result being it likes SS with passive pickups although it don't hate active. Now when this amp is cranked on stage 4 (metal) it is noisy but with a built in noise gate you can bring it right down to nothing (although this gate does cut harmonics and sustain drastically). I play anything from blues to metal but particullary hard rock like acdc or gnr and old school metal like ozzy dio metallica megadeth etc and it does some good and some bad. Now I find the Overdrive and blues channels are quite lacking are thin sounding making it hard to get a good SRV sound or a heavier AC/DC tone even with hours of tweaking. The distortion channel is quite good although a little sterile sounding you can pull of a pretty mean GNR with this. Now onto the metal channel. This channel is my favourite and I can get a really solid sound coming from it. It is thick and heavy it is just as amazing as modeling goes. As for the compression and fuz I can't comment on as a don't really use them. Now on to the effects. To be honest I don't use these a whole lot but the flanger and Phaser aswell as tremolo seem great but the chorus and rotate seem pretty weak. Now onto my delay section. It comes with a 2 time delay or reverb and each is amazing. Now this is real delay not just some wooshing sound like in other amps. It is great and really adds a nice back to a solo or any guitar part really. The reverb is also quite good but the delay is just better so I use it more especially the secound slower one. Now onto the wah. Now reading other reviews people seem to like it but I hate the Wah pedal. It has the worst transition ever. You don't hear suddle small changes but drastic chop ones. It is barely audible under high distoriton or even regular distortion and don't really do any style very well. So I give sound a 7 do to sh-tty OD, Noise Gate, and Wah.

Overall Impression — 8
I've been playing for 3 years now and this pedal is quite a bang for the buck especially for beginners. If you love tone then I wouldn't recommend it but if you like a little of everything then it is a great value. I would really like to try the newer versions Boss has released just to see how much they have changed and corrected but this pedal offers so much that it will definitely keep you busy for a little while.

Reliability & Durability — 9
Now its a Boss there really isn't much more to say. Built like a rock. Its been dropped a few times and don't even dent. Completely metal chassy so I'm sure it would hold up in the worst of gigs. The pedals for OD Effects and Delay as well as the buttoms however are plastic which is a slight draw back but I give it a solid 9 almost ten.

Ease of Use — 9
Well for a multi effects pedal it is quite easy to use and is pretty nicely layed out as well as explained in the manuel. It has some great pre patches that allow you to plug in and play that don't sound all to bad. I give it a 9 because nothing is truely perfect and did take alot of reading to understand all features in the pedal.

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    I'm planning on getting the me-20 instead of the 50 solely because of the od/solo option which didn't seem to make it on the me-50? Best feature I've seen on a pedal like this. Also love the simplicity. Will go well on my pedalboard and I can decide which pedals I don't need anymore and probably offset the cost of this unit AND get a volume pedal that is hard to turn to wah. My cry baby is great anyway. Going into a Bugera v-22 so it should have killer tone. V22 od channel is unuseable.....
    use this thing a long day with extra pedal... when u connect extra pedal wow automatically... it's a awesome product also hardy.. i love this shit...
    Hi...have bought the bass me 20 but did not receive the manual and after 1 hour of frustration gave up on how to recall factory patches and how to writte one's own setting and recall them..most of the post I read says how easy it is to use...well...must be getting old -could somoene please show me how to save settings and recall them and recall factory settings..all I see is a writte button but no 'save' button...please help...thank you!!!
    have found a me 20 manual online!!!-Let me battle with it but at least I can see what I'm looking at now...banks and patches are the names
    I got one to play thru a Peavey Royal 8 and I like it a lot. Sold my Digitech RP-155 after hearing how good the ME-20 sounds.
    Its a good piece of kit but I agree the wah wah pedal is a bitch, great distortion and chorus though