ME-25 Guitar Multiple Effects review by Boss

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Ease of Use: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.5 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.4 (135 votes)
Boss: ME-25 Guitar Multiple Effects

Price paid: £ 139

Purchased from: dolphin music

Sound — 9
This pedal really does produce a great sound. I play everything from blues to rock through metal and there is such a variety of tones even to begin with. It has the superstack button which replicates a cab and makes the overall sound louder, 10 preamps, 10 overdrives/distortions, 8 modulations, 3 delay ranges and a tap delay, 4 pedal effects, 3 compressors and 2 reverbs. This might not sound like much but once you start turning the dials you discover thousands of combinations. 10 noise supressions also feature, ranging from none to very tight and cleaned up. With the actual amplifier set on clean and on a low volume setting, it is perfect for practice, but can be turned up and still sound great. Things that I wouldn't recommend doing are using a driven amp with a driven setting on the pedalboard. The hum is deafening. Also, two of the effects t-wah (wah related to picking intensity) and harmonist (creates a Harmony similar to that of twin guitars) aren't brilliant. The harmonist can only be used for single notes and it is quite hard to get it in the right key. The t-wah is interesting but doesn't beat the regular pedal wah. Aside from this the effects sound great, especially the chorus, compressor, both reverbs, 1-99ms delay and the modeled t-scream and 0d-1 overdrives. If anything surprised me it was how different the driven preamps are and how good the Wah can be (once edited to your style). I knew that the effects wouldn't be as good as the things they model, but having used a crybaby, the Wah impressed.

Overall Impression — 10
As I sort of mentioned before, this is a greatly versatile bit of kit that suits my needs and I am sure most other people's. I have been playing for 1 year and 2 months and I got this a month ago so that I could explore the sounds on offer from a guitar on a budget, and this has surpassed my expectations. My favourite feature would have be the pedal when it is in one of the octave modes. You can play anything and then dramatically raise or lower the pitch with your foot. It is great fun for warming and very useful because it prepares your foot for the Wah solos. I was looking at buying the DigiTech RP255 before this and I have to say that this is so much less fiddly and much easier to use. Also, because of the amount of buttons, you can navigate your way around the thing with your foot, reducing the amount that you have to stoop over it. It was stolen in the next three years I would buy another after I had killed the thief. If stolen or broken after then then I would upgrade to an ME-70 or maybe even a GT-10. The one thing that I hate is that when I practice in bare feet and slip off a footswitch, it practically pulls my toenail off. Apart from that it is a pretty nice pedal. Highly recommend for any playing style.

Reliability & Durability — 10
This is such a rock. The chassis is metal with rubber feet, the pedal is thick three layered plastic on the heel with a rubber toe, and every other button is solidly shaped plastic. This is the sort of build quality you expect from a pedal, so that you don't have to keep taking another as a spare at gigs.

Ease of Use — 9
This pedal is unbelievably easy to use. It has a really clear instruction book and the buttons and footswitches are spaced out well. The manual tells you how to set it up, what each button and effect is, how to change and save different parameters of the effects and some of the extra functions. The built in tuner is very accurate and the display is simple and clear. The pedal comes with 6 buttons in the sound library: clean, crunch, drive, heavy, lead and extreme. The variation dial (10 way) can then be used to choose which sound you want. The pedal also comes with 60 effects ready to edit, but some of them only require minor tweaking or can just be left on their own. The super stack and solo buttons can then be pressed at any time to provide 480 sounds (correct if you work it out)once operating. It is easy to achieve the sound that you want because although something may sound different to how you want it at first, there is a large scope for change on the effects and noise suppression. My only critism here is that some of the distortions sound very similar so it is hard to choose which one you want. Also, some people may find it hard to edit without the manual at hand. After about a month though it should be a breeze to operate this.

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    you can edit the EQ for any patch... just hold down the drive button until it starts blinking very fast. then the 3 knobs control the lows , mids and treble respectively. tweak it how you want it and then press write and it will be saved, you can do it for any one not just drive. and i really like this pedal, i feel its a better buy than a digitech or zoom, those sound too digital !
    ok thanks for the information! but do watch this video below,as what u say is that all clean,crunch,heavy,extreme and lead have the EQ settings. i'm confused. watch this video from 04:20 carefully. coz it says only Drive has EQ settings. sorry for bothering. but im confused on whom to believe.
    [quote]ferns.sheldon wrote: ok thanks for the information! but do watch this video below,as what u say is that all clean,crunch,heavy,extreme and lead have the EQ settings. i'm confused. watch this video from 04:20 carefully. coz it says only Drive has EQ settings. sorry for bothering. but im confused on whom to believe.
    [/quot e] clean crunch heavy extreme and lead refers to the SOUND LIBRARY, which are preset sounds. so basically you can edit EQ settings of any preset sounds. to edit this, go to edit mode and hold the PREAMP button (which also serves as the DRIVE button) you can only do this in the PREAMP effect and not on other effects--hope this helps
    Awesome vid. Just wondering what you think of the harmonist effect? Can it do different keys and can it do different harmonies? Like d minor and 3rds and 5ths?