ME-25 Guitar Multiple Effects review by Boss

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  • Ease of Use: 10
  • Sound: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.5 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.4 (135 votes)
Boss: ME-25 Guitar Multiple Effects

Purchased from: eBay seller - Boyd's Guitar

Ease of Use — 10
I play as a hobby at home, with friends, personal recording. It's just right once I gave thought on how to use the device and maximize the engineering design which explained below.

Take time to learn the features and plan your set based on the design. You can't use it like its different pedals. Since the selection of "PROGRAMS" or patches is to scroll up and down through your "PROGRAMS"/patches, then you must plan your songs and set your memory positions in the order of their use in a song. Think Play List. Boss calls such a list a "Sound Library." The Sound Library has 60 memory positions on board to work with. Think of them as a Playlist that can be built as you would need them with a song and then through all the songs in your set.

Example: Three songs in the set.

Song ONE requires 3 patches/tones and you need to switch 5 times during the song.
Memory 1 = Patch A for Clean Intro tone
Memory 2 = Patch D Rhythm tone
Memory 3 = Patch B Lead tone
Memory 4 = Patch D Rhythm
Memory 5 = Patch B Lead (Stomp for the Wah (on/off))

Song TWO
Memory 6 = Patch X Clean Chorus

Memory 7 = Patch B for Intro Gain Lead tone
Memory 8 = Patch D Rhythm tone
Memory 9 = Patch G Rhythm Grunge tone
Memory 10 = Patch D Rhythm
Memory 11 = Patch X Lead 1st solo
Memory 12 = Patch Y Lead fill solos
Memory 13 = Patch X Lead 2nd solo
Memory 14 = Patch X Lead with chorus hit Wah

Using the Boss software, you can save patches by song or by group them by song, or like the example, create and save a group of songs as a play list. If you have playlist your band and another for your church band, you can create one play lists each band that would be in the proper order for each song that the band would play. With the 60 memory positions you should be able to load a full gig set. If not, during a break in the gig just have your laptop or pad on the back line and load the second half of you gig play list songs. If your just at home practicing, then scroll to your patch or keep your laptop open with the Boss software and move the songs patch list in and out of the ME-25.

You can't just jump to a effect/Program/Patch with one stomp at a whim like other multi-FX, but then again, if need multiple pedals for a tone then you have 2 or more pushes to remember and push in time to play - hectic like Celtic foot dance.

There are one push direct accwaa to your lead tone. The "SuperStack" feature that raises emulates a tube full stack and the "Solo" pedal that raises volume/gain for a lead boost with one push. Plus you can always reaching down and tweak with knobs... no menus. That's good for tweaks between songs.

Sound — 9
The ME-25 is great for effects, amp models, and functional layout. The COSM models are realistic. Adjustments are simple with analog dials and push buttons. The Boss ME-25 allows me to play anywhere with a light weight package because the Amp simulation (stereo). It got enough for the average player if their ego doesn't get in the way.

Check out the studio and live demos of Alex Hutchings at Boss website and on YouTube. He sounds just as good on the ME-25 as when he demos the more expensive units such as the ME-80 or GT-100.

YouTube preview picture

No need to reinvent the wheel. I use the original presets and also downloaded various ProArtist presets from Boss website like Alex Hutchings and Steve Lukather. I only those programs/patches for Amp Reverb or chorus or adjust EQ for the physical room or the PA sound, or balance the volume from one patch to the next. I also tweak for different guitars with different pickups and maybe assign a different amp model.

I don't gig but I know others that have the more expensive units. They do have more flexibility, but with planning I can setup my ME-25 to flow through a song easily. The have a playlist type out on the floor and the pedal are labeled for each effect. They did some planning. And that's the key. Planning!

Reliability & Durability — 9
High quality and professional look and build. Built like a tank. All metal and solid but not heavy. No plastic like other brands. Sturdy with solid feeling wah/vol pedal. Must buy AC adapter separately or use one you have. Batteries last a long time. Keep an extra adapter and batteries if you are gigging.

I think it last a long time with my light in home use. I have seen older models in pawn shops that were still working fine even though they worn looking and obviously gigged. I have guitarist friends they have GT-1, GT-100, ME-70 that gig and these units work great.

Overall Impression — 10
This a great device for all it does. Most home guitarist don't need much more if they are honest with themselves. I don't want buy a bunch of pedals cover my various guitar heroes and songs which cover smooth jazz, R&B, classic rock, hard rock. I needed a wah pedal and DI and preamp emulation allows me to use a keyboard amp, PA to amplify my tone or record direct using only the pedal. It's small and portable and battery operated.

I'm good for David Gilmore, AC/DC, Santana, Gary Clark Jr., John Mayer, Wes Montgomery, Larry Carton with this unit. How many sounds do you need per song really? If you must sound exactly like the orig. artist then you will never sound like yourself. You'll still be in these forums instead practicing. You'll keep buying stuff and still sound the same. Give David Gilmore or John Mayer a Squire Strat and a ME-25 and they sound like themselves. Guaranteed!

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    I'm buying a multi effect real soon I'm looking for a multi effect with usb to record audio into my computer I'm looking at this thing ME-25 vs VOX Tonelab ST which one would be better please reply!