MT-2 Metal Zone review by Boss

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reliability & Durability: 5
  • Ease of Use: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 7.5 Good
  • Users' score: 7.8 (547 votes)
Boss: MT-2 Metal Zone

Price paid: £ 75

Purchased from: Roadhouse Music, Boston.

Sound — 9
I originally started off using this pedal with a small 15watt practice amp... which....well, Sucked ass basically. SOOO, I hooked it up to my 100watt carlsboro head, with 4x12" celestion goldbacks....*eargasms all around* The tone on the setting that i was using provided a hard, chunky sound, with nice, thick lows, and cutting highs, all topped off with a sustain that could have gone on for weeks :D Depending on the distortion level that you whack this baby up to, you may experience a tiny amount of background hiss, but otherwise it's quiet as a mouse until you start playing. I found that about 3/4 DIST suited my playing style well. Sometimes, the tone will get a bit overpowering if you don't fiddle with the EQ to suit your own preferences, but ya know, nothing is perfect. Really, the range of tones that you can produce with this pedal vary from Trivium, BFMV, Lamb Of God, Gallows, Metallica and Opeth all the way to the other extreme, such as Thin Lizzy, Boston, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Led Zeppelin etc etc. Basically, this little box of balls-out awesomeness has THE HEAVIEST distortion/overdrive setting I've experienced with any pedal I've ever owned. The distortion is enough to castrate small dogs, and scare the pants off of old ladies!

Overall Impression — 7
I play mostly metal, so this pedal is perfect for the style. Anything that requires a little, to a lot of Overdrive really is where the pedal made its name and forged its reputation. I've been playing for 8-ish years, and my gear is as follows: Maverick F-1 (guitar) an Encore Acoustic, a Casio *somethingsomething* keyboard, a Boss DR-3 drum machine, a Yamaha Pacifica 112a, a Zoom G9.2tt multi-effects pedal, assorted tuners, picks, capos and strings etc etc. I wish i'd asked the dealer how good this pedal was on the battery front, as it sucks for battery life. If you don't have a separate power supply, make damn sure you have a large supply of 9V batteries to hand! If stolen, i probably wouldn't buy this pedal again, because A: It's f**king expensive for a poor little man like myself, B: The tonal range you can get could be (with a little tweaking) replicated by many other pedals. I would probably put the money towards a new guitar, as ya know, you can NEVER have enough guitars. I hate the fact that it eats batteries like they're going out of fashion, and the low quality battery connector. I love the tones it produces, and the feel of it. It's well-made, chunky, strong and heavy. In all, the feeling you get when you press the Switch down and hear the result, will make you smile like a little girl :D I didn't take the chance to compare it to any other products, because I was being rushed by my parents, so unfortunately, I have nothing to compare it with. I originally chose it for the way it looked, and then was totally won over by the way it sounded when I tested it out. Really, all I wish this pedal had was a better battery consumption rate. It's not absolutely awful, but it's not amazing either. If I had the money again, I would probably buy something else though. Purely for experimental reasons.

Reliability & Durability — 5
I never used the pedal in a gig, but I'm 100% certain that it would do me proud. In fact, I'm actually 1000% sure that it would outshine any other pedal used by any other band in any other gig... As I said before, I'd go into any gig with this pedal in my arsenal of musical weapons. I'd rely on it any day, at any time, anywhere.

Ease of Use — 9
Getting a great sound out of the MT-2 is like stealing candy from a baby...All it takes is a few twiddles of the knobs, and VOILA! There are 4 knobs on the pedal, and they are (in order of left to right) Level, 2 Equalizers, and Distortion. The EQ is a 3-band, with a semi-parametric MID control, which offers a wide range of tones and sounds for any hard rock or metal guitarists out there in the big 'ol world of music. The manual is very informative, and even has a page of diagrams, with options for all types of music style. Blues, 80's hard rock, Cali Metal etc. Included in the manual are the wiring schematics, company information, contact information etc etc etc.

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    gupadoo wrote: could i get a Cannibal corpse sound out of this ?
    Yes if your running it through a triple recto lol.
    cobracarg wrote: i do not think we need more reviews on this pedal...
    hahaha exactly my thoughts
    soadrhcpmuse wrote: is this better then the metal muff?????
    MT-2 is a decent distortion it does what its meant to do, so is the metal muff. Nothing comes close to a high gain tube amps distortion though.
    I paid only like $60 for this when I got it and for the price it is great. Of course there's better stuff on the market but I was starting and wanted to get that metal sound right away with one pedal at first and this was just it. And yes get an A/C adapter or else you'll be going through batteries fast
    It's really an average pedal, why everyone jizzes over it is beyond me xD. Maybe I'm just spoiled with better stuff, it's awesome with a baby SS amp.
    charles_ebarb wrote: soadrhcpmuse wrote: is this better then the metal muff????? absolutely!
    Seriously? Completely different pedals.
    This thing just sounds too thin and high pitched to me now. It was great when it was all i had...but when you move on to better amp, gear,'ll see where i'm coming from
    Well, depends... Tested it on two guitars and two tube amps, also connecting them to different cabs and sounded completely different in each combination. A matter of taste. Nice pedal, though.
    I used to like this pedal. Once I was able to afford an amp with a good metal sound, I stopped using the MT-2 almost overnight. Even now that I don't own a 'metal' amp I still don't miss it. The MT-2 is miles ahead of the various modelling pedals I had used at that time, but after hearing the real thing it didn't cut it for me. The midrange sounds very nasely, like I had my wah pedal on the whole time. I ended up using the 'great' EQ to fix the midrange, and never as an actual EQ. I'd give this pedal an 8/10 for beginners, and a 6/10 for more advanced players. I hear there are some great mods for it, but the fact is that now you own a $180 MetalZone, and for the same price you could buy a boutique pedal, or put it towards a better amp.
    nah man, i think we can use a couple more
    cobracarg wrote: i do not think we need more reviews on this pedal...
    I bought the MT-2 not long ago, first pedal and it's great! Good variety of metal sounds, could also achieve some basic hard rock tones too. I would definetly recommend it for anyone looking to buy a distortion pedal.
    This pedal was my beginning to metal and I'll be honest, it's pretty bad-ass. I don't use it anymore thoughh because I have an amp with decent distortion, but for any beginning guitarist using a cheap amp, I definitely recommend this.
    louis van wyk
    i bought this pedal 2 days ago.its great!i play anything from pop punk,thrash metal,metalcore to death metal and it works perfect for all these genres.i use an ibanez gio and a fender frontman 100watt 212r.pedals got great crunch!