PS-5 Super Shifter review by Boss

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Ease of Use: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 7.5 (25 votes)
Boss: PS-5 Super Shifter

Price paid: $ 250.74

Purchased from: Feedback Music

Sound — 10
I use it with a Roland Cube 30 and Yamaha Pacifica 112 with SD pick-ups. This thing doesn't get noisy, A) because this thing is solid and well built B) my guitar doesn't feedback C) neither does my amp. The effects sound great though I prefer the T. arm setting over the Pith shift, the pitch shift effects has some kind of weird sound in the background of it. Maybe it's just my pedal but I prefer the T. arm setting with the octave settings because it gives me the more desired sound. I can easily get the sound of my favourite artists, for example Muse.

Overall Impression — 10
I mostly play alternative rock which for example means music like Muse etc. This thing does fit in since I like to play with crazy Whammy effects. I've been playing for 15 months and I also own a Cube 30 along with a Pacifica. I'm soon going off to buy a Wah. I love the T. arm/Harmonist mode it just sounds so sweet and really fills in your sound. I compared this with a Whammy, now a Whammy is way more expensive but is a bit easier to use. All settings available have been preset and you only need to use the knob to choose which one you want, however, it's not as compact as the PS-5 and sometimes sounds a bit digital. But that's because the Whammy is a re-issue which is a bit crap compared to the almighty original. I simply choose the PS-5 above the Whammy for it's compactness and price. Whammy still rocks though. And if this thing would be stolen, I'd just buy a new one or consider buying a Whammy if the prices are better.

Reliability & Durability — 10
This thing is highly dependable. This is obviously not something new because we all know how reliable Boss pedals are. I would definitely use it without a back-up, I mean what can go wrong. Unless you're some kind of dumb-ass that likes to toss it out of your window to your neighbour who you dislike.

Ease of Use — 10
This thing is awesome, if you know what you want you can a desired sound. However, of course you don't know all settings and sounds and tweaking the perfect does take time and patience. The manual is good, it tells you the basics of all effects and all how-to's.

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    This pedal is way overpriced. If you actually paid more than $200 for this thing and chose it over Digitech's whammy you're a idiot. Also ya gotta buy Boss's shitty expression pedal to get full use out of it. If you got a good knowledge of music theory you could find some use with this but if you suck (like my friend who traded a LTD H-207 for this & a Big Muff?!) you're just gonna annoy people trying to sound like Korn. Go with the Digitech whammy instead.
    Thiis pedal is actually pretty cool. You can get some wild sounds with this thing. However, you do need to buy the expression pedal to get the experience of it. I definitely reccomend this pedal.
    I tried this pedal... If my theory knowledge was better than it is, i'm sure i would think very differently about it... Guess it serves me right for listening to Eventide Harmonizer effects first lol
    This pedal is pretty decent..I was able to play many jfac songs and other harmonized songs with it..if your into heavy death core like tteotd and all that..this thing is for you..but to really make it scream (harmonizer mode) you need two for the original lick and the other for the harmonized notes over it...hasnt failed me yet but i should mention that the battery gives out in less than an just need to unplug it and put a different one in..alternate between two batteries..or just go with an adapter to fix the problem..the pitch shifter in my opinion is shit though..
    Alright I take back what I said about his pedal, cuz I bought a Digitech Whammy & it sucks! It ****s with your tone & your tone is more important than going up 2 octaves! I heard someone using the harmonizer setting with a Metal Zone & they were getting some Judas Priest twin guitar sounds with it. Knowing the good people at Boss, this pedal should have true bypass.
    I've owned this pedal for a few years now and i only ever used it for its Detune effect which sounds awesome. I run it through the effects loop on a Peavey JSX Joe Satriani Signature Head with just a delay. It gives a real 80's sound to overdrive and adds a nice subtle chorus to cleans. It is expensive though.
    Mr E
    I agree with the review where it says about it sounding weird in pitch shift as opposed to T arm. I thought it might just be mine. I just got mine about 30 mins ago. A bit dissapointed so far, but maybe I'll get to understand it and use it a bit better after more practice.
    guys this pedal is amazing. You need to knoe a little about music theory, but if you know what key your playing in it harminzes behind you it is sooo awesome. Really works well to emphasize a solo
    I have a question? This seems like a stupid thing to ask but when they say it has a detuning effect does that mean i can first tune my guitar to drop d and then use this pedal to drop it down a whole step to make it drop c?
    Ever thought that he's in another country? Maybe that's why it's $270