PS-5 Super Shifter review by Boss

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Ease of Use: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.5 (25 votes)
Boss: PS-5 Super Shifter

Price paid: $ 169.99

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Sound — 10
For my setup, I use this connected in order: Line 6 Spider II 120V --- Morley Steve Vai Bad Horsie 2 Wah --- Super Shifter --- EVH Flanger --- (Whatever Guitar I'm using). Whichever guitar I use, the pedal still gives me a great sound and doesn't effect my tone at all. When the pedal is on any mode, it doesn't hum or hiss at all. Turning it on and off is no problem at all. This pedal to me has multi-effects on it. Meaning, I can get a short delay effect, a Whammy pedal effect, tremelo effect, chorus, or a Harmony effect. If I have the mode knob set to (T. Arm): I adjust the pitch knob to an octave up. Then, I can step on the pedal when I want to to get a DigiTech Whammy Pedal effect. It gives me a good enough effect to play a Tom Morrello solo, or a Dragonforce solo. For that mode only, whenever I step on the pedal, and then release it, the pedal goes off. For the Whammy Pedal Effect, I can set the time knob to how I want to note to be approached: I can have it set to where I step on the mode, it slowly raises the note to an octave above, or whatever I have it set off. Or, I can have it set to where I can just step on the pedal and it immediately goes to an ovtave above, or etc. For a 12 string effect, on clean tone, I can change the pitch to an octave above, on the "Pitch Shifter" mode.

Overall Impression — 9
I use this pedal on a variety of different music styles. It's mainly used on Metal though for me. I do use the chorus type effect or the 12 string effect for cool jazzy chords or easy blues tones. I've had this pedal for about a month, and I've been using it every day since I bought it. If this pedal were to get stolen, I think I would buy this pedal again, or even buy the Harmony Man Pedal, so I can use the Whammy Pedal effect in it and the Harmony Man at the same time. There are two thing I really like about this pedal: the Harmonist mode, and the Whammy Pedal effect on the T. Arm mode. I compared this pedal to it's previous version: The Phase Shifter, but it didn't have as much features as this pedal does. I really wish this pedal was a smart pedal like the Harmony Man, becuase then, it would've been just as better, and at a lower price than the Harmony Man.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I would definently use this pedal in a gig without a backup. All I need is a 9V battery or 9V adapter. I can use this if I want to have a guitar solo duel, or Harmony, without having to have a second guitarist. If I had a second guitarist, I could just use this pedal for a Whammy Pedal, or a D Tuned effect. I could really depend on this pedal without it breaking down, or bustin, or a knob coming off or the on Switch jamming.

Ease of Use — 8
In order to get your perfect sound out of this pedal, it depends on what selection you have it on: "Pitch Shifter," "Harmonist," "Flutter," "Detune," and "T. Arm." Each selection has you either adjusting 2 knobs, 3 knobs or 4 knobs. The knobs are Balance, Pitch, Key, Delay, and the Selection knob. The manual that the pedal comes with is helpful. The manual explains to you which knobs to use on which mode you're using, and what to do with those knobs. Towards the end of the manual, you get illustrations of how to set up the knobs for each mode. For example: you can get a Hawaiian type flutter sound, Bass guitar sound, D tuned sound, or a 12 string sound (for clean tone). The good thing about this pedal is that your konbs won't get loosened or rotated as you step on this pedal. The pitch knob can have (2 Octaves below; Octave below; 7th below; 5th below; 4th below; 3rd below) or I can have the pitch at (2 octaves above; Octave above; 7th above; 5th above; 4th above; 3rd above.) The Balance knob helps adjust your noise level with the Harmonist mode. If I want to make it sound like two guitars dueling, or make it sound like one guitar but with the pitch changed. There's a delay knob for the "D Tuned" mode, which can give me a real quick delay, almost like half a second off, and make it seem like I'm missing notes. The Key knob gives you all the Major Keys with the Minor keys in a silver box, righ next to it. The only keys you see written down are only the (A B C D E F G) keys. All the Major Flat keys are not written down, but there's a line there for them. Meaning, you can dial in the knob to that line for that key. Don't worry, the keys are in order. C (Am) starts at the 7 O'Clock mark, and the B (Gm) is at the 5 O'Clock mark. Basically, it's in clockwise order. The manual will tell you which knobs to use on whichever mode you choose. The only problem with the "Harmonist" mode is that you have to know a little bit of Theory. If you have your guitar tuned at Drop B (B F# B E G# C#) and you want to play at F Major (Dm) then you have to drop the key a certain # of steps in order to get the Harmony right. The pedal isn't a "smart pedal" like the "Harmony Man" pedal, so it'll always think you're in standard tuning. If you're at Drop D Standard (D G C F A D) and want to play in C Maj (Am), then have the key knob set to B Maj, since your tuning is a step lower than Standard tuning.

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    J 50102 wrote: How is the harmonizing?
    If you don't have the balance knob adjusted right, it can sound way off or out of key. Unlike the Harmony Man Pedal, this pedal can only let you play the natural notes of a Major Scale. Playing the solo to Bat Country came out pretty bad, because there's notes that are not in the F Major Scale, which is what Bat Country is in.
    I just got this today, and the Detune setting is quite righteous. The other settings I am a bit meh about now, but I think I need to play with it a while. Also, it does lack much control on the trem/whammy setting- too quick.