PW-10 V-Wah review by Boss

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  • Sound: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Ease of Use: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 6.4 (68 votes)
Boss: PW-10 V-Wah

Price paid: $ 249

Purchased from: NZ Rockshop

Sound — 7
I play an Ibanez ARC300 through this pedal, and occasionally a Squire Strat. I currently only have a 10W squire amp to play through though, and that doesn't offer much to create a good tone with. However, I have played this through a Laney Stack at the place where my band practices and it sounded really good! I mostly use the tremolo effect which is really fun! When the pedal is fully towards the heel end of the pedal there is no tremolo effect on, but when the pedal is down at the toe end the tremolo effect is on as far as the wah range knob has been set to. This pedal is definitely not noisy, if anything I feel it reduces noise and the effects always sound pretty decent, provided the batteries aren't almost dead. With the Drive knob on full it can begin to sound like a synth. I wouldn't call this a bad thing, but I wouldn't use the pedal in this way as it sounds too robotish and removes the characteristics of my guitar from the signal, so to speak. I haven't tried to recreate any of my favourite artists sounds with this pedal and, considering my amp, I don't think I could. It would be possible to get close to other artists sounds with this though. I am impressed with the sound of this pedal, but not blown away by it.

Overall Impression — 8
I have only been playing for a year and at the moment I am still experimenting with tones and styles of music, I tend to play more metal, but I like to play classic rock as well. This pedal is fine for music that fits into these categories and many others as well, it's different modes make it quite versatile. I actually bought this pedal on impulse rather than testing it first, I'm lucky it doesn't sound bad. But I do really wish I'd tested it first. I think because of the difficulty in setting this pedal up, and the fact that it doesn't reproduce the wah sounds that I'd anticipated I wouldn't buy it again if it were stolen or lost, but I wouldn't get rid of it either as it is quite versatile and has a lot to give to my tone. There's nothing I hate about it. My favorite part is the tremolo part which I think is called "uni-v" on the wah type knob. All in all it's a good pedal, and I think it's really good for some one who switches styles from song to song as it has a lot to offer in many genres of music.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I could easily depend on it, the Boss logo makes me confident in this. I have jumped on this pedal many times and it doesn't dent, scratch, or anything. I would use this with out a backup, I would have to since I can't afford to buy another. The battery life isn't bad too (as mentioned above 30 hours).

Ease of Use — 7
The Boss V-wah doesn't sound like traditional wahs, so if you are wanting a Vintage sound I wouldn't recommend this. It comes with a variety of effects such as tremolo mode and a wah mode specifically created to replicate the human voice. The batteries aren't too hard to replace, it takes 6 AA's, I've been using an adaptor for it though (battery life's approx. 30 hours). The manual is descriptive enough to get you going and has some good preset diagrams in it too. Finding a really good tone with this pedal would take more time and effort than just reading a manual though. There are three knobs selecting the wah type, wah range, and Drive. There is also a button which allows you to access up to three preset settings you have created and saved. Then there is the pivotal footswitch, if you stomp on either end of this you can access other controls while playing, these can be changed but the initial set up is: toe switch - wah on/off, wheel switch - change between preset settings. Because of the time and guessing required to get a good sound out of this pedal I wont rate the Boss V-Wah too high. But while playing, it is easy enough to use and is a handy Tool to have in the arsenal, so this earns a 7.

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    i have a VOX wah... i want the Synthwah from Digitech... that stuff together adds up to the price of this pedal...
    Vaul96 : I got this p[edal yesterday, and after a long time comparing it tp the Dunlop Cry Baby original, i chose it for its versatility. I didn't even realise HALF the things it could do. Being able to have your own presets is great, and the "custom" setting is great, once you figure out how to set it up. I use this on my bass in my band, and it actually kicks his Dunlops ass when i pump in the Metal Zone distortion with the bass-wah up against his Cry Baby and DS-2. He has a Laney 4x10 with a 100w head and I was only using a Laney 35 Watt and for the first time at practice he couldn't hear himself
    buddy, you use a bass through a guitar wah and a metal zone guitar distortion pedal???? no wonder why he couldn't hear himself...
    ~Shred Hero~
    Does this pedal have a true-bypass? I mean you can save like $30 and buy a good Vox wah that does, and the Vox wah is pretty kick ass. I never tried this pedal, the whole "making your pedal talk" thing just doesnt seem like something I would use. =/
    to the person above. no it isnt true bypass. and i owned this for about 2 years and absolutely hated it. i personally dont like any of the wah types it has. it is an ok distortion type pedal. but the wahs dont have very much sweep even when you reset the wah. the personal presets are nice but i didnt like this pedal as a wah more of a decent distortion. try it and if you like it get it but i dont recommend it if your looking for a good wah pedal.
    I got this as a beginner wah and I'm pretty happy with it. The wah isn't as good as I'd hoped, but the fact that I can do so much stuff with it is enough for me.
    The only thing this pedal is good for is for throwing at someone's head... BOSS make some durable pedals.
    I own way too many boss pedals....yet I would not recommend this pedal if you play out, messing with that many settings in the dark is a pain, dunlop or vox mccoy is the way to go for a wah.....definitely stay away from the ibanez equivilent demon thingy
    Okay, so maybe I have a reputation for being hard on featured reviews, but this guy did a good one.
    I personally enjoy this pedal. I received it as a birthday gift and take great pleasure in playing with it for hours at a time. The pedal is perfect for a beginner like me, and is easy to use. The only fault I see is the difficulty in the heel switch. I can't find a way to use it... =(
    The only useful effect I use this for is the Univibe, the wah is terrible. I use mainly Boss pedals, but was disappointed with this one. It is tough as nails though. Anyone want to buy a used one?
    I bought this Wah...and I did not like it.I had mine for about a week and it just stopped working .I wouldn't recommend buying this Wah pedal, go buy a dunlop or anything else