D-1 FAB Distortion review by Danelectro

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  • Sound: 6
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reliability & Durability: 4
  • Ease of Use: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 6.8 Neat
  • Users' score: 7.7 (38 votes)
Danelectro: D-1 FAB Distortion

Price paid: $ 27.45

Purchased from: Steven James Guitars

Sound — 6
I use it in my little 10-watt practice amp which has no manual distortion but like I said previously, I wouldn't recommend it as it sounds really bad but then again the amp that I use is years old so It might actually sound good for you guys. This pedal is awesome for pinch harmonics I have to say, if you can play them correctly they sound just like Zakk Wylde very rapid and also the sustain for them is very long too. It is a very noisy pedal I must say, on my 10-watt amp I use it on 1 for volume (I usually only use it for clean practicing scales, arpeggios etc) and when I plugged in the pedal on full level it sounded like the amp was on 5 or 6! I think the effects are good if you don't really have a good amp, or they can also make quite a good 60's distortion such but you need the tone fully down for that. I can get the sound from most of my favourite guitarist but have to arse around with it for quite a while which gets quite annoying, probarbly the easiest sound to get out of it is Zakk Wylde or James Hetfield as it is just straight up on everything, if you are a metal head and love your pinch harmonics then this pedal is for you. Well the distortion I'd say on it is quite average, it's good value for money, infact excellent value for money but you just feel like it's lacking something, like there should be something more to it. I think maybe if it had more of a blues crunch it would then probarbly sound a lot better.

Overall Impression — 7
My style of music seems to change every week but whenever I'm playing some classic Rhandy Rhoads riffs it seems to come in quite handy. I've been playing now about 3 years and I've gone through all of them phases us young (14 year old I am) guitarists go through where pedals are the best things invented and I thought I'd review some of the ones I've got. I own some pretty cool gear, I've got a Stagg 60-watt amp which is perfect for my ever blaying blues rock/blues metal style of playing as you can have an awesome distortion but it can be very quite and then with the stomp of a channel switcher a overdriven chorus like Paul Gilbert. If it were stolen or lost I wouldn't buy it again, not because I don't like it just after finding their are so many distortion pedals in that price range that are better than it, also my amp has a pretty mean setting anyway, I'd probarbly by the Boss DS-1 Distortion as I've found that the best pedals by far are Boss with the exception of wah which is obviousl Jim Dunlop. If you are a beginner guitar player looking for some distortion of your pocket money then by the Danelectro D-1 Distortion!

Reliability & Durability — 4
You can depend on it but I really would not reccomend it for gig playing for gig playing and you want a value for money pedal I'd favour the Boss DS-1 Distortion pedal which comes at a stunning 35 it's not going to split your skull with Death Metal distortion but if you want a Motley Crue or an AC/DC tone then maybe that is the pedal for you.

Ease of Use — 10
It's really easy to get the hang of using this pedal, it has three simple knobs Distortion, Level and Tone, the level is how loud you want it but you can just adjust the loudness from your amp, this is just if you want a quieter distortion through a song such as Knocking on Heavens Door by Guns N' Roses. The tone in refferance to a guitar if the tone is full you get quite a crisp sound wheras if it's at the bottom it's quite a dull tone but still sound quite good. The Distortion knob is just like on an amplifier again but it refers to gain, the higher you have it the more of a heavier tone you get out of it, however using it on something as small as a 10-watt amp can give you a really crap sound. I think I've lost the maual but as far as I can remember the manual that came with it is quite small but readable and very well presented, it comes in 5 languages I think (English, Chineese/Japanees, French, German, Spanish) and Clingon! (only joking). The manual tells you, if you have never had a pedal before how to use it such as were to put the jack leads into which are simple, the guitar jack to the input the amps jack to the output. The battery life within it is quite long but remember to take out the jacks when finished or the battery is still on!. The stomper is very reliable as soon as it's stomped on it will unleash the distortion you want.

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    i think it's a great pedal, well i thought it was, until i got my fuzz factory and saw no use for this disto any more since i can dial in way better sounds with tha fuzz, but it was great before, i like it for chords, if you play it at the right sound with a fab metal you can at the right sound, you can get a great fuzzy sharp wailing sound great for soloing
    had this petal for like a year almost worked perfectly fine then now every time i plug it in it makes a weird craclky sound on the amp so i kinda hit it a lil bit witch fixes it but now it doesnt even work period
    Ridiculous price, quality tone, all in. Don't use with a solid state amp, Sounds like crap, too raspy, like that fat fag actor Harvey Fierstein(Call you mother). Now, put it on a Marshall JCM and this thing has balls. I use it with a modded Epi Valve Jr. and a Gibson Les Paul Studio and this thing screams. A little hiss, but manageable, fat bottom, good mids, nice trebles. It was made for valve amps. Even gives a Strat some edge. It's got a plastic housing, so we'll see how it holds up, but I'm not hard on my my equipment. Not bad for seventeen bucks U.S. I'm gonna work the board and see if I can lose some of that hiss, probably just typical low grade Chinese resistors. get some good carbon comp 5% mil specs in there and she'll quiet down, along with good caps.
    Great for the low price. Obviously, there aare better pedals out there, but for 15 dollars? The best way to use it though is not as a distortion pedal. I use it as an overdrive pedal of sorts, with the "dist" knob turned all the way down, and the other two all up. Fedding that through some other distortion box (like a big muff) is a good setup or just using amp distortion. And yes, shield your cables and your pickup cavities!
    due to the distortion on my amp and my Zoom GiX, i really don't use the pedal for distortion much at all any more. If I use it, it is simply for a boost of volume for going into a chorus ant etc...
    this thing dont work too well with my digitech bad monkey I get a KSHSHHHHH with the bad monkey past 2 o clock or so on the gain