D-2 FAB Overdrive Review

manufacturer: Danelectro date: 09/28/2007 category: Guitar Effects
Danelectro: D-2 FAB Overdrive
Unlike any other device, this pedal authentically simulates the breakup that occurs when a tube amp is run at full volume. You will occasionally see an original in the stage rig of a major artist. Danelectro puts this classis in your hands without damage to you financial portfolio.
 Sound: 6.9
 Overall Impression: 7.3
 Reliability & Durability: 6.9
 Ease of Use: 8.3
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overall: 8.8
D-2 FAB Overdrive Reviewed by: darkarbiter7, on september 28, 2007
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Price paid: $ 15

Purchased from: Musicians Friend

Ease of Use: It's a pretty basic pedal, in a good way. There's a manual, but you really don't need it. Just turn knobs and you're set. It's sort of difficult to get a good sound out of it without adding too much noise. What I like to do, is leave the OD very low (or off), and just adjust the level up, boosting my dirty channel on my Peavey Classic 50 (which by the way, is great). // 9

Sound: I'm using it with a Peavey Classic 50 and a MIM Strat w/blue Lace sensors and a hotrails. It's a reasonably noisy pedal when you crank it, but what pedal isn't? The actual overdrive is weak on the clean channel, that's why I use it on the dirty channel. On the clean channel, it's more of an active EQ than actual overdrive. But on the dirty channel, this thing shines. I crank up the gain on my amp all the way (which gives you a classic rock kind of gain), and put the level on the FAB OD to about half, and the overdrive setting all the way down. With that, I can get some major gain off of it. I use it as an output boost usually, mainly because my amp's overdrive is already awesome. But with the FAB, I just get more of it. // 9

Reliability & Durability: It's pretty reliable. Before I got it, I was thinking that it was gonna be a flimsy piece of junk, but when I got it, I noticed that it had some heft, and the plastic is durable and thick. I would bring a backup. But on stage. I wouldn't consider this a good pedal. But it'd make an excellent backup. // 8

Overall Impression: I play everything from blues to metal, it's a good match for boosting your amp into metal territory, but if you already have a good tube amp, the natural Overdrive is better for blues and classic rock. If it were stolen I'd probably buy another, because it's only 15 bucks. But t's a lot better than the other budget pedals out there (like Behringer). // 9

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overall: 9.5
D-2 FAB Overdrive Reviewed by: f**k_up3000, on april 03, 2006
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Price paid: $ 27.45

Purchased from: Rainbow Music

Ease of Use: It comes with a manual but you neednt take one look at it. This has been built for simplicity. Tone, level (volume) and amount of OD is all you can adjust. But don't be put off, this thing packs an allmighty punch. Easy to use. A five year old could figure this thing out. // 9

Sound: I use this with my Epiphone Zack Wylde Buzzsaw and a Line 6 Spider 2 75Watt. Crank up the level, tone and OD and this thing could keep up with a 350Watt easy! Excelent ODrive even when its volume maxed. Its a simple pedal so if you are wanting to sound like your favourate band etc. steer clear. This is an Overdrive pedal, nothin more, nothin less. // 9

Reliability & Durability: For fifteen squid, Danelectro has gone out of its way to make this as good as possible in this price range. Solid, sturdy, strong. No need for a backup. If anything does happen to it though, remember, it only cost 15 squid! // 10

Overall Impression: I play metal, heavy, and I like to mix funky licks with a bit of crunhy drive and this lets you do all that with the push of a switch. Only had it for a year or so but this thing keeps goin and goin. I had a Zack Wylde stomp box before this but it broke when I was low on cash and I had gig in 2 days. At first I was a bit edgy bout byin a crappy 'one gig only' pedal. But I did cuz I had no choice. When I got home I whipped it out, set up my equipment and turned on the amp. When I heard the Drive a huge smile came across my face. This thing is a crowd pleaser and a half! // 10

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overall: 4
D-2 FAB Overdrive Reviewed by: ToBeAGooner, on april 27, 2006
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Price paid: $ 15

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Ease of Use: It is easy enough to use. Three knobs, one for level, tone and OD. The manual was pretty useless, but it doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure this stuff out. // 7

Sound: I am using this with my ESP PC-1V and a Fender Princeton solid state amp along with a Vintage SG tube amp. This pedal is noisy, but not more so than any other OD effect. The effect itself is terrible. It produces a wash of sound that is undescernible. When you play chords, there is no way to Pick out the individual notes, it just sounds like a wall of horrible noise. This pedal cant even give me a decent OD sound, let alone give me a sound like someone famous. I see people praise this, but do not fall for it. It sounds horrible. You truly do get what you pay for. // 2

Reliability & Durability: It has a plastic casing, so that cant be durable. I would be too embarrased to gig with this awful noise Machine, and I now have a tubescreamer which is 10000x better. // 4

Overall Impression: I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. Pay the damned money, get something that sounds decent. I admire Dano for trying to get something affordable to the market, I just wish they hadn't failed so horribly. // 3

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overall: 9
D-2 FAB Overdrive Reviewed by: AdamDK, on august 16, 2006
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Price paid: $ 36.6

Purchased from: Live N' Loud (Local Store)

Ease of Use: This is a very basic pedal. Three knobs and a button. Tone (EQ setting), OD (overdrive) & level (volume), with a button to switch it on/off. Simple to use, very basic, but works. The manual has basically no information apart from the batteries it takes, and tells you what the three settings do. // 8

Sound: I'm running a Blaze Stratocaster copy to this which is connected to my Kustom KGA10FX amp, and I'm impressed. I tried this in the shop on a Marshall MG50DFX, and a smile came to my face when I played it. Once I got home, another smile came to my face as I got the sound I wanted from it, and the same sound impact it had on the MG50DFX. This baby can be noisy with high OD and EQ with rather high level, but it does the job, and that's what matters. You can only tell that it is noisy when you mute the strings completely and havnen't hit any notes. The sound for me is great, I'm loving this thing. // 9

Reliability & Durability: This thing is made of strong plastic, and is very reliable.It hasn't broken down on me, blown up, or any other non-sense, it has just played. I would probably gig with this without a backup simply for the fact it is such a reliable pedal. So as for the reliability and durability, this is very good. // 10

Overall Impression: Considering I play hard rock/punk rock and the odd time some blues/metal, this is a nice match. I tried a blues solo with this baby, and the solo came alive because of the Drive. Considering I've been playing 10 months, this is a good match, but if I'd been playing longer, I'd probably upgrade to something like a Boss pedal, as I tried the Boss Overdrive and it was better than this pedals Overdrive. If I lost this pedal or had it stolen, I'd buy a new one, but if I had the money, I'd buy a Boss pedal. All in all, this is a good pedal for newer guitar players, but for more experienced, they would probably expect a better sound, for example from a Boss pedal. // 9

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overall: 2.3
D-2 FAB Overdrive Reviewed by: hhamdy283, on september 20, 2006
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Purchased from: local store

Ease of Use: A monkey could figure it out. It is impossible to get a good sound out of it because it is incapable of doing so. There is a manual that explains how to put in the battery and how you know it's on. // 6

Sound: I used my Epiphone Les Paul in a little 15 watt Marshall. It sounds like mud. You can turn every knob on it back and forth and you will not hear a difference. In regards to artists, if your favorite band is We Sound Like A Steaming Pile Of Shit, then you will love this effect. It claims to have an "overdrive" effect. It's not. // 1

Reliability & Durability: If I was the backup guitarist for We Sound Like A Steaming Pile Of Shit, then sure, I would, but I am not, so no, I do not depend on it. If I were to use it in a gig, my band would kick me out on the spot. I would give this a 0 in reliability and durability, but alas, I must give it at least 1. // 1

Overall Impression: I play pretty much anything, and this effect will not assist me in my musicianship. I also have a Cry Baby and a Zoom G2, and I would not even allow this "pedal" near the others out of fear that the crappiness of this pedal would ruin them. If it was stolen, I would track down the thief and thank him. I bought this pedal on impulse, and it's my own fault for not thinking when I bought it. I hate this thing. I will either get a refund at the guitar shop, or I will sell this to the sk8er boi's who claim they are musicians and in bands, but do not know any better. // 1

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overall: 8.8
D-2 FAB Overdrive Reviewed by: matster, on august 28, 2006
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Price paid: $ 45.75

Purchased from: music ground

Ease of Use: It is very easy to use, all you do is plug in your lead leading to the amp in output and your guitar lead in input, and if you have a 9v adapter, you can use it instead of wasting batteries. The manual explains where the leads go and the basics. The pedal can be used to sound your normal amplifier settings, the you can make it overdriven, and add extra tone, and make it as loud as f--k. // 9

Sound: I use a Marshall MG15CDR, and a Tanglewood Nevada FST32. I make the amp settings clean so I can play songs like Bat country by Avenged Sevenfold, because it has a clean interlude but mainly overdriven. It can be noisy, it depends on how you set the level, the Overdrive does not sound great say on 2-5 but at ten it is great, same for the tone, it gives it lots of crunch. My favourite artists are Trivium and AX7 and I can get the sound of them really well. This is an Overdrive pedal, so no didtortion, and it has no chorus. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I can depend on it because the battery is 9v so it lasts for ages, I would bring a backup because it is a small pedal, and not one that can be relied on very easily I'm afraid. But I did say it lasts ages but that was not the case when I baught it, because it had been used so many times it had little life left to live, so always buy a spare battery before gigs, even if it is infront of 10 people, and not 1000 people. // 6

Overall Impression: I play metal and hard rock+ Grunge, and I get the sound really well for metal and hard rock, but Grunge is harder to get. I have been playing almost 2 years, and at the moment my guitar is not the best, but not the worst, I wanted a distortion pedal and we went through the pedals and I asked for a try on the pedals and the Overdrive was so much better that the 40pound didtortion pedals, if it were to be stolen I would look for a better pedal, because it does not have the effects I plan to have. I like the Overdrive and tone because they sound great, I don't like the tiny bits of feedback when I crank the level to 10, I wish it had every effect, every pedal has, but that is for my fantasys. // 10

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overall: 9
D-2 FAB Overdrive Reviewed by: XAkitAX, on january 26, 2007
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Price paid: $ 15

Purchased from: Musician's Friend

Ease of Use: I just plugged this baby in, turned up the O.D knob, and plucked away. It comes with a little tab/sheet thing, but the pedal has 3 knobs, which are: level, tone, OD (overdrive). That's what I like about the FABs, so easy to get the tone you want. Battery is really easy to put in, the bottom has a rubber casing which comes off by taking a flathead (or anything will work because it's a huge plastic head)to it. Easy to add onto pedal boards too. // 10

Sound: I play my Danelectro Fab Overdrive through an Epiphone Les Paul Special II and into a Fender 15G. I don't hear any buzzing or any other annoying sounds whatsoever. It makes me tiny 15W Fender sound like a real tube amp. I have gotten all the Aerosmith sounds I have gone for, a couple Rush songs, and many more. I can't get enough of this pedal, when I mix it with my Boss DS-1 Pedal, I can get the metal zone effect. // 8

Reliability & Durability: I would definitely use this in gigs. I don't stomp on my pedals or anything, I just tap it and it's on. There are never times when your not sure if it is on or not, because there is a super bright blue LED light on the top. BTW this is a very hard plastic, but I have dropped it many times and it is still holding up. // 9

Overall Impression: I play a lot of Goo Goo Dolls songs, a lot of classic rock, blues, and a lot more. It seems to fit into all the different styles I have played. I have been playing close to 4 years now. If it were to get stolen or lost, I would definitely buy a new one. My favorite features are the sound, ease of use and the magic of rock it brings my band:). I haven't compared this particular pedal to any other OD pedals, but I have compared the Fab Distortion to a Boss DS-1 Distortion and IMO the FAB is right up there with the Boss. Hard to believe, but it is. I just wish this pedal wasn't a hard plastic, because that is the only thing that is holding it back from people. It's a great pedal, and I don't know how Danelectro does it, but they blow me away every time (If you want to know, I have the O.D, chorus, and the flange FABs. My friend has the distortion). // 9

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