Death Metal review by DigiTech

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Ease of Use: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.7 (329 votes)
DigiTech: Death Metal

Sound — 9
I'm using it with an Epiphone Explorer (gothic version) with an EMG 85 and an 81 played through some 20 year old Marshall I bought from a jamaican guy. Sounds crunchy, the good crunchy, good crunchy like cereal. It takes over the main sound of the guitar, but the EMGs make it a different tone to other guitars. the sounds great, to use it clean you can just adjust the settings on your amp (make sure to turn the gain on your amp to 0 and/or Switch to a clean setting, otherwise it'll sound like garbage and when using low tunings, sound a bit like a grumbling van engine). With enough fiddling you can create the same sound as Slayer did with the Reign In Blood album. a friend ran it through the same amp on a Jackson, Played the entirity of Raining blood to utter perfection, sounding exactly like the recording (another guy was on the drums too, also playing flawlessly). it's really not hard to find good sounds with this.

Overall Impression — 9
I play anything, literally anything, that sounds great to me. And for the most part, it can't get any better. You can even sound like the sort of layered guitar sound that Jim Root made on Slipknots self titled album. Or you can make (as mentioned) a sound similar or the same as Reign In Blood. it's great for any metal, perhaps not so much Iron Maiden or Judas Priest. What I love is well, It as itself, the idea, name, and the actual pedal (enter laughing smiley) and there isnt really anything I don't like, apart from the faffing around with the amp settings and such. I wouldn't really compare it to anything because I haven't tried much else, but this'll do me for now.

Reliability & Durability — 10
Being made of metal, it's harder than anything, but gets scratched still. I'd probably never need backup unless I threw it away for whatever reason. The only real fault is in the batteries, and if you're careless enough to leave the cable into the jack, lose their power quickley, like active pickups.

Ease of Use — 8
Simple enough to use, 4 knobs for great versitality and for finding the tone for you, just press down on it to let the haze flow. It might become a pain when put through an amp with pre-made settings like a Line 6 Spider II (clean, rock, metal, insane and whatnot) because it messes around with the sound and makes a humming noise. But it's generally as easy as pie (and pie is easy, apprently).

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    underoath0902 wrote: Ease of Use: First of all I didn't buy this. I played it long enough to know that it was a piece of shit. there's no distortion knob so you are stuck with heavy heavy Death Metal distortion forever. The low, middle, and high knobs don't do anything other than change the tone at an unnoticable amount. It is very easy to use though, because you don't have to do anything other than set the volume 'cause there's no use tweaking the other knobs, this pedal only has one sound. // 10 Sound: This is the perfect distortion pedal, if you like distortion with so much gain and so little life that it sounds like a digital cow getting raped. The sound is digital, feedbacky, and retarted. Yes, it is noisy and there's nothing you can do about it because you can't control the pedal's gain at all. I played it with a Epiphone Zack Wylde guitar and a Marshall TSL. Again there is only one sound: super Death Metal that sounds like cow getting raped. If you are not human and like the sound of a cow getting raped, then get this! // 2 Reliability & Durability: I wouldn't even bring it to a gig because I wouldnt've bought it in the first place, it's way to heavy to be lugging around, and it sounds like pure shit. No musician who wants a good tone will rely on this at all. I can't write anymore on this topic because I didn't buy it. But it weighed a lot for such a small pedal, a lot more than the Boss Mega Distortion (better than this too). // 2 Impression: I already told you, don't even look at this anymore unless you like the sound of cows getting raped (maybe you like animal masturbation music, I don't know). If it was stolen, I'd find the thief and tell him he has no sense of tone. My favorite feature is that it works perfectly in movies where cows get raped. If you're not gonna save up and get a new amp, get the Boss Mega distortion which still isn't as good as a good amp but is a lot better than this. I also have a review on the Boss Mega Distortion. // 3 jerk.
    no.not a jerk. a person that knows when a pedal sounds like pure crap.
    BladeSlinger wrote: ShimmyShimmy wrote: this pedal blows...if you have a nice amp it will have good built in distortion and there is really no need for a pedal like this. but if you are stuck with a squier starter pack like most of the people posting on here, then it is probably a gift from heaven. You're probably not into metal because it gives pretty nice distortion....and I'm playing a B.C. Rich Warlock..not flashy but not horrible..
    i got this pedal man. i liked it when i had a crappy strat rip-off. but as soon as i got my new gear( schester sunset deluxe fr. and a marshall mg 100 dfx) i never touched it again. marshall built in distortion kicked digitechs ass. i tried plugging it in and all there was a screaming feedback and insane buzz. i couldnt hear my guitar!!! i give this pedal an F- when used in real gear setup. a B when you got a not so good to crappy setup. there are better distotions out there.
    idk what you guys are talking about, i Personally love my Death Metal. I Play an ESP JH-200 and a shitty Fender Bullet Reverb 38w amp and my guitar cuts through the distortion and makes it sound beast. but, if i had the hundred bucks to spend on the Boss Metalcore pedal i would have that, but sadly i lack those Funds. Regardless, my Death Metal pedal is sick and i love it. and i have played it on a Peavey triple X and still loved it so its not just because of my horrible amp.
    These Reviews have got a love/hate relationship going on. I really want this.
    something tells me this will sound gd with a ibanez its a gd price pedal as well, and i could do with a distortion pedal
    Metalic Demon
    deadnihils wrote: I`ve grown to really love this pedal. I thought it was useless at first, but after finding exactly what I wanted out of it, I think I`ll keep it. I`m a big fan of Crate, and now I choose this pedal over my vintage Crate`s distortion.
    i suppose you could say that about any pedal, i hated my first distortion pedal when i got it, but now i always use it. and i wasnt that impressed with the marshal regen padal but after a while i started to love it. thats the beuty of predals, once you get used to them, it doesnt matter what you get, as long as you like the sound it makes
    The only difference between the Boss MT-2 and this is that this has more tone but less distortion. I now actually got to keep this pedal AND bought the MT-2 on recommendation. MT-2 is okay for anything, but the Digitech has a better sound. Just try playing The Trooper with it (turn the med up to half way, bass to 25%, everything else to 100%)
    metal master is star on other hand is the best you can probably buy
    get "Metal Master Distortion" INSTEAD.... i seriously RECOMMEND lmao.
    i agree with the emg sounding really good with this pedal but i got really bad feedback and buzz so i just rolled off the volume knob and problem solved.
    oh yeah and if u have active pickups like mine i have the emg 81/85 there is nobuzz what so ever and the tone is so crazy u could kill ur grandmother because of hearing soo dark and evil. this thing is only for the true heavy metal heads with real experence playin guitar and no how to use there equipment
    first off little nicky is sooooo wrong. this pedal is awsome and made for one thing. DEATH MATAL! hint the name. two it only will sound good if ur using the right type of amp one that has atleast a 12 inch speacker and not digital. if its digital u will get that annoying buzz and it want sound as good and small amps cant take the power off this thing. i run it through my marshall full stack and it sounds like the god of distortion. if the amp is to small u wont get the bass or thump u need for this thing. if u want a crazy metal sound like amon amarth, dethklok or who ever you like then buy it just play around with the settings to find something u like. also my personal suggestion only put the level knob to about half way low knob to like half to 3/4 mid for me off or half i like the crazy crunch soo and the high around half also make sure that ur amp is set to clean and play with ur seeting because that also effects the sound.
    king666nothing. what pickups r u use-ing?? if they r active i had the same issue u gotta roll back on the volume knob. if passive ur gonna need to turn down the volume on ur amp and turn it up on the pedal.
    Mine is so f#@king noisy!!! It's great tone-wise, but the noise kills it all. I'll try to use another power adapter, like the guy who wrote first review.