EX7 Expression Factory review by DigiTech

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Ease of Use: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.3 (19 votes)
DigiTech: EX7 Expression Factory

Purchased from: Musicians Friend

Sound — 9
I'm using a cheap PRS SE EG from musicians friend and it sounds ok but adding this EX7 has really helped the sound of my guitar out, even though I'm still using cheap pickups. The amount of adjustment for the sound is great. You can adjust sweep, Q, and Volume of the wah and then when you get the distortion turned on you can adjust the volume, tone and gain on that distortion. All the distortion and amp models in this pedal sound amazing. It's a huge plus that you get all the distortion models from the DF7. My only grudge is you can't just use the distortion alone, it has to be on with an effect from the EX7 but you can set the pedal to Whammy and use it with just distortion.

Overall Impression — 9
I play all styles of music and this pedal fits that easily. You can play everything from metal to jazz. I have been playing for over a year now and run this with a Yamaha Magicstomp. The two units make a great couple which I use to record in my home studio. If this item was stolen I probably would not bother getting another. I currently have my eye on the Boss GT8 board which would have the Vox wah that I use so much.

Reliability & Durability — 10
This pedal is extremely reliable and durable. I have been using this product in my recording studio for 4 months now and have yet to have any problems with it. It is so reliable that I would not take a second with me on a gig. The knobs have been adjusted many times now and don't get that scratchy sound like most pedals do. The input and output jacks are holding up without any problem. The paint looks great and has held up to a lot of scratches, and the rubber at the top and bottom of the pedal is staying in place without any problems.

Ease of Use — 8
This unit is a little hard to use at first but nothing compared to a lot of the other multi FX units out there today. You get 4 knobs, 3 of which are dual control. Adjusting them is nowhere close to hard. The pedal has a nice sweep but here are some mechanical things I didn't like about the pedal and went on fixing myself. The heel and toe switches are hard to push. I almost had to stand on the pedal to get it to Switch. I found that there were a lot of rubber feed under the board and so a little shaving with a razer fixed that problem. I also didn't like the amount of drag set on the foot board but it was easy to fix with two ratchet sets. It takes some time to remember what the three adjustment knobs do for each mode and what mode is which effect but after about a week you should have that down. If you ever get stuck the instructions were extremely helpful to me and seem clear enough that it would help anyone Who uses or owns this pedal.

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    metal jello
    johnstamos wrote: the seperate footswitch is $40. Could they not have just made the EX7 to where you don't need a seperate footswitch for another $40?
    They did it cuz they're cheap and want to steal more money from you.
    I began filling a RMA tag as I thought the heel switch was broke until I read this column. So I went over and jammed on it and bingo, on came the red light. There has got to be a easy fix for that however, since the FX's basically suck in the combination they are set up in I don't have to worry about every accidentally turning it on. AMEN to that! Now if I'm reading this right, by using the whammy FX I can access the distortion and use that without having to whammyize it. That makes the FX's side usable I THINK. I need to play with this as I do know it has a couple very usable FX's and if they HAVE to be combined, thank God they made it impossible to accidentally trigger it. For those that wonder just HOW difficult it is to do that Heel swith picture this: Ever try ringing the bell at the fair with the sledge hammer? Now you're onto what it takes to engage the heel switch. These can be had at AMS & ZZounds for $140.00 "B" stock. Probably returns from people like me sending back units because they "think" the heel switch is broke. It ain't but someday it might be. I also saw the DX7 for $70.00 so really, just for the one good wha pedals (let alone TWO) and a Uni-vibe, Nice flange plus the configurable "stereo" outputs, I plan to keep it. At $200.00 I would have a problem. There is a video on YouTube on how to make the optional foot pedal if your so inclined. I think I'll drop the $40.00 bucks and have one that looks cool. For me, this unit opened up some floor space over what I did use to get these sounds. My distortion is from real tube amps so I don't need digital recreations of the tubes I have running. The whammy... if I can set it for an octave below and leave it as an effect then I'll be happy. As a whole it's a quite pedal. Will have you bending over a lot tweaking so make sure you have your strap locks on. It takes AC which is a drag as I have a DC rig for everything. No AC needed period. So the wall wart goes into a UPS which is basically a regulated AC current off a battery. I modified mine and can plug it into a Deep Cycle Marine battery. "Don't Buy It Unless You Can Modify It" is my slogan. Now soon I will be inside this thing looking to see how I can toy with it. If I find an AC to DC converter in it I'll be happy. Happy toe tapping! Richard T. CLUB 21 BAND "UBWEBTV"
    metal jello
    Can you do the whole controlled divebomb effect with the whammy effect????? I mainly want this so i don't need a floyd rose to do temolo bar effects on my Explorer
    the problem with turing off and on can be fixed by opening the guts and trimming off some of the rubber stoppers inside
    this pedal is great on most of the effects. even the distortion is great. however, on the whammy setting, the sound is God awful. when the pitch is shifting, you get a sound in the background that can only be described as tuning into a radio station. i would definitely not use that at a gig, or even in front of people. its that bad. anyone else know what im talking about, or is it just mine?
    the heel switch is fcuked how do u get it to work is there somthing im not doing or did i get ripped the fcuk off
    yea distortions great. wht cobain42 is talking about and the whammy sounding horrible(typically octave up) is that when you hit the highest pitch on the setting or is over an octave, typically it sounds horrendously digital and you hear the electricity chipping away the tone of the natural guitar and makes it sound like a computer. its really annoying. any ways, the gains are great. what i do is that i have my amp on its distortion and have the LED on green so that i can just hit toe up to turn it off and play just my dry sound with no wet from the pedal
    MetalheadforJC wrote: With this pedal can you go from clean to distortion without changing the settings?
    I ment by not using the wah
    MetalheadforJC wrote: MetalheadforJC wrote: With this pedal can you go from clean to distortion without changing the settings? I ment by not using the wah
    If you use the whammy mode, and turn the mix knob all the way to the left you will get just the dry signal. So if you go into distortion selection mode (Hold toe switch down until led flashes yellow) with the whammy mode selected, you can choose which distortion model you want - without any effect. ...i think.
    *continuing from last comment* so by using the heel switch to turn on the distortion & whammy mode (with no effect mixed in) you can turn on and off just the distortion. Its a bit tough to turn on but you get used to it.
    so how does the whammy setting compare with the original digitech whammy? Does it have +2 octaves? Seriously the two are the same price and I like the 'big muff' distortion simulator on the EX7, I have no idea which to choose.