GNX4 review by DigiTech

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Ease of Use: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 7 (107 votes)
DigiTech: GNX4

Price paid: $ 500

Purchased from: musiciansfriend

Sound — 10
I have a limited edition Fender speed shop strat and a Marshall amp. Ir can be really noisy, once you turn the volume all of the way up. No the units itself makes no noise. The fx always sound great, unless you use an amp that has no fx return input, then it alters the effects, but still sounds pretty sweet. I can get almost perfect sound from the artists, whose effects are posted on the internet, but if you mess with the tones yourself, you can get almost replicas of the artists tone. In my opinion, all of the effects are great.

Overall Impression — 10
I play mostly rock, whether it be classic, hardcore, grundge, emo, acoustic, you name it it is great all around. I have been playing going on 3 years. I would have to buy it again if it were stolen, but it would take awhile to get that kind of money. I love everything about it, but my favorite features are either the acoustic tones or the facte that I can get a high quality recording out of it. I was thinking about getting a Boss, but after looking at the specs, this one was better by far. I wish it had a good quality wireless system built right into it, but I think that is asking for too much.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I can definitley depend on it. It is very durable. I personally don't jump on it or stomp hard on the peadals, but I'm sure it wouldn't hurt it. It has a metal case surrounding the internal components. Yep I would use this at a gig without a backup. Although I don't think I could even afford another one to have as a backup. But I would have a memory card with all of my presets as a backup in case I accidently reset it.

Ease of Use — 10
It is kind of commplicated at first, unless you are used to using multi-FX units, but it got really easy after a week. The manual is pretty thick, but very simple and easy to read. I don't really make my own tones, even though you could; I just download tones off the internet and if they sound a little off I tweak them a bit. Yes you can update the firmware.

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    actually seek & destroy, the GNX4 has more effects than anything else because you can make any possible effect ever. there are an infinite amount of effects available
    I have had the GNX4 for years now. Im an old guitar player that doesn't have time to go out and Gig with a band any more. The GNX4 gives me drums and every sound I need guitar or bass to do what ever I want. With the recording programs that came with it I have written several songs and each one of them have good enough sound quality that I can take them out and use them for Karaoke at bars and no one knows they are home made. Im sure compared to new equipment the GNX4 is nothing, but for me its a lot of fun and sounds great.
    GNX-4 or GT-10? Hmmm, it's a very tough decision i love the amount of effects and recording capabilities of the GNX4, but the design, set-up and graph technology of the GT-10 make me drool. Idk. Help me out.
    hey 1 question...would the gnx4 sound ok played through a hybrid power amp/solid state pre
    I have had my GNX4 for over two year. No problems at all and I play both live (2-3 times a week) and of course in my studio for rehearsal. I have it setup as follows: Guitar (and Mike) -> GNX4 -> pair of QSC HPR153i (live or pair of QSC K2 (studio). I don't need any "guitar amps" - and when I had them they colored the sound of the modeled amps. The QSC speakers are so neutral, you can really hear the board the way Digitech intended. My next project is doing 7.1 surround, but that requires a powerful PC to do the encoding. And a whole lot more $$$$$ for more HPR153i speakers! The things I do not like are: 1) The pitch-shift is not as good as some other independent ones - especially when doing chords. Lots of weird effects when playing clean. 2) The "Tap Tempo" switch would be more useful as a "start the drums and/or playback" switch. With that it would be easier to do intros, etc. And you might not need the external foot switch (which I have and still doesn't really do it the way I want). 3) It is a bit cumbersome to choose a pre-recorded song. I often am the only live "performer" and do a night's sets pre-recorded. So if it was a bit more straightforward, it would be faster between songs. 4) As setup at Digitech the volume changes between presets is annoying. But I have yet to find a board that doesn't have that problem.
    These pedals always sound better plugged DIRECTLY into your amp speaker, PA or speakers. I haven't ever tried it with headphones, but with ear phones it sounds really digital and kinda gross.
    richard-g3 wrote: can you play this through an amp?:S
    There are a bunch of different ways to use it, you can play it through an amp, PA system, directly to speakers, headphones, or even your computer.
    metallicmonster wrote: i noticed it has a whammy effect.does it have all the features of digitechs whammy pedal,or just the standard whammy effect?
    It has all of the Whammy's features, not just the standard.
    metallicmonster wrote: i noticed it has a whammy effect.does it have all the features of digitechs whammy pedal,or just the standard whammy effect?
    Yes, it does have all of the effects of the whammy, every single one from harmonies to dive bomb ! or two octaves up and 1 or 2 octaves down. My only problem with the gnx4 is that the expression pedal doesn't move very smooth and sometimes makes a clicking sound. but overall i love this thing and i don't think I'd trade it for any other effects processor out there.
    I am deciding between this and the GT-8. I have a marshall dsl 401 and don't want to lose any tone. I mainly just want a multi effects for the effects, not preamps. But if the preamps are good, I will use them as well. I also want to do recording and really like that the GNX4 can record all the instruments I would need. I hear the boss's effects are the best? How do they stack up to the GNX4? Any suggestions on which I should get and why? THANKS in advance.
    anyone know if you can reverse what you record on it? (play it backwards?)
    I was lookin for something to get and i decided to get the RP70 which for some reason isn't on the effects page yet, anyway i was lookin through effects boxes and pedals and stuff and i thought about lookin at this, but it seemed like way to much for just a single guitar player, wouldnt anyone expect this to be way to much??
    -HeretiC- wrote: Digitch GNX4 Cleans up a Boss GT-8. I would know, trust me on this!
    They both have there better qualities, the boss GT-8 is better for live playing as you can make minute adjustments on the fly, with impressive results. This digitech GNX4 is great for playing live... if youi have set it up correctly at home. Please dont just say it is supremely better because making a comment like that on something like this just makes you sound like a cock-head.
    It is FANTASTIC for metal, found the perfect setting for some serious Children of Bodom sounds, pureley amazing.
    I've played this at my neighbors house. It was pure awsome. I wish i had more time to fiddle with it though
    sure it's good to record with.. but what about live situations...