Metal Master - Heavy Metal Distortion review by DigiTech

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Ease of Use: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 8.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8 (221 votes)
DigiTech: Metal Master - Heavy Metal Distortion

Sound — 10
I use it with a B.C. Rich Virgo into a Crate FXT15 practice amp and also into my Crate powerblock. This pedal is super quiet when it comes to nosiness! Obviously a lot of feedback comes on the high gain settings though. This pedal sounds awesome and will suit a huge spectrum of metal types and sounds. I have been able to get quiet close to several bands I've wanted to match. Obviously it wasn't exact, this is a Solid State pedal (while they use tubes) and my personal distortion-matching skills arn't what they could be. Personally I don't like the sound from (between) a quarter turn to a half turn of the morph knob, because I don't like the Boss DS-1 sound. But I know people Who love that sound. Either way, the other settings sound compeltely different, and I know you'll find a setting (or multiple) that you'll love; this pedal is so versatile.

Overall Impression — 8
This pedal is great for the metal fan who needs to have any tone at his fingertips to jam along with his favorite tracks; for the price it just can't be beaten. It's a great practice and jam pedal, but it falls short when it comes to live use, just because of the compression and digital nature that's necessary to achieve such a wide range of tones. I will probably always keep this pedal, simply because it's a great go to pedal for the bedroom, but it will never replace a quality distortion.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I haven't exactly abused this pedal, but I've dropped it several times (once onto my guitar's head) and have slammed my foot into it while activating it many times. Still works perfectly. Durable all-metal casing and rubber footpad. Rubber back for non-slip use. I would, without a doubt, rely 100% on this pedal during a gig.

Ease of Use — 7
This pedal can cover anything from screeching high gain to scooped Meshugga style chug. The problem is it doesn't necessarily do all of these as well as I had hoped. I've found that anything before 12 o'clock is far too digital for my tastes, and has that heavy boss ds-1 type compression that I find just unusable. In the opposite direction, anything after 3 o'clock becomes too sludgy for my liking: the mids completely bottom out, and that also brings in a bit more of that digital sound. Despite this, I have heard of some liking the boss sound, and I'm sure there's many metal head's that appreciate a growling full mid cut, so don't let me put you off it you're those people! The sweet spot seems to lie between the two, which is a scooped tone, that still retains much clarity without sounding compressed. I find this is in the range of a Metallica to Killswitch Engage type sound, depending on the position of the knob, and it does this sound quite well. I still find myself pulling it out now and again to play with just this range. Both the low and high knobs are good frequencies, and I have no complains with their responsiveness and ranges.

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    norths01 wrote: this peddel is fucin awsome buy it
    norths01 wrote: shit i mean peddle fuc
    so, you tried to correct yourself, and yet you still couldnt manage to spell pedal? hmmmm... to think these people will be leading the country someday... as for this pedal, i tried it out at guitar center last week and i was able to pull some pretty awesome pantera style tones, as well as some crazy rectified sounds, both of which ive wanted for some time. but can anyone tell me which is better between this and the uber metal? i havent had a chance to try the line 6 and i hear its good. also, i'd prefer not to have any biased responses saying "teh lien 6 rulez, its pwnage!!!" or something gay like that. facts are good, thanks.
    I got a Death Metal from eBay a week ago, and today I bought the Metal Master because it's supposed to have the Death tone in it. I will sell one of them to a friend after testing both. Which one do you think is better? Does it really break fast? The Death Metal pedal didn't surprise me much, I hope this one ranges better in sounds. Cheers.
    Deathcore Dude
    yes this pedal is awesome when you have about 1 year of guitar playing experience...after 2-3 years i relised how thin the sound was and bought a boss did serve me good first few years though
    im going to get this pedal soon. i did my research... this is the one. anyone who disagrees, send me an email with other suggestions. i only want the most bad-ass pedal
    This is by far my favourite pedal I have. You can get a killer tone thats heavy as hell. If you don't have this go buy it. It's worth it.
    like in the review for the digitech death metal....i have to disagree, go buy the death metal instead, you have a much more wide range of metal just have to sit down and tinker with the controls of the pedal and your amp alot.....don't try to get it to sound like a band or anything like that,,,,get the sound you like the best...that is the only way to be happy w/ any setup consists of a 375 watt marshall half stack, with a tsl 100 jcm 2000 triple super lead head, a gibson studio les paul, a jackson rr3 w/ emg 81 treble and 85 rhythm, and a ibanez dtx 120 destroyer w/ duncan designed detonators.
    Got it yesterday...I`m in love with this one...I`ve got the DDM(Death metal Dist.)...but this is waaaay better...
    i too love this pedal... i have a boss DS-1 as well and the metalmaster has about 10 times the range in sound... the good thing about this pedal is that you get that heavy distorted sound even when your amp is on a clean channel, something the DS1 doesn't do that well its solid as hell... i mean out of the pedals i have i'd use it in a fight if need be you can get some feedback noise, but that can't be heard if u are playing
    ironBLSmaiden : i got this peddal for christmas and i though i wouldnt need it that much and it would only be distortion, but i was wrong, it makes u sound like a pro ^ Man i cant believe that you said that. If you think FX make you sound professional as opposed to raw skill, youre a total noob for guitar playing. take up jacks