Metal Master - Heavy Metal Distortion review by DigiTech

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Ease of Use: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8 (221 votes)
DigiTech: Metal Master - Heavy Metal Distortion

Sound — 9
The setup I am using is a LTD MH-250 with Seymour Duncan Pickups in it. I'm using a Valvestate Marshall VS100 amp. That probably won't effect you but if, on the off chance you've got that amp, you're in luck! With the MM I found the smallest humming noise coming from the pedal. Barely noticable. I only noticed ths because I had a humming noise from the old pedal and so I was listening to make sure it was working ok. Sound is awesome. As I said before, the Metal Zone, I found to be too trebly at times and a bit squealy and whatever. The Metal Master seemed to nail it on the head straight away for me. I found a good tone to chug with instantly. Any metal is good on this pedal I feel, whether it's 80's, thrash or Death Metal. Just keep turning that morph knob.

Overall Impression — 10
I play loads of things, I've been playing guitar for around 7 or so years now? When I wanna chug/shred, this pedal seems to nail it on the head. Admittedly the Metal Zone has a few more options, such as changing the gain etc to knock the sound down to even a bluesey and rockier tone tone, but what I love about this Metal Master is it just gives you a really nice metal tone, Metal Zone I found too hard to find that ideal tone. If you need a pedal that can get away with more bluesey tones etc, maybe it's worth looking somewhere else. If you want a pedal just for chugging and shredding, this is the one for you. I compared this product to another pedal aswell when I was deciding on what pedal to buy. I tried a Boss Metal Core pedal which retailed around the 80 mark. I did not like it. It was great at rhythm but nothing else. You could not change the sound at all. The bass didn't make much difference apart from make the floor shake and the treble just Hurt your ears when it was past a quarter of the way. I couldn't see why the Metal Core was 80 and this pedal was 50. At the minute, if it got stolen or broke. I'd look for a Metal Master again.

Reliability & Durability — 8
I would gig with it. I'll keep my Metal Zone as a backup I think though 'cause that will work fine with batteries. Only makes a hum through an adaptor. This Metal Master seems built like a brick so it should be fine anyway. Mind you, I only brought it yesterday so I can't say if it will definetely last.

Ease of Use — 10
Before I start with the review, I'd like to point out that I have had a Boss MT-2 (Metal Zone) for around, four or five years now. The only reason I brought this DigiTech Metal Master pedal is because I used the wrong power adapter for the Boss Metal Zone and it now makes a stupid buzzing noise when you have it switched on. Not good when it's loud. I wasn't sure whether to buy another Boss or try something new. This is more of a review aimed at someone deciding between the two. Please also note, that because I've used a Metal Zone for so long, I got bored of the sounds and so may be biased towards my newer toy. It's always recommended to try it out all the options. Don't just take my word for it! The MM (Metal Master, I'm not typing that everytime) has four knobs, "Level" which is volume, "Bass" and "Treble" self explanitory, and "Morph" which basically adjusts the Mids. The MZ (Metal Zone) has a "Level", "Bass", "Treble", two Mids knobs and a "Gain" Knob for more versatile. However, the problem I had with the MZ is I could never find my perfect tone. It was always a bit too bassy or a bit too trebly. Despite adjusting knobs for ages, I never found the one that was me. The MM? Completely different story. 4 knobs, turn the volume up, turn the bass up to the required, turn the treble up to the required, and turn the Morph until you find your tone. That morph knobs it the key to this pedal. Changes the tone completely, but always has something nice to offer. I'd found a tone I was happy with in about thirty seconds.

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    this pedal is god for metal players ive tried alot of other pedals but always come back to this one its the perfect pedal my friend uses a line 6 amp with all the fancy stuff but even he admits this thing kills his distortion setings i use it with a marshall valvestate bichorus8200 and its the best sound ive ever gotten i tried the death metal one and the hothead but this one owns all pedals
    all ya need is a mxr ten band eq with the metal master and its tough as nails!
    i no longer use it but when my band practices the other guitarist plugs into the 600watt pa system that runs into four 15inch speakers (talk about over kill) and he used this for the heavy parts. (he got tired of moving his b-52 up and down my steps.) he now has a boss processor so he uses that but i like the gain on this better but he really needed a noise gate for his single coil pick ups. it's a good pedal to have even if you have a good gain on your amp. just in case.
    I absolutely love this pedal. I use it with a couple 15" speakers and a B.C. Rich Warlock with EMG-81s , and it sounds crazy! I use it like this: level 12 o'clock, low 3 o'clock, high 1 o'clock and morph all the way up. The bass, and the sustain are awesome, and you get a super kick out of this pedal. MetalMaster ALL THE WAY
    KVX10 KING V wrote: Nice pedal to put in a low quality amp, but cant beat the real distorted sound of good amps like Peavey, Mesa, Soldano, etc. But I like it, maybe a lil bit noisy but I cant help it, I just dont think I'll keep it when I'll have a better amp, but blows away any heavy metal distortion pedal First off, this pedal is not meant to be put in a low quality amp or you won't get any tone, and the noise is really bad. Secondly you are forgetting good amps like Marshall, Crate, Krank, and Vox. Thirdly this pedal doesn't beat the Death Metal Distortion Pedal.
    I disagree about death metal distortion.. i bought both.. one for my buddy and one for me and i obviously kept MM.. DM just didnt have the same tone as MM thats for ****ing sure.
    haha everyone says that if the equipment is stolen they will kill the theif, take his money and buy another one. why not take the one that he stole in the first place? i guess i'll be seeing a Digitech Metal Master Distortion pedal lying on the road sometime
    javier2012 wrote: the only problem with this pedal is the ****ing battery!!!
    erm... get a power supply?
    Eh, another pedal. Good but, theres better. Boss ML-2 has more distortion for your money, so does the MT-2, and a better EQ.
    i own a boss ML-2 which is supposedly bosses answer to this pedal u can get a similar sound on a ml-2 and on this pedal but this pedal has alot less noise, and this pedal's distortion is a lot smoother with less satuaration