RP200A review by DigiTech

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Ease of Use: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 6.6 (76 votes)
DigiTech: RP200A

Price paid: $ 169.85

Purchased from: Steve's Music Store

Sound — 8
I'm running a Epiphone Les Paul Standard, a Boss DS-2 a hendrix wah and the RP200A through a beringher amp, can't remember the model. I keep the amp on clean and the sound before I got the peadle was incredible. Now that I've added the RP200A to the to chain I've noticed that it lowers the crispness of the sound, to compensate I increase the tone knobs on the guitar and the DS-2. The signal is boosted, I can tell, even when it's bypassed that there is a change in my sound. It's really small, my friends can't hear it, maybe it's just me. But the rp will have a tiny effect on your sound, but then again so will adding most effects. The big problem with this peadle is that all the artist presets, the whole point of the A in RP200A, are terrible. I didn't think any sounded like the actual artists. Some could be useful for other songs, but I'd probably create my own effect if I was going to cover that band. The presents on the DigiTech sound community are free and much much better, it's a great place to start looking for real presets. They have an excellent copy of the "insane amp" from Line 6. I've set the expression peadle to control the gain (you can do that, it's a really great tool) so I can go from slightly distorted to bone crunching master of puppet sound. I still rely on my ds-2 to play GnR songs, but that's only because I already have a deadly set up for that, but I'm sure you can find one on the rp. The "effects" of the rp are acceptable, there are also many modeling tools like delay, reverb amp models, those are all to notch, but the effects, like phaser flanger wah termolo ya ya auto ya ya etc, are not performance quality, you can use a little to modify the sound, but they aren't even close the the actually stomp boxes. But all the other effects especially the delay is well worth it. You can control the delay time or the amount of reverb with the expression peadle in real time while playing, it's definately a huge advantage over the stomp box. I was dissapointed with the Whammy, maybe you'll like it, but I thought it wasn't as realistic as they claim. It's useable on clean tone but it's ovbiously cheesy on distorted patches. Count on this peadle for amp modeling, delay, reverb and an excellent noise gate, not for all the wacky effects. Two other usefull tools are cabinet/mic modeling and pickup selector, the Pick up selector can make a HB sound like a Scoil. I was impressed, the difference is noticable. The mic modeling is cool too, but I don't feel like explaining, it. The compressor and noise gate are very flexible boasting variable compressor response time, and total control over the noise gate, even the ability to swell the sound in and out when the gate is activated.

Overall Impression — 10
Overall? This peadle is worth a spot in your chain, the distortion is great if you sit down and program it. You'll be on your knees programming it. The effects are acceptable but the other tools are great. The expression peadle is useful beyond imagination. You can set it to almost any variable. You can name your own presets on the 6 digit screen and you can laugh at the pathetic presets. One thing I'd have like to know is that the presets it comes with are useless. If it were lost or stolen blah blah blah kick his ass and all. Actually I would prabably buy are really sick line six amp, just to see the difference and all. If you were thinking about buying this peadle it's well worth it over the Zoom equivalents, but dont set your heart on getting an exceptionel auto ya ya effect. Take my advice, read the book, then go to the DigiTech sound community and get a headstart on some real presets.

Reliability & Durability — 10
The peadle is solid and heavy, because of it's metal base, this means no slipping and sliding. Just remember the plugs are in the back so you can't use "jumper cables" get at least a half foot wire to hook it up. I think it'll last, plus I got a one year warranty from steve's.

Ease of Use — 8
The peadle is simple to use, but requires time to program it. The editing process is simple, and if you read the manual once it'll be enough. I think if you have one difficulty it would be that you need to create a logical order to your patches so you can scroll through them while you're playing. The thing is that you scroll through the patches in the order you place them in, so let's say you want to get from one to another in a song you need to keep them as patch 3 then patch 4 or 2 for example so you can get to it without activating others. Get it? For a performer it could be risky, but for small crowds it's fine.

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