RP350 review by DigiTech

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 6
  • Ease of Use: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.4 (162 votes)
DigiTech: RP350

Price paid: $ 200

Purchased from: todds guitars ect

Sound — 9
I run my Epi SG Special into my Crybaby Wah into the RP350 then into my RC-2 Loop Station from there into the clean channel on my Line 6 Spider II which I pretty much keep flat. The stock tones are horrible they tend to rely to much on the DigiTech models rather then the other non DigiTech ones but if you start editing it your self it sounds awesome. I play Jazz reggae punk metal blues and rock and I found this pedal dished up good tones for all these. I'm really proud of how easily I got a clutch like sound using a Plexi and Greenbacks. Some of the distortion effects tend to sound synthetic and unnatural but the amps models make up for that. The compressors also sound crappy though that might be because I don't like the effect and not the models. the modulation effects are great same with the delays.

Overall Impression — 8
I give this an eight just because of the problems I've had with it otherwise it's a great pedal especially for the money. Comparing this to pedals Boss and Line 6 make in the same price range I'm blown away. Originally I only wanted the 250 but I opted for the extra tweakability in the 350. I'm very happy with this pedal I love the two LFO's I can run. I only wish it had a synthesizer and would let you run multiple modulation effects. an effects loop might also of been nice but for the money I'm very happy.

Reliability & Durability — 6
I've had this pedal for at least nine months. I haven't had problems until recently. occasionally my pedal will just start making wierd noses ofn the channels particularly if I've been messing around with the LFOs. Other times the up down pedals will stop working. Replugging the power supply usually solves this though. I would gig with this just because I don't have much of a choice and the problems I have with it are rare and easy to fix.

Ease of Use — 9
This pedal is really easy to edit. you can get some Okay tones just using the quick edit knobs. The quick edit knobs give you 30 tone options and 30 effects they also let you edit amp gain amp volume and effect intensity. Using the X-edit 2.3 library software I found it really simple to organize my tones. The manual is pretty easy to use though I found the pedal pretty self explainitory. Effects like whammy don't automatically connect with the expression pedal which is slightly annoying but not enough to really bug me. Wah automatically connects to the pedal so that makes up for it.

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    outlaw metaler
    pRax wrote: Hi everyone. I'm torn between the Whammy and the RP 350.. I definitely like the drum loop option on the RP.. I've noticed that the RP350 claims it does the Whammy effects, but does it do ALL of them? Also, if I pick some sounds to play, will I still be able to use the drum machine through my amp, or does it have to be through a computer?
    yes it does all of the whammy effects to my knowledge
    I own it and i love it. Its drum machine is fun to play along with and the sound is great.
    i just got the RP350 and its a f****ng beast!! i love it to bits
    Same here
    Does anybody think that Audacity is good for hpme recording, and if it isn't, what is a good free program?
    I use audacity and its the best FREE program i've used
    Rp350 + ibanez Rg350ex + Marshall MG100DFX after tweaking the knobs and experimenting with the available presets... i must say that i have no regret. It's worth it for the price that i've paid. The X-Edit interface is easy to use and love the functionality.
    hi, im planning on grabbing myself one of these. I was planning on getting a zoom g1x or g2 but i saw this good offer and then looked up the rp350 and was blown away! The drums sound good on the demoes too (1st post lol)
    heya ,well i'm really looking forward to buy the rp350.but my only question is can you actually use the expression pedal to do do the wah and whammy?Because i purshased the digitech rp80 before and i coulndt control the wah.Please can someone tell me everything I would need to know about the wah in the rp350 or rp 250...Thanks a lot
    the wah in the rp350 is amazing (got it last month for my birthday. The wah is ALL in the expression pedal, and the whammy is an editable effect, like chorus or auto-ya. The setting on the whammy can be fiddled with loads, you can do loads with it. I havent yet worked out how to do it but there are some ways of changing what the pedal does (summit about LFO's). I would reccomend it
    Nesiac wrote: for gods sake digitech, put an on/off switch on your rp's
    lol so true
    oh yeah and the Feedback is so fun! If you use a zone distortion (quite high settings)and the vox top-best amp & vox ac30 cab, with high settings and NO NOISE GATE, you get really cool distortion and then when you stop... feedback I play mine through a bass amp (me cheapskate lol) and a yamaha pacific 012 and it sounds amazing, so i imagine with better equipment it would be amazing. Sorry about the multiple posting
    hi there.. im planning to buy multi effects.. can you help me choose: DIGITECH RP350 / ZOOM G2.1U / BOSS ME-20(or 50) / KORG AX1500.. all seems good on most reviews.. so which do you think is the best choice? thanks for the help =)
    Its cool threw my amp but it really shines when used threw my onyx firewire interface set to mixer playing threw MR 5 studio monitors in my opinion its superior to audio -units or plug-ins that are offered by most Daw applications for guitar the usb is great for controlling /editing the RP its self but i have never used it to record but should work for someone getting started
    So what is better...this or the ME-20...and is there a loop station of some sort?
    I'm hoping to soon buy the RP350. I've played with it in GC and Listened to sound samples on Musicians Friend, and I have to say it sounds awsome. I'm just a 15 y/o kid in a band and I love the way it sounds. Almost got enough cash!
    onzki wrote: hi there.. im planning to buy multi effects.. can you help me choose: DIGITECH RP350 / ZOOM G2.1U / BOSS ME-20(or 50) / KORG AX1500.. all seems good on most reviews.. so which do you think is the best choice? thanks for the help =)
    go for the me-50 my friend has one and it sounds like actual stomp box pedals rather than the modeling type of tone.