RP355 review by DigiTech

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Ease of Use: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 9.5 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.5 (108 votes)
DigiTech: RP355

Price paid: $ 200

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Sound — 10
I'm using a Dean DBD T and a Line6 Spider 3. Not the best setup, I know. But the amp has been tweaked for the best ability of the pedal. You can make your guitar sound like ANYTHING with this pedal. But some of the stompbox effects are really bad. The tube Screamer lacks guts and lots of the other effects are a little too much or just don't sound like something I'd be using. There's like 30 different stompbox distortions, and I haven't fully tweaked with all of them yet. I really like the EQ. The parameters adjust from -12 to 12, with a 300hz-5000hz adjustable midrange frequency. Theres Bass, Mid, Treble and presence, so I get a really nice EQ in this one pedal. Not to mention you can change from EQ A to B, if you set up the expression pedal for it. There's a lot of possibilities with sound. I play a lot of Silverstein, Dance Gavin Dance, Attack Attack!, Green Day, Yellowcard, All Time Low, We the Kings, Senses Fail, jazz, and some classic rock. This pedal fits all of those things very well. My sound is more like Silverstein, but it's not too heavy to cover All Time Low or Yellowcard. I love all the effects in this thing. Some of the things like the Wah and Step filter just make me think "Wow, this couldn't be more awesome." Not to mention how adjustable everything is. It's a really big step up from an RP50. The sounds out of the RP355 are way more full and less digital sounding. Couldn't ask for anything more.

Overall Impression — 10
Overall... wow... well this pedal is for ANYONE. If you know how to use it. I've been playing for two years, and the only other pedal I own now is a Boss DS-1, that I barely have a use for now, but I still really like it. I wish I would have known what presence and midrange frequency were before I bought the pedal, but I sorta figured it out as I went a long. If this were lost or stolen, I'd kill the person Who stole it. It took me almost a year to save up for and it's a fantastic device for anyone who needs a more expansive sound. I love how everything can be tweaked, it can be a little time consuming but it's definitely worth it. The RP355 is the best pedal out of the RP series if you can't afford the RP500 or RP1000. It's small, durable and it holds up very nicely. You can do ANYTHING with it, I stress ANYTHING with this pedal. I sorta wish it had more than 3 Wah types (McClyde, Crybaby and full), but eh, whatever. You won't get anything better for $200.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I depend on it for everything, and it holds up. It's been surviving in the 40 degree garage where my band has to practice. It's even been stepped on a little too hard on the expression pedal to the point where it tipped and crashed down pretty hard. Most of it is some kind of metal. The expression pedal shocks me, its metal with a rubber grip on it. The casing is metal and the base is metal, but the pedals are a hard plastic. It's very durable, as it's held up abuse, some moisture even, cold temperatures and a lot of movement. Speaking on the expression pedal, it's adjustable with real-time parameters, and you can set up how hard you want to press down on it to turn on the Wah or whatever you have it set to, which is a really nice feature. I will be using it at a show at my high school pretty soon, and I have no doubt in my mind that it will fail.

Ease of Use — 8
After reading the 25 page manual, the pedal isn't fully explained. What you really have to do is look for a preset that you like, and build off from there. I liked the 16th preset, Metallica and tweaked it to my needs. I've copied my new preset into a few other places for other effects. So basically, I have the same sound, but the ability to add other effects. While this is a great feature, having to switch from stompbox mode to preset mode is kind of difficult, since most of the time I either press Delay or FX and not both at the same time. And then to switch back from presets to stompbox, I normally hit the Amp/Delay pedal so I switch the alternative amp model (which I haven't really messed with yet). It's kind of annoying, but it's fine. Editing patches is fairly simple. Use the arrows to go through the effects, and use the first knob to turn them on by pressing it. Scroll through the lists using that knob and set the parameters with the other knobs. In most cases, you can go from 0 to 99, so its a very flexible devices. Getting a good sound takes time, but it's definitely worth it after hitting chords after so long to tweak them to what you want to hear. It's a great, accomplished feeling. The firmware version is 1.1, and I'm assuming it's probably a little dated. I don't really know what the firmware version is all about, so I don't really care. And I have yet to plug it in to my computer.

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    I never liked not having a power switch, but thats whatever. My expression pedal hasn't had any problems yet. And when I go to turn the Wah on or whatever, I really stomp on it , so its kinda whatever. I only had $200 to spend on a new effects pedal, so I have no complaints. I'll probably be using it for a long while. I don't see a reason to buy another one for awhile. There was a used GNX4 in my area for like $200 around the time when I was gonna buy the RP355. I thought about it, but after reading about it, it just ended up being way more than I need right now and kind of confusing. Isn't it kind of big, as well? And don't they have similar effects and sounds?
    You say "some of the stomp box effects are really bad" yet you give the sound category a "10" rating? Also, you're saying that you can get a 10/10 sound running this thru a spider iii? Now, I own an rp and I run it through a spider ii, and it sounds ADEQUATE at bedroom levels, but you're giving it a 10/10. Rethink your ratings. Also, I don't think you can fully judge the sound quality of the pedal without running it through an amp that DOESN'T suck the tone out of everything (I'm not bandwaggoning here, I've tried spiders with pedals, including rp's) let alone give it a 10. That being said, the rp models from the past couple of years ARE extremely durable, so those categories do deserve the higher ratings.
    What I meant with the sound is that the sound I get out of it is great. I'm sure if I messed around with the other stompbox effects I could make them usable. And I mean stompbox distortions, so therefore is very subjective. Yes, I gave it a 10/10 running in through my Spider 3 on the CLEAN channel, run flat with the treble adjusted slightly higher than everything else and the drive set kind of high to give my sound a warmer, more full tone. And I'm sure, it would probably sound a shit ton better if I had a better amp. I'll be running it through a PA pretty soon, so I'm pretty excited for that. Also, I've run an RP50 through it, and that sounded good until I realized how bad it actually was. Then I ran a Boss DS-1, and after careful tweaking the settings, I got a good sound. So it's possible to get a good sound through this amp. The DRIVE knob really helps.
    Got one, too. It's great compared to a basic amp modeler or a bottom-of the line MFX pedal, but it's very limited compared to the GNX4 and an incredible pain in the butt since there's so much to do with so few controls to do it. Also you get very limited tweaking of your EQ compared to the GNX line. I've barely used it's so much more rewarding using the GNX4, plus mine has trouble retaining the V-pedal sensitivity setting (threshold for pressure sensitivity to turn on the wah by stomping on the toe). The portability is great and I don't regret buying it, but I wouldn't recommend it as a primary pedal--it's worth saving up for a full-featured workstation like a POD Live or a GNX4. I only use the RP for travel or when jamming with others (2 guitars plugged into my rig). It's such a pain to use that I'd rather just put up with the muddy tone of the MG 30-DFX in the computer room than futz with this pedal--it doesn't even have a power switch! For more serious playing I use the GNX4 through a PA. You have to pull the power cable out of the socket to turn it off. I'd buy it again because I don't think there's anything better out there for near the price for what it's supposed to do, but it was a big disappointment when I found how limited it is compared to its bigger brothers.
    BTW, I based at least half my customized patches off the metallica preset, too :. I can get the same stuff done with just 2 custom patches on the GNX4, though.
    i got it a few years ago n still works great and isnt broken at all n on top of that no matter wat song im coverin i jus mess with the knobs n can get the sound i want