RP355 review by DigiTech

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Ease of Use: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.5 (107 votes)
DigiTech: RP355

Price paid: $ 139

Purchased from: ProAudioStar

Sound — 9
I have run an LP and a Strat through this unit going into a Line 6 Spider IV 75 with Great results! The only thing you have to remember is that this is a modeling pedal just as the Spider is a modeling amp so run the pedal into the cleanest channel of the amp or for that fact into the cleanest channel of Any amp or you'll get a double modeling sound that is not the best sounding. I have to say that the pedal does not add any extra noise or hum or buzz into the signal. The effects built into this unit are very good and some of the presets are very usable, I've yet to try it live at a gig and, really you cannot use any piece of gear live unless you get used to it first, that's just common sense. I have edited some of the presets to my own liking and, renamed them, this is cool and helpful feature to help you recall them because obviously with 70 user presets you've quite a choice, also even though you edit a factory preset to your user bank the factory preset will always be there in the 70 factory presets so you really can't go wrong or loose it.

Overall Impression — 10
I play Classic Rock/Country in a four piece band on weekends and I think that I will be able to incorporate this unit into my setup. I have been a musician for over 40 yrs. And I have owned and played through just about everything out there. I own several other guitars and amps and numerous other effects probably more than I should have but I'm just a music junkie I love em all. I purchased this product from reading some of the reviews that are out there and, just because of owning some other DigiTech units. If this item were stolen or lost which I can say has never happened to any of my gear I would probably get another one. This is very well built unit, solid, looks good, great features, and sounds Great. I can't think of anything I don't like about this pedal. The drum feature in this unit is really cool to play along with, there is just about any kind of beat you could want and, you can speed em up or slow em down just where you want em. Tuner is good and, there's a looper too, really a lot of features for the buck. I tried the RP100 but I'm glad I bought the RP355 instead. I also tried an older model Boss unit but it didn't measure up to my expectations. For the features in this unit and, the sounds and, ease of operation it can't be beat.

Reliability & Durability — 9
I own several DigiTech units and have had no problems with any of them. I haven't had to contact their support so that speaks for itself. I would definitely use it on a gig but only after a good rehearsal with the band to give it a good workout and make sure I had everything where I wanted it. As far as a using it without a backup if it went down during a gig I'm sure I could get by with the effects and sounds that I could get from my amp.

Ease of Use — 9
I just recently recieved this unit and, I am very pleased with it's performance. It is not very diffficult to operate to get some really good sounds. Editing could not be simplier using the Xedit feature that you download from digitech's site. Hook up a USB cable to your PC and the pedal and then to your amp or headphones and, hear the changes immediately, couldn't be simplier. The manual is fairly simple to navigate through just take your time and, don't hurry, you shoudn't hurry anyway just enjoy your pedal. I have not had to upgrade anything yet it performs just fine the way it is.

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    alakaZAM.bobsag wrote: Why does everyone here use a les paul or a strat? its annoying people need to get better guitars
    What are you talking about? Les Paul and Strat are the best guitars, they are all a guitarist needs. What is wrong with them? Should Jimmy Page or Jimi Hendrix have had some other guitar like Ibanez? Gibson Les Paul and Fender Strat are Guitars with capital G.
    I have to say that I have started liking this pedal more and more after using the X-edit. I have found some very useful sounds, especially great clean sounds. And pretty decent distorted sounds too. But they tend to sound a bit too harsh. When I turn the treble up it sounds good but too harsh. Then I turn the treble down and it sounds boring but the harshness is gone. So the thing I do is record my guitar track and then re-EQ it. I cut the high treble frequencies. There should be a bit more EQ control. And I still agree with what I said in my review. But I have found some very cool sounds. And nothing beats a real amp!
    ^ You just got to know what you are doing to get a good sound. Maybe I have started getting good sounds because my playing skills have improved a lot from what they used to be. I have found the sounds that I like and how to make them. (Sorry for triple post but there's no "edit" button.)
    The thing I have now noticed, after buying a new amp, is that this thing is a tone sucker. If I put it in my FX loop it sucks the amp's tone, my Laney VC30 starts to sound like a crappy digital amp. I have tried using it without amp models, just some effects on and with no good results. So I can only place this pedal in front of my amp. This thing shouldn't be used anywhere else than USB -> computer to record stuff or plugged into a PA. So my opinion is: Buy individual pedals, that's the best way. My MXR Micro Chorus sounds much better than any of the chorus models on this pedal. I just need some money and then it's time to buy some new pedals. But I'm not that much of a pedal user so delay, compressor, maybe a tubescreamer to boost my amp and maybe a phaser are only pedals I need. Ahh, man... Seems like I'm spamming here.
    I own this one. Sad to say, the tac switch on the pedal gets damaged easily. And I'm not even a hard stomper. I've had it replaced twice already. And right now, its starting to loose response again! I don't know what to do with it anymore.