RP50 review by DigiTech

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  • Sound: 6
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reliability & Durability: 4
  • Ease of Use: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 6.5 Neat
  • Users' score: 6.6 (285 votes)
DigiTech: RP50

Sound — 6
Mostly play it through my Peavey 10 watt transtube practice amp. With the settings I have on the eq plus the settings I have on the amp I found so many sounds that came out of this thing. All good sounds too. It's able to pretty much go from Metallica (w/ the Rectifier amp setting) to the classic Marshall fuzz distortion. Even found me a nice bluesy distortion a la SRV, almost sounds like a Bluesdriver to me. Good mods, not enough control for the flanger, chorus etc. options. Good reverb, great echo delay (at least for a simulator) Has some nice extra effects (the wowow effect I call it)that is fun to play around with. You've got about 40 banks to save all your settings on. Even has a drum track section which allows about 20 saved drum tracks, it's easy to play around w/ the bpm as well. The unfortunate thing I'd have to say about the drum part is that, when playing along w/ the drums, and you flip onto another bank, the drum resets to 1st beat. Which throws me off timing but other than that it's fine. The distortion gets muddy in loud volumes. Luckily I still have my stomp boxes for that.

Overall Impression — 7
I play hard rock and it's a pretty dependable pedal for home use and maybe even recording. Has an output jack w/ the availability of volume control would go into a mixer no problem straight to my computer for recording. I use it on those late nites where I can't sleep and just wanna play guitar, luckily the output jack can be converted into an earphone jack which helps keep the place quiet. I have yet to use it for gigging, though since I already have my GE-7 I'm tempted to use this as another pre-amp/eq pedal to get even more of that boost for solos. Though I still have yet to try that, I will get back to you on how that turns out. If I lost it or was stolen I more than likely would try to find on secondhand, definitely not new. As I've stated it has already broken on me so dependability has gone down a notch. But for sure I wouldn't pay full price for it again.

Reliability & Durability — 4
Already broke on me (the plastic buttons already broke on me so I had to open it up and put tape on the back) but I managed to fix it with a little bit of McGyver'ing. I wouldn't use it for gigs, has a tendency of getting muddy at higher volumes. I used it at the rehearsal space once, and the rectifier distortion got so bassy and too muddy I had to revert to my old stomp boxes.

Ease of Use — 9
Bought it brand new, unfortunately the sales guy couldn't find the actual power adaptor for it. Luckily he got me a free universal adaptor for it. Plays great, is my one and only pedal for practice at low volumes. Editing the sound is just so easy, manual is okay but I learned to fiddle with it on my own.

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    The built in tunere is a must. I bought this thing for 20 bucks on E-bay and it was the best decision i have made since.