RP500 review by DigiTech

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Ease of Use: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.5 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (50 votes)
DigiTech: RP500

Price paid: $ 319

Purchased from: Audiophile Components

Sound — 9
I use an Ibanez RG350EX loaded with Evolutions and a crappy 15w amp with EQs set to neutral. Even with the lousy amp, I could still hear the detail on the clean settings, and the distortion settings provided a reasonable amount of chunk for muting and power chords. With the noise gate, the RP500 is dead silent. But even without the noise gate, the unit produces very little hisses, and I bet that if I play someplace where there aren't many electrical devices nearby, it would be fairly quiet (I'm used to buzzes on my bigger amp anyway). The effects are great, and I bet some tweaking would produce excellent results. I was especially thrilled with the amp models because there are so many of them! Yes, they don't sound exactly like the originals, but they are so close that I don't care too much anymore. After all, I am after my OWN sound. However, some models are very useable (particularly the JCM800 emulation, I really got so close to Yngwie's sound). Overall, very interesting.

Overall Impression — 10
With the metal construction and heavy-duty switches, excellent sound, and reasonable price, this just may be the effects processor that you've been looking for. I have been playing for four years now, mostly instrumental, rock and shred. This is the missing piece of my tone puzzle. The flexibility and versatility of this unit is definitely going to appeal to a lot of guitar players Who still don't have enough dough to buy tube amps and/or analog effects. I might look for other types of effects processors if ever this gets stolen or something. But for now, this is exactly what I need.

Reliability & Durability — 10
Two days ago, I dropped a fairly heavy padlock from a 3 foot height which left an 8mm scratch near the "down" Switch. If it weren't for the metal chassis, it would have sent the RP500 to the trash bin. It is so f"ing tough, I am confident that this thing would still work even after being run over by a medium-sized car.

Ease of Use — 9
I was a complete beginner when it comes to programming presets using effects processors as complex as the RP500, but it was fairly easy to make my first patches when I finally figured how to make the distortions sound heavy enough (distorted amp + distortion stompbox), and I was able to nail Malmsteen's tone using a JCM800 amp model and a DOD250 distortion stompbox, and added a bit of reverb for that "Far Beyond the Sun" ambience. It was a fun learning experience, and I am glad I learned using the RP500.

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    im planning on buying the RP 1000 or the GNX 4 from digitech wich one would be better? money is not a prob
    ^ "money is not a prob" Damn dude, where's your house so we can all come by and yank on that $$$ tree?
    ugh. I repeal my former comment. This thing must leave along with my FM65R. That makes room for a Carvin V3!
    yes, it has 3 dif wah types. and there is virtually no latency between switching patches
    hey guys,how is this effects processor compared to the Zoom G7.1ut? i'm thinking of buying one of these,but i can't decide between them.Some say that this effects processor has a digital sound,others say that the zoom has a thin distorsion.(i play moslty as i lay dying,trivium and some killswitch engage)....i'm thinking of buying it for recording directly into pc,and I'd like to get the best processor for my amount of money..thanks in advance
    I have been lookin at this pedal board for a while now and i always read reviews on ultimate guitar because everyone is pretty brutal and precise about their reviews and I appreciate this review it basically sealed the deal on buying this product for me! thanks
    if i use this with a tube amp will it be able to sound good even at low volumes?
    I have this and it's OK. Very good for learning effects and ultimately letting you make better choices on individual pedals. Can't believe it doesn't have an on/off switch. WtF happen with that? Someone take off early for the week?
    hey i have this one and i love it, i have a relly good soung trought my spider iii 75 amp, but i have a little sound on the background when use high distortion presets like heavy or sandman, anyway i just wanna know if i play nearby an electrical object like my pc gives me an extra noise. thanks, i absolutely recommend this product 5 stars
    This was one of the best investments I've ever made. You get a world of great tones and effects, and lots of versatility. Easy to use, excellent for stage or studio, and terrific sounding amp models. Digitech hit it out of the park with this thing for sure.
    i just got this a few days ago, and i cant figure it out. its my first pedal thing, but i just dont understand it. theres way to much random stuff that ill never use that all sounds basicaly the same. my amp has better sound quality and effects just by itself.. maybe i just dont know what im doing
    does ne1 know of a better power supply for this thing gone through 2 so far apart from that i love it
    i take it if i have one of these getting a line 6 pod 2.0 or the basic rackmount would be a waste of money any thought please feel free to message me