RP7 Valve review by DigiTech

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  • Sound: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Ease of Use: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.5 Good
  • Users' score: 7.7 (19 votes)
DigiTech: RP7 Valve

Sound — 7
I mainly play a Squier Strat with a Frontman 25R (sse my review). There are a plethora of sounds and FX available. It has four solid-state distortions (grunge, overdrive, heavy sustain, and fuzz), two tube cleans (clean tube 1 [mellow] and clean tube 2 [bright]), and two tube distortions (blues tube and saturated tube). It's arsenal of modulation FX include chorus, flanger, phaser, tremolo, panner, pitch-shifter, whammy, and a harmonizer. Delays include mono delay, three 2-tap mono delays and three 2-tap stereo delays. Digital reverb types: club, studio, room, plate, garage, hall, church, arena, and Spring. It also has several wah types, a 5-band EQ, noise gate, compressor, and cab simulator. The harmonizer is amazing. You can set it to whatever key and scale you want, as well as set it to wherever you want it within the scale (like up a 5th, etc). The delays and reverbs are also great, as well as the tube cleans and distortions, EQ, and some of the modulation FX. I mostly use this as a preamp, and I use it's harmonizer, whammy, chorus, and EQ as well. My amp has a real spring reverb, so I don't use this unit's reverb. The wahs are terrible, as are a couple of the SS distortions (if the gain is too high). Really, it's just a matter of taste. Floor units never sound as good as individual stompboxes, anyway. For what I use it for, it's great. I'd reccomend a seperate wah, compressor, cab sim, and flanger, though. Maybe a tremolo, too.

Overall Impression — 8
This is great for bedroom players and even for gigs (if you only use a few FX on it). It suits all styles, from metal to rock to country to pop to punk. If it were lost or stolen, I might get another, but only if I can get it really cheap (which may be easier due to the fact that DigiTech discontinued it, just like half their other stuff). I love the harmonizer and tube FX. You probably wouldn't want this if you are gonna use it for heavy gigging, but it's good for just screwing around, trying to become inspired to write stuff (then you can use seperate boxes).

Reliability & Durability — 8
It's made of steel and has plastic sides. The place where the pedal is attached is starting to dent inward. The footswitches are the little black tophat styles, which wear out fairly quickly. I had to replace all but the two big ones under the up/down pedals. Many of the LEDs also quit working. I replaced them and most still don't work, so it's probably something in the circuitry. Other than hat, it's pretty solid.

Ease of Use — 7
Made in 1999. As far as floor processors go, it's pretty easy to use. Though I've never used any other floor processor (before this one) so it took me a while to fully understand everything. It didn't come with a manual since I traded a guy 3 blank CDs for it (I later found a PDF online). This uses S-Disc II processing (version 1.03). It has 6 footswitches: bank or program up/down, distortion, mod/pitch, delay, and reverb. Two modes: bank and program. Program mode uses the up/down switches to select the individual programs and the other 4 switches to select individual effects on/off (as their names suggest). Bank mode uses the up/down switches to select whole banks of FX and the other four switches to select the indiviual programs (not effects on/off). It has forty user presets and forty factory presets. Along with all that are buttons to fully customize each individual effect plus store and edit buttons. Also has a Volume knob, presence (tone) knob, and an expression pedal. Also included is a tuner, jam-a-long jack, left and right outputs, and a headphone output. It uses a single Sovtek 12AX7 preamp tube (or any dual-triode tube, I guess. The original tube burned out and I just stuck in an unlabled dual-triode I had laying around. Sounds a little worse than the old one).

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    Sounds like the up/down buttons have a habit of wearing out. I got mine for $100NZ and it's been pretty alright. The pitch/pedal effect seems to have a lot of latency in it, like enough to make it pretty much unusable. It can however be used to make some awesome pedal steel kind of sounds on some settings. One thing that impresses me is how clean the unit is, and how the bypass tone is near identical to the tone of a patch on which you have deactivated all of the effects and eq. Another nice touch us being able to define volumes for the preamp for both on and bypass positions. There are other volume options in the patch settings that help as well. I also added a mesa tube for a short time but didn't notice a jaw dropping change in tone. It would be neat if someone who has tried a few different 12ax7's in one could share their thoughts. I'd totally use it for live because of the volume parameters mentioned above. Can set up any patch to a song's specifications 100%.I find it interesting that newer effects processors adhere to a "dial-a-tone" style interface like Line6 and Pod stuff that allow less control of volume and gain structure through the patch as well as detailed settings for modulation effects. Kind of suggests that market research identified guitarists as stupid.
    I screwed around with one of these for alittle bit. They're fun and have some good sounds. You can create some nice tones. Only thing I hated was the size of the pedals, their reliablity (kinda crapped out after a while), and it was hard to switch between 2 different patches on the fly.
    3 blank cd's? Lucky bugger. I've played around on one, and it has some good sounds, but i wouldn't count it as reliable or durable at all.
    Invader Jim
    Just so you guys know, turns out that the FX that I said weren't so great are actually not bad. I didn't realize that the pedal needed re-calibrated. It's also GREAT for recording!
    Where did you find you manual for the board? I've seached the net and I can seem to find it?
    Where did you find the manual file? I've seached the net and I can't seem to find it
    i have had one of these for about 2 or 3 years..i didnt really pay much for it if anything at all i bought a jackson guitar and a peavey amp off a friend for 400bucks and i got this with everything..lol not bad knowning he only had the jackson for about a month and paid 450 for it..anyhow i use it mainly for bedroom use..i never really had much of a problem with it it works just great even the orginal tube is still there the big up button thing is alittle broken you have too slam on it sometimes too get it to work but thats not a problem..i mainly use it for a pre-amp. and eq..it does have some great sounds in it the wah really isnt that great has some good clean sounds with it..the manual i found on digitech's web-site and well its pretty much useless..if it where lost or stolen would i buy another? i dont know probley not if anything i would probley get my line6 POD back that i sold last year..but thats it lol its not bad for bedroom use i guess but as someone else said for heavy giggin i would find something better..
    Invader Jim
    Yeah, I hate those buttons. They wear out real fast. I replaced the 4 buttons on the footswitch section. Only reason I haven't replaced the up/down buttons is because they are alot bigger.
    I have one, I didn't/don't like it much, from 300 possible effects, 5 are good and it takes ages to find the ones you want. I'd give it a 5 max especially because I payed ALOT for it (like 200 dollars).
    I own one of these any one have any good patches? to make it sound metal
    Picked mine up for $60 I needed some tube warmth in front of my old Marshall 9000 preamp. All the switches work. I put a MESA tube in it. The tube area is really good. I mainly just use the tube effects and the wha since I have other rack effects It is really cool for a early floor unit. But like all of this type it is harder to find what works because of how you need to adjust stuff, it takes a really long time to set up multiple effect chains. I would recommend just working on one at a time and then add them together later. Only issue is it can be a little noisy at times.