Synth Wah review by DigiTech

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Ease of Use: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.4 (30 votes)
DigiTech: Synth Wah

Price paid: $ 70

Sound — 10
The sounds are lush and full on my rig. Yes, it does take your guitar nuance into outer space and sounds other worldly and I am glad it does. I was looking for that old Mutron III sound that Trower had used and some of the sounds I used to get on the various Envelope Filters I have had. This unir just amazed me with the heaviest hard core funk lines and synth swells. It is quiet and really if you are still suffering batteries without a pedal board maybe you should stay with Boss. I found this unit to have exception quality headroom and tone on my rig using a custom made strat type maple neck. This can take a single legato line and beef it up and when combinded with other modulators it created pure psychodelic weirdness in a good way. When I used it just playing some simple blues lines I almost had the guitar talking. Jamming with my loop station drum loops I had my wife up and dancing around with some heavy funk lines. I love this pedal it is not leaving my front end line ever! Really kids get the damn manual and understand what you are getting into.

Overall Impression — 10
If you are looking for a high quality wah trigger effect this does it all an more, buy it! I have been playing for over 30 years, heavy to blues and back again, I have had everything at one time or another and I have read terrible reviews on stuff I found to be just treasures. If your rig sucks and your guitar cheep, please guys work to improving the quality of your basic rig before you plug in a high tech pedal and trash it because your rig cannot handle it. One word of advice, forget the nonsense ands crap most go off on out there. If you need a good amp or guitar please in the name of God (Trower and Iommi) look into Carvin. I have the new V3 with the Vintage 4x12 and two of their custom beautiful worked guitars the sound is better than my previous Marshall/EC Strat fav at a 3rd the cost. This DigiTech pedal worked in my rig and sounded rather amazing in any combination or by itself. Do not use it for keeping your guitars tonal quality use it for experiementla coolness, other stuff is better suited for preamping and such. Oh yeah I am currently upgrading my pedal board and power supply. I am running a Carvin Dc-135 3 single coil mahogoney and maple neck strat and a DC-400 Les Paul split coil type guitar. Front line into the amp is the DigiTech Synth Wah into a Morely Vai (model 1) Wah, the Fulltone OCD, into a Loop Station. Loop 1 currently has a Electric Mistress Flanger, a Univibe and Boss DL5 which I am in the process of upgrading. The V3 amp is God Hammer the versitility of that amp is amazing. I play down a full step with 10 to 50's and my tone is a bone crusher.

Reliability & Durability — 10
This is far better constructed than Boss boxes which I always seem to have trouble with the switches engauging consistantly. This switch construction is much better. Anything can randomly fail, shit happens. I have had all my mountain of effects for years with no real failures I can recall in recent history. DigiTech is quality stuff, I like the hell out of it and I am seriously looking into their chorus and new flange as they are so freaking low priced. I was looking at units for $250 before I found this pedal, my God it's shocking really. I have been a Fulltone freak lately with the OCD, get one! I also had my crappy DS-1 modified by Keelley Electronics for $75, they have a web site do invesitgate, that pedal mod is just God damn awesome!

Ease of Use — 10
I have a high end rig and this pedal just simply amazed me. The depth and quality its tones floored me, it made playing fun again. Basically if you can actually play and know better than to expect polyphonic on a unit like this with a std. chord it's a fantastic pedal. I set up a sample setting and actually got great sounds on all "types" just by using the tone and playing with it. Young players just experiencing effects do not really get the technique required to take an effect and use it muscically. You do not strum through this unit you play throught thise unit.

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    broken fusion!
    I love how some people write a review, but just start talking about how good (they think) their setup is
    ethics gradient
    bought this pedal used for $50. wouldn't call myself a tone conouiser but i pay attention, and amoung all the trash you can spew out with this pedal, there are some amazing sounds. don't expect to just turn the knobs at random. read the manual. also, in my stupidity, i tried to hook up a random 9v adapter to it, because it eats batteries like crazy, and fried it. but luckily it has a rectifing diode on the hot side that acted like a fuse, so it only took a $1 part to fix it. only use a 9.6v 200ma adapter unless you want to throw this pedal away. i was lucky. don't make the same mistake.
    I have had this pedal for almost a year now and only just realized that this is what Jim Root used in the intro to Prelude 3.0. He says it's the most creative piece of equipment he owns and I would have to agree that it can do some pretty amazing things.
    does this pedal create the sound the nine inch nails does on the hand that feeds for the solo i really want to play that part and i got the right notes just no synth