FX55 Supra Distortion Review

manufacturer: DOD date: 06/07/2005 category: Guitar Effects
DOD: FX55 Supra Distortion
The FX55 Supra Distortion has been around for a while, and it?s still going strong. That classic amp-like distortion never goes out of style. With the same level, tone, and gain controls that it had over a decade ago, it?s like hanging out with an old friend.
 Sound: 8
 Overall Impression: 9
 Reliability & Durability: 10
 Ease of Use: 8
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overall: 9
FX55 Supra Distortion Reviewed by: unregistered, on march 22, 2004
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Ease of Use: This is your basic Distortion pedal. It has 3 knobs, a Level, at Tone, and a Gain. It is very easy to use and anyone to just Pick up and play with. Although sometimes its hard to find the very best setting for palm muting it still is an amazing pedal. // 8

Sound: I have a Fender Prodigy guitar (Made in U.S.A) and a Fender amplifier. This pedal gives off quite an amount of feedback if you put it above middle, but turning up the amplifier doesn't affect the sound. The distortion is always great of this pedal. My favourite artists consist of Metallica, Pantera, dream theatre, and carcass, and this pedal makes your guitar sound almost exactly like them. // 8

Reliability & Durability: This pedal is very durable. I wouldn't bring a backup on a gig. Simply put, this pedal is Quite durable. // 10

Overall Impression: This pedal is amazing when playing Metal, Rock, Hard rock, Punk, Punk-Metal, and all sorts of different styles of music. If you are a beginner, or even a musician with many distortion pedals, I recommend this pedal to anyone and everyone. // 10

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overall: 8
FX55 Supra Distortion Reviewed by: SomeEvilDude, on june 07, 2005
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Sound: At the moment I play through a Stratocaster and a Laney LC30. This pedal has an incredible sound once you've found your 'perfect tone' with it. The pedal slightly lacks bass, but an equaliser pedal, or even changing the tone dial and the amp equaliser easily fixes that. The pedal is fantastic for most styles of music, althouth it does feedback a lot if you turn the level/gain way up. // 8

Overall Impression: I play a mixture of blues, jazz and proggressive rock. As stated before, once I found my tone, this pedal was perfect. This pedal is perfect for proggressive rock, blues, jazz and is suitable for metal, punk and Grunge. Aside from the fact it's lacking slightly in a bassy tone, it's a perfect distortion pedal; easily a cheaper and equally as good replacement for a Boss. If this pedal were lost, I'd definately buy another one. // 8

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